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Gangs Of Vancouver: Part 2

Gangs Of Vancouver: Part 2

November 06, 2010

The role of Indians in the rise of multiethnic organised crime in Canada.

In part one, I explored how ethnic Indian gangs are proliferating Vancouver, British Columbia. I attributed this to the fact that Canada’s policy of multiculturalism allows groups to remain isolated in their own communities. But the policy is twofold: just as some groups remain isolated, the policy also pushes integration. This process of integration usually takes effect on the second generation Indians.

Multiethnic gangs like the United Nations, the Red Scorpions, and the Independent Soldiers of British Columbia present the second outcome of the Canadian multiculturalism policy on gangs. All the kids from immigrant families went to the same public schools. There they shared their aspirations for money, power, and respect with Chinese students, Black students, Muslim students, all types of students, especially those singled out as low achievers.

These second-generation Indians became fully integrated into Canada. They didn’t feel like immigrants at all. Vancouver and its outlying suburb Abbotsford have the 2nd and 3rd highest proportion of visible minorities respectively in Canada, after Toronto. It’s no surprise the gangs started here.

The multiethnic gangs present the second link to the Vancouver gang war, the first being the uni-ethnic gangs discussed in the first article. The main multiethnic group in Vancouver (and Abbotsford) was the United Nations gang, which ousted the Hell’s Angels and became a dominant power in the region. By 2009, the UN controlled a huge chunk of territory and thus, the drug trade. It primarily benefited from having a member named Clayton Roueche as the leader. Roueche was a mastermind businessman when it came to the drug trade. He catapulted the gang’s fortunes into the millions.

The UN gang, which was made up of a variety of ethnicities, a significant chunk being Indian, came into conflict with the Red Scorpions when a group of UNers named the Bacon brothers defected to the Red Scorpions. The Red Scorpions were another gang founded in a young offenders facility. A group of students from all backgrounds started out by dealing dope over the phone. They got bigger as the years passed and they trafficked guns and committed murders.

When the Bacon brothers defected to the Red Scorpions, street battles and shootings broke out and many on both sides were killed. But this was only the beginning of the war. Eventually another more established gang also entered the gang war: the Independent Soldiers. The IS were made up mostly of Indian Sikhs but also had Caucasians and other ethnicities. They operated in Central Canada and had been tied to Italian organized crime in Montreal. They saw the lucrative potential of the drug trade in B.C. and decided to make an investment.

That investment was the lives of over hundred people as the gang war between these five groups raged on in 2009.

Now that we see how Canada’s policy of multiculturalism spearheaded two very different types of gangs, let us figure out why all of a sudden street battles broke out in 2009? As I’ve mentioned, the five gangs were fighting before 2009 but their skirmishes were minor and not nearly as concentrated as the first few months of 2009 became. First off, the gang’s differences weren’t the reason. The reasons for warring weren’t for some ethnic pride or racism. Nor was there a significant police crackdown that pitted the gangs to fight for more drug turf.

Instead, the reasons for the war were almost completely linked to the gangs’ drug suppliers in Mexico. All five gangs were involved with the Mexican cartels. The cartels did not care about the racial make up of their partners. They only cared about the money.

Most of the drug trade is dependent on the steady flow of drugs – particularly heroin, cocaine, and crack – up from Mexico. Everything is connected and it is a fragile connection, fragile only because authorities like the DEA can disrupt that flow. If that flow is disrupted on one point in the connection, repercussions are felt everywhere. In 2009, the Mexican drug cartels suffered a setback when Mexican authorities cracked down on their business.

With the supply from Mexico cut significantly, the prices the Vancouver gangs had to charge for their drugs went up. With the prices going up, less people continued buying. And since less people were buying, the only way to maintain steady profit meant increasing turf. It was purely economics. It was purely business. It had nothing to do with the Indian quality of the gangs. It had nothing to do with Indians bringing foreign business practices to their gangs. It was all about the money flow. Thus, the five gangs began shooting at each other.

The war claimed the lives of both Indians and non-Indians. Eventually Vancouver police cracked down heavily. Udham Singh Sanghera was arrested for trafficking ecstasy across the U.S.-Canada border. Manny Buttar was arrested for gun possession and assault. Clayton Roueche, the drug kingpin of the UN gang – and probably all of B.C. – was arrested in Houston on cocaine trafficking charges. He’s serving a life sentence.

The gang war died down after the crackdown. But the flow of drugs is slowly rising again; a new generation of Indian kids replaces the old one, this time far removed from having any allegiance to India except by family and name.

Once again, it will be back to business as usual, but this time they won’t be joining gangs to cope with the eroding of their Indian identity; being Indian has nothing to do with anything. The identity of any gang now is one in itself.

As for Canada’s policy of multiculturalism, in the end it will result in lesser ethnic gangs and more multiethnic criminal enterprises. I predict ethnic gangs will only thrive in extortion and petty crime. Isolation has always been bad for business. Multiethnic gangs are the ones, at least in Canada, which have a future in the drug trade. It’s the schools where Indian kids integrate with their multiethnic friends. That’s where all the customers are!


