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Sex, Prostitution And A Lie Called Love

Sex, Prostitution And A Lie Called Love

October 25, 2011

G.B. Road, Delhi - a woman's descent into hell.

Those dark alleys are smeared with foul-smelling blood… filled with gaudy lights radiating from huge, flashy billboards that brighten up the night. Carnal desires are fulfilled… Bodies are sold for a few rupees. Millions of women and men are involved in the trade. Sex is cheap; love comes at a great price. Love is a lie. Sex is the only truth.

G.B. Road, Delhi
, is flooded with men in the evening. A brief visit reveals the truth behind those skeletal windows… flashing faces of distorted women. The overbearing smell of rancid body fluids, semen and blood mixed with inexpensive perfume wafting through the air. Used and unused latex can be seen soiled in mud in veiled areas… unknown, unloved faces try to hide in the dark alley of reality. Dilapidated walls with naked patchwork of fading paint adorn the brothels. Every window contains women clad in nothing but unabashed melancholy… Brothel. Whore-house. That is what they call this place. The red light district is filled with zombies: emotionless, unthinking, mechanical sex workers confined in a four-by-six room. Nights of revelry and days of melancholy fuse into one another, day after day without respite – where these women live, and where these women die.

Most of the women who work in these so called ‘houses of ill-repute’ do not enter the trade out of choice. They mostly come from Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Nepal and are sold for money. These girls are lured into the grandeur of big cities and brought to places like Delhi, Calcutta, and Mumbai in the name of getting a job. The girls are deceived by their masters, who make them work for two or three months as a house maid or manual worker. They are then sold to a ‘naayika’, a senior sex worker, for a heavy sum of money.

As soon as a girl enters this den of vice, the naayika levies a loan on her. For example, if a naayika buys a girl for two lakh rupees, the amount thus paid has to be reimbursed by the girl herself – and that is not the end of her woes, as an additional 10% tax is levied on a monthly basis in the name of subsistence. If she tries to run away, her parents and society reject her and treat her like an outcast. The girl is thus trapped in a barbed labyrinth of troubles wherein she has no choice but to give into the demands of her naayika, ensnared in the house of prostitution.

The brothels follow a chain of command. The naayika functions as the head. Young girls in the trade, as suggested, are hardly given money. The naayika holds the reins of five or six younger girls who not only work for her but also bring in money for pimps, managers, police and various minor characters. Every woman attends to at least 10-20 clients a day, and more than 20,000 condoms are used every month.

HIV and venereal diseases are commonplace. An ailing or infected sex worker is left to fend for herself in her small, dingy, claustrophobic room. She might die out of suffering and ignorance but since she is an invalid, and thus valueless, she is hardly cared for.

The women who work in brothels have hardly known love, they have hardly been loved. All they have been through is unbearable pain.Each breath they take is another’s.

As dusk dawns upon Gaston Bastion Road, a strange heaviness fills my heart. Memories of people known and unknown flash before my eyes… grotesque pictures soak my heart… I see people involved in nothing but duplicity, deceit, treachery, betrayal and infidelity… All they want to do is use another, for gratification and pleasure… But what kind of contentment can one get by hurting another? By doing nothing but inflicting pain?

I feel sore, broken. A sense of profound pain fills my eyes with a cascade of tears. I imagine the world… bereft of love, bereft of emotions. Everywhere around me people hurt each other – lie – lie about their emotions, lie about their feelings, and lie about love… Sex becomes the only means of satisfying a soul. I do not say that sex is not important, but is it the only truth? Is it the only thing that matters? The concept of soul-mates is but a lie!

Love is slowly losing its innocence. It peeps through darkness like a scared, scarred child… apprehensive and timid… afraid to show its face to the world of experience… afraid to be tarnished by the flawed concepts of the world. Isn’t it time we erase the blemishes that scar the face of love?

People are dying all around… Out of hatred, abhorrence, abomination! Isn’t it time we realized the importance of love? Isn’t it time we held that beautiful sensation close to our spirit and tried feeling its life-breath? Love is a lie we tell to console ourselves... but isn't that lie sweeter than the bitter truths of life? 


