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Dear Anna

Dear Anna

October 22, 2011

A letter to Team Anna from an unhappy supporter.

I remember my mother telling me - "Overcooking sours the food." I must also mention that she is an amazing cook. We observed this theory in effect recently when television channels were flooded with RA-One ads. Many of us simply lost interest in the film because of the excessive advertising. I think a similar thing is happening between your team and the media.

Let me first tell you that I was (and still am) one of your biggest supporters. I fasted along with you, wrote a series of articles about you. I support our cause with all my heart and soul.

Right from the outset, you have been righteous. Where you failed was in acknowledging the fact that the media is as much of a business as selling mouse traps. You forgot that ethics and journalism go together only as much as politics and ethics go together these days.

It is quite obvious that the media is extremely biased. Media celebrities spend their lives swinging public opinion one way or another. The only story of recent times which they were compelled to cover in an unbiased manner was your movement. The groundswell of support for your movement all across India made it impossible for the media to do anything but cover it silently. Once the uproar subsided, the media started to play it's natural game.

It all started with Agnivesh, a morally corrupt person who never deserved to be anywhere near our anti-corruption movement. Anyway, the media did their bit to blow the issue out of proportion. During the campaign, Prashant Bhushan gave unnecessary media bites on Kashmir and other unrelated issues, which were never called for. Kiran Bedi even did an impromptu dance teasing politicians with a mask during the fast in August. Once the movement was over, the media took no time in picking up on these issues and striking back. They are paid by the political houses. They followed their masters.

Why did you fail to understand that being in the media spotlight beyond a point can be utterly damaging?

Recently Rajdeep, Barkha  and Rahul Kanwal each conducted an exclusive interview with Anna. They tried to trap Anna with questions relating to RSS, Digvijay's comments and so on. Anna must have known that the objective of media celebrities is to support the Congress theory that RSS is evil and any association with it has to be demonized. Anna simply took the bait.

Shortly afterwards, Sanjiv Bhatt was arrested in Gujarat for some offense and Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi instantly condemned the arrest. This was totally unecessary. Why do you have to support Sanjiv Bhatt because it is anti Modi? Did you examine the intricacies of the case? You fell into another trap laid by the media.

Then began the Digvijay versus Anna episode, that the media feasted upon. When did Anna's standard get so low? Are we publicity hungry like these politicians? Arvind Kejriwal's statement of people and Anna being above parliament was widely publicized as “Anna is above parliament”. Each time you opened your mouths, the media blew it further open.

It is high time you learn how the media likes to twist and scramble unrelated issues.

If corruption was the main issue for your group, where was the need to talk about Kashmir, Sanjiv Bhatt etc? Individual opinions of the members of your team shouldn't have come at all before the media. You should have acted like a close and united group. Soon enough the media dropped it's nuclear weapon on you. They declared that Team Anna is disintegrating and started to feast over it like scavengers.

And it seems you still haven't learned yet. Recently Arvind Kejriwal was awarded  the NDTV’s ‘Indian of the year’ award and went to accept it. Kejriwal ji, you are campaigning for a public cause. The last thing you should be doing is accepting an award from a dubious media shop.

Please get back to basics. Stay low if you have to. Spend more time planning. Visit every village in India and advise people of their rights and duties. Teach them to fight corruption. Give them the courage. Indians have not forgotten you and they will not forget you. Don't overcook!

You are not politicians who should have a say on every issue in the world. Don't get political. This only attracts more criticism and hurts your integrity. I believe in you. The country does. Keep walking along the chosen path. That's the only right path.

Jai Hind! 


  • Ram Chan
    Ram Chan
    03.11.11 09:06 PM
    A good appraisal! Thanks for this is the first one on this topic.

    This article confirms that Anna has not failed.

    What an awakening! LOKSHASAN ANDOLAN. (LA) has now taken over the tackling of corruption.
    In the parlorns of Marketing Management A Prime Brand Name launches a thousand No-Name brands and make then thrive along with them.

    That is what this movement has done. Made everyone sit and think about it.Itching for action.

    Also has brought out that corruption means a livly hood for many an honest soul.

    So but for this article we would have been thinking of eradication of corruption instead of an alternative to corruption.

    Thanks for giving me an idea."The Right Alternative to Corruption"

    This experiment in Democracy is something quite ineresting!

    Thanks LA.

    India is the land of Alternatives. It is a country and can never be a Nation.

    Still an abode of the remaining honest souls in the globe!
  • Adv. Ananda chavan
    Adv. Ananda chavan
    01.11.11 11:51 PM
    In the present scenario I feel that it is my duty to tell my friends what the Lokpal is? The acestor of Lokpal is Ombudsman as is known in the western countries. The institution of Ombudsman was created to exercise surveillance over the government administration. In course of time it's jurisdiction was extended to semi-government institutions also in most of the countries. the whole object of the institution was to detect corruption, negligence, waste and delays and to remedy them.