  • Jane
    31.03.13 02:47 AM
    FIrst off you didnt live in canada when I did when it was majority white and hardly any crime and lots of jobs and people were honest and hardworking. We dont owe minorities a thing! Every group that came to canada was a minority in fact the irish were considered black whites for british people and acadians in the east fought a harsh battle for centuries against the english for basic rights. I grew up in a white city and province and the minorities are like 4% and thats why there are NO GANGS THERE. There are also no gangs in PEI, NS. Im also not white prividlge although being a first settler for 400 years makes me the real canadian according to history book my family was poor until two generations ago. My city has the highest unemployment in perhaps all of canada and they are white- so what the hell are u talking about white prividle. If an yhthing all these nonwhites invading my land have increased poverty in the mainstream white culture. Every group only cares about their own so dont give me that line of crap! Chinese are pretty brutal in vancouver. Do u want to work for 4 dollars an hour?? Well that is how BC is going with all the nonwhites not respecting the can adian labor laws and minimum wage laws like other newcomers have. And these moslems dont belong in my white nation at all we hate them and they dont try to be western they wear strange clothes, they are rude and they want handouts. WHo the hell do u think are pa ying for all these nonwhites who by the way 75% of the immigrants who come are dirt poor and need every thing handed to them. No one in my family ever had that attitude or where would canada be.........and canada is christian and if u dont like then go back to your hell hole in the 3rd world! White women still rule this land and are the most respected!
  • red
    04.09.12 01:00 PM
    Idiot Janice,

    White women are respected???

    Just look at the internet, and how the jewish run mass media portrays 'white women'.. They are overrepresented as 'whores' and 'hookers' on the internet. No other women are overrepresented like white women on the internet..

    They are goyim for Jewish mass media. Without the jews, you'd better believe that whites cannot function.. They get you goys to fight their wars, pay for their state, etc.. Man, smart gifted people..

    Who engineered the false 'aura' of the white female 'superiority'?? It was the jewish mass media that DOMINATE Canada and the US. Without the Jews, the ill conceived notion of White Women believing that they are 'superior' would be burst in a second...

    White superiority is supported by the barrel of the gun.... But with the advent of Chinese economic superiority,
    they are the ones that will be dictating policy.. Just look around, everything is made in China!

    Why are the Chinese and Indians leaving their homelands for 'Western lands'??

    Because you simple minded idiot, the so called 'Western democracies' have destroyed these peoples homeland. The West wages war though economic and political means. They are leaving because because colonialist countries have been raping the wealth of these countries for centuries... The US bombed China WW2), and used them for sex (SHANGHAIED) and for building railroads in the 1800's.. The Chinese never forgot this.. The British fed the Chinese opium, and tried to colonialise China. The Chinese had to give the british Hong Kong in order to stem wars with britain.

    In Canada, a head tax imposed by the colonialist and Cdn gov't destroyed families coming from China... 'Coolies' were not welcome... When they did come, they built the railroad, and never got any thanks... For every mile of railroad, large amounts of Chinese died..

    And as to East Indians, the british colonialised India, raped all of its natural resources, used its people for indentured servants/slaves in the sugar plantations all over the world..

    What haven't whites invented?? They stole technical know-how from all over the world,and falsely claimed it as their own.. The first irrigation system, designed by ancient Assyria, was amongst the first in the world..

    Gun powder, invented by the Chinese, empowered white colonialists to thieve North America from the Natives.

    Cannons, an Invention of Turkey, allowed you warring a-holes in Europe to conquer your fellow whitey.. Civilized, I don't think so... Read about Europe and their constant internal conflicts.. Read about how they tried to be anti-muslim and didn't bathe their stink arseholes..

    Natives in Mexico, they have made pyramid like structures that even modern technology cannot replicate..

    As to Africa, the white man saw development, and tended to overlook advanced villages that were superior to their own in Europe..

    The Middle East gave the world Algebra, arabic Numerals, and India gave the world spice, arithmetic, etc..

    White growth has been engineered on the back of slavery, theft of resources, economic disenfranchisement, encouragement of social/racial division and diaspora, and the military industrial complex funding of global conflict (to facilitate corporate/multinational extraction of profits from 'third world countries' to keep the elites and rich in power..

    North america is a 'Christian nation'...?? Get real, the Catholic/Christian church is rife with pedophilia.. Buggery/homosexuality has been occurring for over 400 years here.. The native 'savages' have been the recipients of 'Christianity'.. Boarding schools for Natives forcibly placed on reservations and then babies ripped away from their families were 'forcibly' converted to Christianity..

    What did those 'moral' priest/nuns do to them? They killed scores of them, raped them, beat them, and broke their spirit.


    And as to Muslims, one incident is representative of the whole populous???
    Get a life lady.. White female 'freedom' is the equivalent of acting as whores.. What they see on tv is what they mimic.. Whilst other women of other races are pursuing education and family, white women are dependent on fading 'looks', and a faded notion of 'superiority'..

