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I Won't Pay!

I Won't Pay!

February 24, 2011

How many taxes must people pay to keep the Government going?

After fires of revolution in Egypt and Libya, Greece witnesses a new campaign- I Wont Pay! Citizens of Greece have refused to pay for higher road tolls and other Government charges. It's the people's refusal to pay for the mistakes of the government that has squandered the nation's future through corruption and cronyism. "We pay enough taxes", they say. Why must citizens pay for the profligacy of the State? How many taxes must people pay to keep the Government going?

When the whole world is witnessing citizen revolutions, why are we Indians left behind? This change is enforced by the people on their governments. The governments all over the world must know that they are installed to serve people and not rule them. We pay taxes for development and reforms. Not for scams!

On the last working day of February, another budget will creep in. We will be paying more taxes. Prices will continue to rise indefinitely. We'll witness more scams in the future, and all we'll do is switch TV channels and pray to god.

After being ruled for centuries together, have we Indians become habituated to dictatorship? Have we lost our backbones. Why can't at least stand up for protest, if not for fighting?

What happened to Sukhram's telecom scam? Madhu Koda? Laloo's fodder scam? Ketan Parekh's scam? The Government waits for these bastards to die, or the nation to undergo carbon decay. There are over 100 scams that you and I have allowed the state to get away with. Who pays for it? You and I!

I Wont Pay. This is a wonderful idea. This can be implemented in India as well. Don't pay road tax if our roads are in a mess. Don't pay for water if we don't get any. Don't pay electricity bills if there were continuing power cuts. Stand up against every failure of the State. Shout for accountability. Don't pay for what we don't get to see utilised. This goes for both the residents and non-residents of India. Stop letting our beloved nation get consumed by the states. Stop being a such a sucker.

We have lost the capacity to break out from our comfort zone and protest. This is why the oil mafia flourishes - and the builder mafia, the cricket betting mafia, the foodgrain hoarding mafia, the stock market mafia. This is why we insist that our daughters to come home early in the evening. Human life has lost it's meaning in the blind run for money. The government is not responsible. We let this happen!

Everything is corrupted because it is so easy to corrupt. We never stand up and protest. We have lost guts. Lets' talk to our neighbours, our friends, our colleagues, everyone we trust. Let's learn to create protest against gross injustice and corruption. Only then will we be able to create conditions for change. If we continue to behave like sheep, they will continue to shave us beyond the realm of mindless nudity.

Or we can sit back and pay more taxes each year. Switch TV channels. Suffer silently. Pray to god. Die someday. 


  • Gandhi
    21.08.13 07:15 PM
    I am an Indian based in Zambia and fully subscribe to the perplexity of Zambia's first president Dr. Kaunda (in the year 1986), viz. "How come an ordinary Indian turns into a success once he leaves the shores of India; but his colleagues of similar talent never make it within India?"
    Yes, we the Indians are great in identifying the problems that dog our beloved country. What eludes us apparently is the resolve to evolve a sensible action plan and act on it!

    Yes, we had a great past (some 6000 years old)! Somehow, it does not appear to inspire us to match the score!

    Don't you think sourav that it is high time we focus on leaving behind a heritage that can make our descendents 6000 years hence talk equally proudly about us?
  • Micky Fernandez
    Micky Fernandez
    04.04.12 11:07 PM
    Congratulations. This is a step in the right direction. However, I hope that people simply do not protest against higher taxes, but against taxes per se.
    Moreover, I hope that people stop supporting corrupt politicians (yes, a redundancy, but I am writing it for emphasis) by withholding not only taxes, but also votes.
  • Peter Doherty
    Peter Doherty
    21.05.11 02:20 AM
    Sourav, Congratulations on a courageous article. I noticed you almost apologised for it. Don't. The truth is often painful. As a foreigner, I worked in Indian TV in Mumbai. It has more potential than any country in the world. I know, I've been everywhere else. The people are amazing. They are resourceful, and creative. It should be the powerhouse of the world. However... the wealthy spend a great deal of time avoiding tax (and their duty to their fellow countryman). Corruption is still rife. Democracy is low level. People in high positions bribe the police. I saw with my own eyes. There is little accountability. There are natural resources for all to enjoy yet more than three quarters live in poverty, in conditions that shock foreigners. India's biggest problem is not China, the US or anyone else, it's Indians. It is still an incredibly big country and at times I think it hangs together by a thread. In the UK Indians are held in the highest esteem. Don't believe random media stories. Indians are tops here, particularly in education and business and now more so in the arts. So we look to India itself and stand open-mouthed as it continually beats itself up and turns in on itself. For only 80 million to enjoy the wealth is not good enough. I can see why only (mainly foreign NGOs) are trusted. They use money responsibly and people are accountable. India has to grow up and everyone has to take responsibility. If that ever happens it won't just be at cricket that they rule the world.
  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy
    25.02.11 12:45 AM
    @ Rajat sir

    I agree with you sir. With me, there are moments of utter frustration when such articles come out. It is not that I am against the idea of taxation. It was me only a few days back, who was feeling proud of the fact that GST is in.