  • manoj verma
    manoj verma
    27.02.15 11:56 AM
    i want to know what will do the prostitute after age factor getting old
  • Kausher hazarika
    Kausher hazarika
    12.02.15 12:14 PM
    So marvellously u have drawn the ugly pictures of those lives with your potent
    skill in writings.superb, a brilliant author u are.
  • Ramesh
    20.10.14 09:53 AM
    Hi is it safe to go alone to kotha no 64 at gb road.
  • Badri bajaj
    Badri bajaj
    18.08.13 01:53 PM
    I have neither gone to G.B road nor had sex experience in my life.
    Trust me,I just want know it is safe to go to G.B road.
    I have heard that Brokers are there who can beat,snatch or cheat,is it right?
  • shahenwaj meman
    shahenwaj meman
    05.05.13 01:25 AM
    hii dear i want to sad something i want to GB rod delhi ....only 64 number are safe and my advises ...never trust DALAAL he is brobrar they told you i have beautiful girls is cheep rate and may more option kashmiri punjabi and many more when you are go with him then nothing and after aap ko loot lenge aur aap ke pas koi option nahi hoga ishiliye aap se kahata hu kabhi bhi GD rode ke dalalo ka bharosha mat karna main apna aap biti likh raha hu aap ishe jarur yaar rakhna.
  • shweta
    01.05.13 01:32 AM
    most of them r from nepal...even some girls like their profession
  • sheena
    29.04.13 11:47 PM
    If these kind of place is avail in india openly sex provide so the rape cases should be stop , even dont think about rapes its simply request.
  • Rajpriya
    23.04.13 08:51 PM
    The time is ripe for the Indian Govt. to start giving an allowance to all those guys with rapist tendencies in India to satisfy their needs at GB Road.

    I think rapists don't go there because prostitution is still illegal in India.
  • Passer by
    Passer by
    23.04.13 05:35 PM
    That's a common Photo from google images
    What is special GB road is all well known
    Legalize what? You think this exist without official patronage and bribes lol! The amount of money this industry makes is mind boggling.
    I visit regularly & I don't find a problem , trafficked or not none of these people are going anywhere soon.
  • Raj Singh
    Raj Singh
    31.03.13 01:34 PM
    i'll go with Kirti (dated February 26, 2013 at 11:32 am) and i think she is right, we can't stop this crises without doing it legalise. Because all the persons has different life and different way to enjoy the life And all the genders have their own opinions and thoughts.
    In my opinion, this should be legalise cause this is the only way to stop it but with some rules and regulations.
  • neeraj
    17.03.13 02:03 AM
    oh v.sad dear..
    apke dwara dekhe gye pyari duniya
    k sapne tut gaye..
  • Kirti
    26.02.13 05:02 PM
    Ms Sharma, men and women are biologically and psychologically different. And there is no shame in one gender seeking more sex than the other. So you see, its a supply demand problem. And as in any form of supply demand gap, the only way to ensure a fair deal is to legalize ways to close that gap. So whatever emotion you might be feeling, its all good and very touching, but the only way to solve the crisis is to legalize prostitution in India. And not blame men, pimps and poverty. But maybe you are one of those intellectual types who can talk about these things in a way which touches the emotional chord, but in reality can perhaps do little to solve the problem. Or maybe not, and you are someone different.
  • saquib
    23.01.13 09:19 PM
    bhaiyo agar gb road close kr diya gaya to delhi me rape cases or badh jayenge.... or gb road kya night clubs me jaakr dekho waha to prostitutes hi dikhengi aapko nrml girl to koi nhi milti...
  • showkatkhan
    18.12.12 02:57 PM
    oh so sad this is our duty as humans to help these people who are suffaring frm such pain.i dont know where is it bt i want to help these womans by do some thing for them as it is my duty.these slave womans laid worist life.if we help some body god himself help us when we need help it is duty of every human to help others and love them not hate these womans are also human beings.
  • sathya
    26.11.12 01:00 PM
    Brothel street in some way help the night life of females.Look into the night life of Chennai and Mumbai.In chennai we cant find many girls in night they scared to go out.But in Mumbai,is a place with Brothel street are more safe for girls and we can find many girls hanging around in city.
  • Anant
    20.11.12 06:40 AM
    ya kiara , you are absolutely right but how we must lit up first spark???
  • kiara
    14.11.12 07:58 PM
    Rajvveer i salute you for whatever you initiated..... Ur vry nice at heart... I wish evrybody cud be lyk u...
    And parag.... Whatevr the reason may b... I feel that govt wont ever take a step...hume hi is cheez ko improve karne k baare mein sochna chahiye.... What about a campaign.. What do u guys say...
  • parag
    12.11.12 03:24 PM
    hi u all r rite bt i think gov iz nt dong anything there must be any reason behind it.....wt u say guys
  • gaurav
    28.10.12 09:53 PM
    Randiya sirf chodne ke liye hai... Agr ye randiya gb road pr naa ho tho rape cases can increse by 70% in delhi
    We can help them by improving their way of working which include:
    •Safe sex by using good quality condoms
    •taking care if hygeine
    •a govt doctor must be there to look after
  • rajvveer
    17.10.12 11:17 PM
    Hey all,