    For a long time there was a debate and discussion in this country as well. As first step a prototype of this institution was introduced in the name of lokayuktas. At present we have lokayuktas in18 states. The powers and jurisdiction of lokayuktas differ from state to state. The Lokpal will be national institution to supervise over central government institutions. The lokayukta whose jurisdiction will be confined to state government institutions. Since the central government institutions are all over India the Lokpal will have to have branches at various places in the country. One estimate is that the whole network of Lokpal may cost between Rs 80,000 to one lac crore. The government bill which is introduced in parliament conceives Lokpal as a nine member institution. It's chairperson will be the chief justice of India or a supreme court judge, out of other eight members 50% shall be judicial members and other four shall be selected from persons with the impeccable integrity, outstanding ability and having special knowledge of expertise in matters relating to anti-corruption, vigilance, public administration etc. They all will be selected by the president on the recommendation of a committee of nine members, of whom three will be govt. members and six will be non govt. members. Its jurisdiction will be to inquire in to corruption against certain public functionaries and in matters connected there with. It can inquire into the allegations of corruption against the PM after he dimities his office, the union ministers, the members of either house, any group of a officers or equivalent thereof. The Lokpal has wings including investigation, prosecution etc. And for the prosecution there shall be a special court established. It will be seen from the provisions of the bill that it meets all the major demands of the people with respect to Lokpal .

    Any institution like Lokpal which is sought to be created has to be within the framework of the constitution. It can't be contrary or inconsistent with the provisions of the constitution. It is elementary that no law can eradicate social evils like corruption. The social evils emate from the system which the society operates, namely the social system, the economic system, the political system, the electoral system, the educational system and the cultural system. The institution like Lokpal can only punish the evils like corruption, only after they erupt. All the institutions are operated by the individuals. Therefore the emergence or non emergence of evils depends upon the mindset of the individuals. It is well-nigh impossible to keep a surveillance on every individual, and the individuals operating in govt. run in to corer. It is therefore necessary that we strike at the root and change the system. No amount of any laws or institutions like Lokpal will eliminate corruption and other evils.

    For thousands of years some forces in our society have been trying to divert the attention of the people from the root causes of the evils mentioned above, even the current problem of corruption to it's symptoms and quancequanse and thus playing in to the hands of those who are the beneficiaries of the present system. According to LOKSHASAN ANDOLAN the dangerous trend to divert the urgent need to change the system and to galvanize the people's for changing the system being side tracked.
  • Adv. Ananda chavan
    Adv. Ananda chavan
    01.11.11 11:48 PM

    Let us understand the out come of ANNA'S agitation according to LOKSHASAN ANDOLAN. (LA)


    Passing of ANNA'S JAN LOKPAL bill in it's entirety,by AUGUST30.AND also insisted specifically in bringing the office of the PM and the higher judiciary within the ambit of JAN LOKPAL. The TEAM even wanted to examine the conduct of members of both the Houses in Parliament.


    Inclusion of only three provisions in the bill.(A) Include lower bureaucracy! (according us it would neither practical nor will be able to eradicate corruption!) (B) Providing simultaneous establishment of Lokayuktas in every state. (it already exists) (C) Define the time in which a public service must be delivered! (the law already exists in many states)


    A non committal resolution expressing the "in principle agreement" of both Houses of Parliament to these three provisions and "transmit the proceedings" of the house to the standing committee currently dealing with the other bills on the same issue.


    Virtually nothing! The shape of the bill would depend on the recommendations of the Standing committee and the discussion in both Houses of Parliament.


    Just to educate the society as to how certain reactionary elements with the help of MEDIA OF ALL KIND can take this country for a ride! They succeeded in side tracking all important issues like INEQUALITIES IN OUR SOCIETY SUCH AS, ECONOMIC,POLITICAL,SOCIAL, EDUCATIONAL,ELECTORAL,CULTURAL ETC.

    Think over. Thank you.
  • Ram Chan
    Ram Chan
    28.10.11 08:37 PM
    As such I apologise as I am not an NRI to start with.
    But the sincerity of the purpose of the participants made me intervene to avoid fighting a sense of guilt developed in me for not saying what I know.
    I find that my point of intervening absolved by Shruti's conviction for an effective LOKPAL.
    Effective or Not? Who can tell?
    It is about Corruption. The whole nation is now widwe awake.People have now begun thinking beyond a mere LOKPAL but an effective one.There is Hope lit large. But Anna is the team Anna! The team Anna succeeded bcause of ANNA. It succeeded because Anna dedicated it to the coming generation.An awareness he wanted to create so that the comibg generations atleast avoid the pitfall of a perpetuated corruption So the horizon is bright.
    I am convinced.
    So the temptation to intervene has overtaken my common sense and now it is back on track.
    I may not be a selfimposed guest on this site.So you can twitter me@nevesaydie for furthur commitments. Bye. Thanks!
  • Shruti
    28.10.11 08:04 PM
    I support a effective LOKPAL.

