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Father India

Father India

November 01, 2012

We continue to elect uneducated, technologically challenged torchbearers of patriarchy to sit on our heads and do a tandav.

It seems we, as a nation will never be able to pull ourselves together, rise up from the mess around us and say Hi-Five to each other, ever. We hadn't even recovered from 'decrease marriageable age of girls to sixteen, to avoid rapes' and 'chowmein is the cause of the rape culture in Haryana' stupidity when we were bestowed with another one. While the first two came from khaapists who might not actually have the power to take the decision of decreasing the marriageable age of girls or banning chowmein, this one came from a BSP Rajya Sabha MP.

Shocking as it might be, the honourable member of Parliament of India enlightened us with a golden gyaan that 'Women don't need cellphones as they get distracted by them'. He even supported this belief with a real life fact that his mother, sister, wife and daughter have never used a mobile phone and all of them are doing just fine. What seemed to be fake news or a mere satire on our leaders turned to be a truth blazing out of all the news channels on national TV and newspapers.

What shocked me the most was BSP Supremo, Behan Mayawati, being a woman didn't take any offence. Anyway, that is a story for another day. The point is, we continue to elect uneducated, technologically challenged torchbearers of patriarchy to sit on our heads and do a tandav. For them, it is a win-win situation. They make money, they blurt out dirt from their mouths as if no one is watching, they indulge in everything that is sinful and mostly, never have to pay a price for all that.

We suffer the consequences of our fellow country-men's choices. We are embarrassed in public, when the international media catches remarks such as the above. We're displaying this kind of an image of our nation; add to it the corruption all around, the crimes against women, etc. Which sane person, who hasn't been to India, would like to believe that we are no more a country of snake charmers? Forget about being called a rising superpower, are we as a nation even fit to be called a 'developing nation’?

Education can teach certain things, but can't really teach a society, right from wrong. This has to come from within or maybe, imbibed during the formative years of a child. I don't know how to go about teaching these insecure men, how far evolved today's women are. One thing I know for certain is, unless it is wired into their brains that they can't go about playing their patriarchal chords everywhere, not much is going to change. 


  • Ela
    10.01.13 11:18 AM
    Education CAN teach a society, right from wrong. It starts 'during the formative years of a child'.
  • Jyoti Agarwal
    Jyoti Agarwal
    06.11.12 06:12 PM
    I don't quite agree with the comments above. Its not tht educated or young ppl do not want to enter politics or they do not try for tht. But thr r numerous examples where the person who tried to bring a change is either killed or he or his family is tortured so much tht they finally give up.

    The biggest agony is rest of educated populan forgets everything after few candle marches and facebook shares. Same is the case with these offensive statement against women.
  • vishal
    06.11.12 01:37 PM
    When maximum of the people can't understand what is wrong/right. When maximum people don't know their rights. When maximum people don't know why they are poor. What you can expect ? educated people either go away to U.S., Europe for good jobs. Or they first try to change system and after few try, they also leave. Or they are still trying and end up with a frustrated life. Also, our education prepare good slaves and no good thinker... What you can expect ? Problem with democracy is that poor people can't elect a good governance and maximum are poor. Most of those people don't understand that they should not vote for a killer, rapist or a religious freak.. Illiterate people will always select an illiterate person. An educated person can't connect easily to those illiterate person. If you give lecture to your friends about helmet safety, you become laughing stock.. same happen when an educated person tell about the reforms in India. India only hope is education. Every politician talks about poor or suppressed one, but the policies they made are always against those poor or suppressed one.. The more you keep people poor illiterate, more your chance of staying in power..
  • Rajpriya
    05.11.12 12:32 PM
    Kapil Sibal is one who is smart, educated and understands technology better than you and me?
  • The Fool
    The Fool
    05.11.12 06:47 AM
    It is a wrong notion that our political leaders are uneducated or technologically challenged. They are all smart, educated and understand technology better than you and me. Whatever you see is sheer opportunism and vote bank politics at its worst.
    02.11.12 12:49 AM
    @ Akanksha

    My heart goes out to you on your plight. At this point I don't know weather to laugh or cry. But you are right in what you said. High five. :)
    I'm still laughing while writting this.

    I think people only vote on what they think they will get from a politician and not on progress which should be the main goal of a nation.

    I think they sell fake dreams, we will make your life better, that's powerfull, when people don't have anything to their name, and you don't have to be clever to say that.

    But I do agree on one thing, that women shouldn't have phones, because I have to pay big bills in my house. I think my Mrs is going to kill me, when she reads this. :)

  • Shirish Patwa
    Shirish Patwa
    02.11.12 12:39 AM
    I cannot agree more to the article or the readers' reaction to it.But the article sound too pessimistic.The change in the attitude of our society is little bit slow and gives pain in the neck,but still there is a change and change for better.Rome was not built in a day.Have patience .
  • Akanksha Dureja
    Akanksha Dureja
    01.11.12 11:44 PM
    Maybe you're right. But I just explode when I hear such things.

    But all we have is a bunch of morons and goons to chose from.God save India :(

    I completely agree.But that seems a dream to me, as of now. These politicians will never make any laws which harm them, as a community irrespective of the party they belong to.

    Oh all of them are the same :( I blamed Mayawati specifically coz she is the head of the party and didn't react even for the fear of losing votes of women :P
  • Zephyr
    01.11.12 03:07 PM
    Why single out only Mayawati for being mum, Akanksha? What about the other women leaders -- our beloved Chief Minister of Delhi, the de facto leader of the government -- does anyone have anything to say? the former in fact had told girls that they should not invite danger by going out at night. We elect these women to look our for their sex and this is what they do!
  • Sneha
    01.11.12 02:49 PM
    The problem lies in him being still in his position. Ideally such a statement should cost him his job. But majority Indians always bow down to people with wealth & power. Same with Kalmadi, he's still very much in the same position as before minting money you can't even imagine. Just imagine if every politician were to be kicked out/given life imprisonment due to involvement in scandals, corruptions, poor performance etc. I bet then nothing can stop India to be a super power.
  • Rajpriya
    01.11.12 01:50 PM
    Ignoring them at election time could be an effective solution. But do Indian people have a choice?
  • Rickie Khosla
    Rickie Khosla
    01.11.12 01:21 PM
    I think we had better start ignoring these ignorasmus politicians when they make such inane statements. The more we highlight their gibberish, the more they feel important. As a result, we play right into their hands, as well as that of our sensationalist media.

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