    Every one is posting their reviews, so let me also share something.. guys & girls i heard about this gb road from my school days, just few hours before i was their on that brothel street first time in my life, visited with one of my friend every face was their helpless but were hiding their pain & were luring customers with their fake smile, they were so many girls that its not a matter for a one person to rescue them as a super hero, if we really want to end it up we all have to unite, i was helpless to do anything so what i did is to sit beside them and had few words with them asked about their family & all, just tried to make them smile with my interaction, & when i was coming back whatever i was having in my wallet i gave them all, they were first not taking the money because i have not even touched them, after insisting they took it, i don't know whether it was good or bad activity from my side, it just i felt at that time so i did atleast for few minutes they were not with a customer but with a friend who can help them, so what i can think if they can sit with me & chat for an hour without even discussing anything pervert or take a break from their regular routine it was just a friendly conversation i believe they can choose a different path for their life they just need those helping hands. about me am an entrepreneur a student a guitarist & many roles i have in my daily life being at the age of 23, whatever today i have seen their was not at all skipping from my mind so just now was going through this article from a nice person who initiated this topic. may be sex is important but sex is not everything.. !! take care all. world can be good if we all want it to be.

  • rajan
    04.10.12 05:25 PM

    Prostitution remain same through out the world..its not like the people here do prostitution for luxury.girls choose this profession bcoz its easy medium to earn.
    They are having two hands by which they can do anything and can earn their livelihood.

    A lot of medium are there for example they can do some work like sewing,cutting ,embroidery which does not require any education at all.

    Moreover government need to take some step to improve their life like when I was in India I had attended one aids awareness seminar.I came to know about lot of facts which most of the people are not aware of.

    Second govt need to provide free seminar classes or to conduct surveys in these areas so that they can easily came to know how much percentage of girls are involved in this and how to rectify their problems.

    Govt itself doesnt want to work on this area just bcoz this topic was never highlighted ever.

  • gaurav
    04.10.12 11:12 AM
    this must be stooped as fast as possible.
  • Rajpriya
    30.09.12 01:27 PM

    May be in New Zealand by making prostitution a luxury would deter men going to them. In India its poverty that drives many women into the Red Light area. Increasing the taxes would not save a sex workers life. It would only mean that they would be deprived of the only means to earn a living.

    Many Indian women are exploited and lured into prostitution not by their own choice. Why do women work in brothels in NZ? Is it because they are lazy to find jobs? Is there so much of poverty in NZ?
  • Rynal
    30.09.12 12:36 PM
    Hello friends,
    Our government is having one simple problem dat dy don't want to loose their vote bank so dats d reason dy don't want to remove this red light area.

    I stay here in auckland and prostitution is legal here and new zealand government had imposed higher tax rate on brothels which is around 40 percent which makes the service really expensive due to which the customer is decreasing and brothels are closing day by day.

    NZ government follows a very simple fashion to get rid of the problem and dat trend is to increase the price of thing so much dat it would be out of reach of people.

    Government can't stop people from going there but government can force some law so that it will be so expensive which makes it out of reach for them..

    Nowadays lots of scam going on and I am even ready for the red light area taxes scam as well

    But If this scam can save can save these sex workers life then I am ready but kindly propose new law not on paper but also implement d same in reality.

    I know lot of guys are not going to agree on wat I said bt I had just given my opinion and had written wat I had seen here.