    You talk about Muslims, talk about what the Catholic Church did to the Natives, talk about the buggery and pedophilia they are engaged in up to this day, talk about white incest with their daughters, talk about why white women seek the consolement of other race men...

  • Janice
    02.09.12 06:02 PM
    We are the dominant race its been proven over the centuries. What havent whites invented. And if in india and chinese are so great why are they leaving their homelands and coming to our white countries?? We built the best and most advanced nation in 400 years. If you watched the recent olympics u would notice hardly any indians or middle easterners, what is that? Is this because they are too lazy? I think I saw one guy who was a wrestler from afghanistan. Its also a christian nation north america.

    I just watched a show last night out of england where moslem men barbwire their daughters in their own homes so they cant go outside! There was another wo man her father ran her down because she was too wetern in the usa. She was living in two cultures. Sorry if u come to our land u cant live in two cultures- this will be stopped and men who do this will be dealt with. White women are 1000 times more respected than any immigrant man is just remember that please..........
  • red
    02.09.12 11:34 AM
    Judging by the comments section of this website, it appears that so called 'white Canadians' believe that their Eurocentric culture should remain 'the status quo', and that their theft of native land shouldn't be addressed.

    They believe the 'white lie' that they own this land.. They believe that since they stole this land 500 years ago from the Natives, that their false ownership should 'remain'...

    They believe that their oppression and victimization of minorities should remain in intact.. Won't happen..

    Theft of Native land, rape, murder, destruction of native culture, the forcible 'conversion' of the 'savages' to Christianity and deaths of Natives at the hands of Christian religious figures at boarding schools is all omitted from the above comments when making incendiary comments about the 'Asian newcomers'..

    Natives are also 'ASIANS'.. Who has more rights to Canada than the Asians???

    The Natives of Canada, the true owners of Canada, should be ONLY ONES making comments about multiculturalism.. European thieves came from Europe only 500 years ago.. The Natives whom the land belongs to, are the ones who should have a say about whom comes to Canada...

    White privilege, white 'superiority' has proven itself fallacious, and a screwed concept.. So screwed in fact, that white birth rates globally are in decline.. Guns, and military superiority will not guarantee white domination and minority enslavement through economic means in the future..

    You are welcome to go back to Europe though...

    Charles Darwin's concept of white superiority is not only wrong, its 'failed'.. Shut up, and acquiesce to the new majority.. I guarantee that the world will not be dominated by 'white superiority' and flawed "western values'..

    Stop raping North America, and go back to Europe. This land is the land of the Natives. Christianity, the religion borne in Jordan in the Middle East, is the religion of Middle Easterners, which was adopted and perverted by the Europeans to justify the destruction of proud Native culture and customs when these thieves 'arrived in the (new world)'--Notice that they always claim they 'discovered' this place, and that Natives did not live on this land??

    The Chinese, having their ships piloted by Muslim Captains' came to North American shores first..
  • Janice
    19.07.12 08:16 PM
    I am a white woman whose family came to canada in 1630. I recall growing up in canada in the 70s and there was only a murder every 6-7 years across the country. We did not have any gangs at all except for hells angels, but hells angels would never go in to the eaton centre and start shooting at innocent people and babies. I also lived in vancouver and I hated it. I left in 2001 as its not canadian culture there. Women are treated as second class citizens which is not our culture. Each group sticks to their language and culture and doesnt care about our culture, only when they do business and can make some money ! Where are all the feminists groups why arent they crying out about all this injustice and killing! Is everyone hiding behind their culture now that it proves (at least in toronto) that massive 3rd world immgration with no direction in a country will lead to death, rapes, gangs and unsafe neighborhoods. I really miss the country we used to have that was safe and when immigrants came they respected our race and culture and were very grateful (I realize there are still some coming who are) but the main point is now all we seem to get are criminals.
  • joe
    10.05.11 04:33 AM
    It's time Canada abandoned the idea of multi-culturalism. Multi-culturalism carries the implication that all cultures are equal. They most certainly are not.The recent non-European additions to Canada were attracted by the stability, freedom and economic mobility that is western culture and unfourtately only western culture. Canada greatly endangers itself by not asserting that its success as nation is based in whole on its roots as a white European society.
  • Greg Randles
    Greg Randles
    26.04.11 02:29 AM
    Multiculturalism and political correctness are the false gods that will ruin Canada. White Canadians, the very people who built this country, will be in the minority in another 30 years. What will happen to Canada's institutions, her laws, her history and even her armed forces? If another major war broke out and Canada enacted the draft, how many ethnics would throw up their hands and claim loyalty to the country of their parents or grandparents birth?

    Multiculturalism has brought nothing of value to Canada or any other nation. Instead, we will end up as a 4,000 mile long land mass made up of different languages, religions and ethnic enclaves, but with no cohesive national identity.

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