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Rahul Baba's Forty(fication)

Rahul Baba's Forty(fication)

September 06, 2012

There are some numbers mommy can't change. For everything else, there is Swiss Bank.

Ever wondered why forty-something Rahul Gandhi is considered a 'young' leader? I can still believe he is 'young' in some alternate universe thingy, but a leader? Unbelievable, even in a Bollywood movie dream sequence!

Here are some facts, which justify that Rahul baba's age is just a number -

1. Haven't you heard the phrase "Life begins at forty" Who can challenge well-known facts now? It is simple mathematics, given that life begins at forty, Rahul baba is not even a teenager yet. He is a young lad of six or seven, lost in his Italian dreams, goofing up his grades at primary school.

2. Sonia aunty could still pass on as a 28 year old damsel in distress who had to marry young because of mom (in-law's) commitments. She even lost a chance to participate in one of those beauty pageants and win a title for Italy. Such a pure soul at heart, can't we just leave her alone and not bother her with insignificant numbers like Rahul baba's age, which could reveal hers, as well.

3. If India could be considered 'young' even though she just celebrated her 65th birthday, why can't her favorite foreign son? We have always been fascinated by white skin, so why not grant them this wish as well.

4. Rahul baba hasn't got mommy, a sunder-sushil-gharelu bahu yet. It is acceptable for a child to be a child until he is married, right? Though some remain mommy's boys even after they are spoon-fed with a wife, but that is a story for another day.

5. Some say that Rahul baba is a special child. So, do we really expect him to grow up? I guess no. He’ll remain young till he dies.

6. Rahul baba still has that ultimate charm of a young boy. His mischief, his careless dialogue, the way he looks up to mommy dearest, aren't they all a proof of his tender age

7. The fact that Rahul baba still does everything Sonia aunty asks him to, really proves he hasn't even reached rebellious teenage yet. So, how could he be over forty! Simple Maths.

8. You need more reasons. Really? Here is another one. Rahul is just a spoilt kid, who wants to be the Prime Minister of India. After all which teenager, who could go to Italy and bond with babes will give all that up for some stupid election?

9. He has the brain of a six year old. Don't believe me? Go read the statements which he gives, every now and then.

10. It is in India's best interests if Rahul baba is forever young. Going by current trends, oldies would continue to run and ruin the nation for some more time. That would spare the wand of power from this careless little lad's hands. Let us keep it that way and not tell everyone else about this little conspiracy we're having here.

P.S. Thank you Jyoti, for the inspiration to write this post. Your comment on my previous one gave a new lease of life to this post, which was pending in my drafts folder for some time:-) 


  • Akanksha Dureja
    Akanksha Dureja
    10.09.12 12:00 AM
    Thanks :)

    @Lazy Pineapple
    Thanks. Glad you liked it :)


    I bet it is!!!

    @The Fool
    Thanks :)

    @Phoenix Ritu
    Thanks :) So glad you liked it!
  • phoenixritu
    07.09.12 09:16 AM
    Hahahahahaha love the sarcasm
  • The Fool
    The Fool
    07.09.12 07:03 AM
    Real nice and vitriolic.
  • sangeeta khanna
    sangeeta khanna
    06.09.12 11:09 PM
    Aah..being young is so easy na !!!
    Convenient too :-)
  • Rickie
    06.09.12 11:01 PM
    Hehheh....Isn't 40s the new 20s, with twice the fun? :)
    He is probably having twice the fun at everyone else's expense!
  • Lazy Pineapple
    Lazy Pineapple
    06.09.12 05:54 PM
    funny sarcastic post.
  • abhishek leela pandey
    abhishek leela pandey
    06.09.12 03:21 PM

    good going
  • Akanksha Dureja
    Akanksha Dureja
    06.09.12 12:19 PM
    Exactly!!! :):):)Thanks to you, this post in drafts has seen the light of the day!

    That was a pun, indeed. But with no offense to special children. Glad you noticed.
  • Kshitij Aggarwal
    Kshitij Aggarwal
    06.09.12 11:04 AM
    You mentioned Rahul 'Baba' as special child and all I could think of how mentally retarded are sometimes termed 'special'
  • Jyoti Agarwal
    Jyoti Agarwal
    06.09.12 10:20 AM
    If one comment of mine can bring out such a hilarious post, I should comment more frequently :-)

    A wonderful post! Loved the sarcasm hidden in it. I am sure he will be eligible to become a PM by the time he is 75 something :-)

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