    I did not think only Anna’s team is capable to draft Lokpal in India, there are so many peoples whose views should be added in it, secondly I also in firm believe that NGO’s should also be under this Lokpal because these agencies are too corrupt
  • rakesh jadly
    rakesh jadly
    27.10.11 12:15 PM
    good article n touches many valid points..
  • Ramchan
    25.10.11 07:34 PM
    KKPillai of Brittania followed Indian Business Practice of running more than one concern to the advantage of one. This is OK in India but in Singapore the investors instead of investing in all the concerns chose one and got angry and went to the court. Well gentleman,those who are incharge of two accounts always have a way of doing this as homely! KB submits her claims and those who sanction if they know that it is untenable should inform her and it is done.The sponsors can set it right. there it ends. So why make a mountain of a mole hill! Two wrongs do never make the corruption at the highest levels going unchecked,and being vehemnetly defended by accusing theose who raise them as trying ti topple the duly elected Gov. and as treason..Witch hunting to bring them to their knees..The Media being used to put all questions that the ruling party should answer..You NRIs are lucky that you are nor RIs. The complaint is not that corruption never existed anywhere on the earth but a stage has reached that it affects the lives of those who can't afford to pay for even ordinary activities to carry on their everyday life. Instead of being NRIs,why cant you visit this land ant try to transact any business telling them that you are yearning abroad! The unsympathetic treatment will make you to take shelter in the very next flight. I pity the dual citizenship holders! This is our life and we are groping through tough times.Those who are concerned are dumb. How Long Dears? chan
  • Rajan Alexander
    Rajan Alexander
    24.10.11 09:32 PM
    Audited' accounts of Kejriwal's NGO - PCRF, is a sad apology for processes of audit, transparency and accountability!

    Two days after Kiran Bedi was exposed for flying on discounted air tickets but taking full fare from sponsors, another prominent Team Anna member, Arvind Kejriwal, now faces charges of diverting huge funds from anti-graft front India against Corruption (IAC) to his own NGO. Swami Agnivesh, a former Anna Team member alleged that Kejriwal deposited between Rs 70 lakh and Rs 80 lakh from donations to IAC to his trust, Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF).

    Team Anna on the other hand responded that they will place all details regarding their accounts on the website of Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF), by this month-end after a special audit.

    Such an offer by Team Anna however may not be by itself sufficient to assuage public misgivings and in all probability, may even end up fanning the fires of criticism of Team Anna further. Why? Just take a look at the appalling transparency and accountability standards of PCRF as reflected in their 5 years of audited accounts their placed at their website.
  • ramchan
    22.10.11 05:54 PM
    All that you have said is true.But it also reveal the simple and godlike personality of Anna that he is shining in his native simplicity that goes with sincerity of purpose.He accepts help from any quarters shows his open mindedness.He wants real results-quick ones- and he keeps on pressure without letting down.Relief from corruption is the immediate urgent requirement if our democracy has to survive-leave alone the Republic.The people are losing faith in everything and soon in themselves and once that is allowed to happen everything-even the Delhi Samasthan-is gone. He is fighting to keep the civilization afloat in this land committed to values.So far as he is afloat the country is safe,the government and those who run it are safe.All that he wants is that nobody is above law!Each one of the citizen is accountable and he wants the rulers to be citizens of this ancient land-the Republic of India! We ar fortunate to have one who is so innocent! Rejoice without worrying yourself about the unworthy! Your article was a superb one as it makes us rededicate to fight corruption. In other words We are "ANNA".
  • vishwa nath
    vishwa nath
    22.10.11 01:13 PM
    We should never never forget that Anna or any of his team member is not the issue. The main or rather only issue is corruption.All persons and institution who benefit from it will try to take us from this. They will succeed also for short time. But we should resolve to come back to the main issue.
  • Writerzblock
    22.10.11 01:08 PM
    Loved your article. Especially these lines 'Please get back to basics. Stay low if you have to.'
  • Jaai
    22.10.11 12:32 PM
    I don't mean to be rude, but it's surprising that you can condemn bias in such an article as this. Even I think the media was, and is, biased (that should be were and are, no?), but towards Anna. They only pretended to look at both sides of the issue, called every government overture a smokescreen, and there was no debate whatsoever about if the Lokpal was necessary at all. All they kept reiterating was that the Lokpal won't solve everything but it is a step in the right direction. No one bothered to question whether the Lokpal was dangerous, in it being unelected, or not. They treated every revelation about the indiscretions of Team Anna as an attempt by the government to derail the "movement." Kiran Bedi was treated as absolved because she stated that she didn't use any of that illegally-gotten money for herself. If that isn't bias, what is?

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