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Reality TV In India

Reality TV In India

October 28, 2011

How the “reality” in reality TV cannot live without its quotation marks. 

The discussion about reality TV being not very real is an old one. I am not qualified to prove that, but I have faith in the inherent intelligence of humankind. No one could behave like they do on reality TV, spontaneously. Dialogues that are so intellectually challenged and situations that are so obvious have to be scripted. 

Here’s why Indian reality shows aren’t real:

Most of them are imported. A show that is borrowed can’t stay real for long. They’re either imported directly and in full, without considering the cultural context. That was why Sach ka Saamna couldn’t sustain itself. Or they aren’t imported properly. Reality shows in India are so often a watered-down version of reality shows from around the world. There is not much hope of finding originality, especially in formats. The only show that had a somewhat innovative format was Aap Ki Kachehri, but the praise doesn’t extend beyond that. Then there was Masterchef India, where no one gave you a chance to hear anything except Akshay Kumar shouting.

Then there are the music shows, dance shows, comedy shows and Roadies. They keep introducing new seasons with an undying vengeance, but the only improvement in every new season is an increase in tedium. India’s got talent; we even invented a new proverb: Repetition is the only constant.

There’s all this, and then there’s Bigg Boss. What is it that keeps this show going? The persistent scroll on every TV channel encouraging you to come forward with complaints isn’t helping. Will they accept a complaint against the show’s blatant silliness? I am willing to help Raj Thackeray take the show down. I’m not even asking for a reason. That extra ‘g’ is reason enough.

So, friends and other concerned Indian citizens, while reality TV has been making half-hearted attempts at reinvention, innovation and even reality, they’re not getting very far. Let us unite in the face of formidable opposition. Let us lend our protest marches and TV remote controls to a just cause. Let us use every peaceful means in our arsenal to bring down the Swayamvar-promoters and screechy judges of our age. Victory will, one day, be ours.

Disclaimer: No part of this post is intended to cause grief to any of the people or shows mentioned here. And none-of-the-opinions-expressed-here-belong-to-The-NRI-they’re-such-good-guys. 


  • Mr. Money To Burn
    Mr. Money To Burn
    28.10.11 11:27 PM
    If you stop writing, I will pay you exorbitant amounts of money. Enough to make you look like a reality show winner.

    Guy Who Always Discourages You From Writing.
    28.10.11 07:36 PM
    Dear JAAI
    You hit the nail on the head, when it commes to reality tv. The shows you mentioned , their cast crew and participant all should be put on a ship and set them a drift in the middle of the sea with out any food and that's the only show I will pay to watch .

    The Bigg Boss which is copy of big brother in uk is also shit too. I whould rather watch paint dry then watch that shit. THIS IS TO ALL OF NRI WHO WATCH THIS KIND OF TV , GET A LIFE.

    I'd rather use your JAAI. WELL SAID.
  • Vivek
    28.10.11 05:39 PM
    Nice topic and well taken, we need to change mentality of viewers. If we will watch it then it will keep on going.
    Every one speaks about INDIA TV but there is big group that watch it and like it too. (I am not part of It) Bring TRP of such shows to low then they will not dare again.
  • Karan Chugh
    Karan Chugh
    28.10.11 05:01 PM
    Hey!, I believe Sach ka samana did pretty well, it's next season is coming soon!
    Aap Ki Kacheri is adopted from Judge again lack of originality.
    The only show I see on tv is Bigg Boss!
    Would like you to stress further on why it should be banned.
    Well written though :)
  • gtoosphere
    28.10.11 10:13 AM
    lolz @ "The extra g is reason enough" and your faith in humanity ;)

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