    But at times, I just can't take the fact that swiss banks are overflowing with our money while people are dying of hunger in the country.

    With the recent corruption stories and inflation, it had become really difficult for a common man like me to sit back and watch. At times I feel like quitting my practise of reading news.

    Thanks for showing me the right way in such times. Being the guiding light. Holding my back when I tend to divert. I will make it a point to use this energy in the right way in the future. You are right. 2 wrongs can not make a right.
  • Rajat
    24.02.11 11:49 PM
    Two wrongs will never make a right. Escaping a problem is always easier than solving it. Do we really want to contribute to making taxation a failure .. or do we want to contribute to making accountability the in thing .. . .

    I have sort of resisted for a long time from commenting upon issues of current importance - sometimes I feel like a wicked man preaching what he does not follow .. yet .. I think .. it is possible for the common man to tame anger .. direct frustration and hit the culprits where it matters the most .. get things on track .. get the nation the position in should have ..
  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy
    24.02.11 10:46 PM
    @ Shyam

    Good we are paying taxes (makes us responsible citizen) and bad we don't care or protest (makes us law abiding)

    How true!
  • shyam
    24.02.11 10:31 PM
    Feels bad :(
    but cant run away from reality !!!
    My project mate was telling me today " Shyam i spent "60 bucks for two piece of apples today , that to because i am having fever " .This reminded of the time when we used to buy 1 full kg of apples for just Rs30 :(
    Its good that the living standard have increased in India over the last decade. We find more number of cars on roads , colored tv sets in homes and much more ,, but at the same time ,, the fuel price have gone sky rocketing , people are buying cars but i wonder how long they shall afford to purchase fuel lolz
    some time back i heard there was some discussion in the political circle that they plan to bring back the black money from Swiss bank to India and the funniest part is that one of the renowed lawyer of India had the guts to come on prime time news channel and quote " if we bring this money back , no Indian would have to pay tax for another few years and each Indian family would get 2 lakhs of cash " and now suddenly the entire discussion is out of table ( may be the politicians realised pulling each other legs sometimes could be too risky )lolz
    people sitting in opposition always claim , this budget is not for mango people , prices have gone up bla bla ...... and the moment they get the opportunity to serve or do something , they forget all the price rise , mango people , all they remember is the chair and the grant that each department gets from the budget ( helps in estimating the pocket money)............
    Good we are paying taxes ( makes us responsible citizen) and bad we don't care or protest ( makes us law abiding )
    But at the end there is one looser after all " common man"
  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy
    24.02.11 10:08 PM
    @ Arpit

    Thanks for your neverending support. I totally agree with you.

    As a disclaimer, this article was not written in state of sanity. I was utterly frustrated by the government when I wrote this.
  • Arpit Vaish
    Arpit Vaish
    24.02.11 03:07 PM
    Today i went to buy India-Eng WC match ticket. But had to return disappointed and dejected. Reason: a mere 10% of the total tickets are for common public. Rest of the tickets are for politicians, cricket associations, families of influential, bureaucats, and last, but not the least, to be sold in black! There was also lathicharge on the public. So this is the real face of India: criminals like Kasab enjoying biryani, and lathi for passionate cricket fan. Truely, ours is a great country!
    Coming to your idea of paying no taxes; its a great idea in theory. But in practice, it would encourage people to act against law. You said don't pay electric and water bills. But this has much greater implications. In states like UP, power theft is a common practice. There are even mafias in power sector. So, these people would surely benefit from such an activity. A mass protest in Libya, Egypt or Greece is much different from such a movement in a country as vast as India. These movements either die out early or do not have whole nation's imagination with them.
    I think the better idea would be to donate to a reputed NGO, educate a needy child, invest in public projects like schools, etc. They give you tax benefit as well as help the country to grow. Having said that, my faith in Indian democracy and political system is fading day by day. If ever there is a nation-wide movement to uproot Government, or better still, if ever you are intiating such a campaign, i would be the first to join you!

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