    Thank you friends,
  • Deepak
    13.09.12 03:12 AM
    We should legalise prostitution.. itz not a bad thing... but if these agents and pimps really pressurise those girls for money, govt has to take steps for that...
  • kiara
    03.09.12 02:46 PM
    How can you claim this rahul??? There are many people who do not pity on the condition of girls living there.... They go there to get satisfation and then nvr luk back....
  • Rahul
    03.09.12 02:36 PM
    After going to gb road nObody thinks of doing rape...
  • karan
    01.09.12 08:54 PM
    all these things are very well written but there are some facts which we can't deny.... Places like g.b road are the source of earning bread for many families..
  • sunny gill
    sunny gill
    01.09.12 02:26 PM
    n.r.i kyu kuch kare country ap ki ha meams sab indians ki including me .je kam i.n.p kare indian peopls
  • sunny gill
    sunny gill
    01.09.12 02:23 PM
    friends ye sab badti population ka natija ha. Population hi gandgi ka karn ha har tarah ki gandgi is ko mitana ha to khud badlo or agay in punjabi 'dekh la marji a, sada kehna ta farz e aa'
  • Prime Minister
    Prime Minister
    28.08.12 02:43 PM
    Mai to ye kehna chaunga ki agar waha koi jayega hi nahi to wo apne aap band ho jayega, hamara desh to theek hai lakin yaha ke log theek nahi hai, Sarkar ko waise kam se kam 1 bar to action lena hi chahiye,
    legi bhi kyon Sarkar ke karmchariyo ki bajah se to wo chal raha hai
  • Ravi Ranjan
    Ravi Ranjan
    23.08.12 04:52 PM
    Dear All,
    In my opinion no any thig is bad,depend on person how can use that thing if he safe means socity is safe if he not safe than society is not safe so that all indian are responsibile how to safe our country,if anyone continue labour that way and no any help than what result get
  • Rajpriya
    20.08.12 12:00 PM
    Here is a woman who is doing the least something she could do to empower at least a fraction of those affected women. See if those who care could give her some support.
  • Sam
    18.08.12 04:41 PM
    Everyone knows of GB Road...Why its still running..Its been 66 years now....and in the heart of capital we still have biggest KOTHA.... Hats off.... I can do alot about it but I wont coz m afraid.....afraid of being alone...afraid of law... :) .......I miss my college days when I use to be more valuable to society.....
  • Deepak Pandya
    Deepak Pandya
    16.08.12 07:23 PM
    Dear friends,
    The brothel is running since centuries and will continue for many centuries. It will continue till the existance of man on this earth. No one (R) No one can do anything to stop this practice.

    V must not look them with dirty feeling. They plays very important role by satisfying so many customers who start wondering for sex after seeing so many visuals all around.In their absence those dissatisfied elements may target the females of so called modern societies or become mentally ill. In absence of sex even animals get mad, then why not the men. They are not less than security staff, who sacrifiece their pleasure for the safety of other females of our societies.

    As a gentleman what we can do is to ask the gvernments for the following:
    -- Legalise their services;
    -- Carryout periodical medical Check-ups;
    -- Free shelters homes for those who gets infected with HIV/AIDS;
    -- School facility for their childrens;
    -- Provision of training for them and their chidrens, if they do not want to continue.
    -- And if possible ban/reduce the inflow of various arousing elements available on internet, TV, mobile etc.
  • kks
    11.08.12 10:35 PM
    Yes everything is right but Garibi aur Agyyanata badi khatarnaak beemari hai bhai
    our governments hav to do somthing.
    other wise if they get liscence then their life may get better. because they dont hav to fear and paid to manager police etc as told by writer...
  • PGS
    05.08.12 03:09 PM
    Ha....ha....who are you Mr.Faggot 'Mayank'...u are speaking like our ministers.....Havent u ever crossed any red light,bribed a policeman or anyhting which is easily forgotten......bloody people like u are loosers.....if u want to change.....f u want to clean the gutter,u have to step in the's easy to say many things.....there are mafias involved in the trade as well.....but yes these girls can be brought out from theor treachery.....just give them some money & work and u urself respect them as a woman.....discussing on these websites and saying words dont do anything.....U have to go & do it urself to bring that one small wave in the sea which may lead to tsunami......I will go and recue a girl from there and will be beack here then.....will get her thing called life and then work for others too.....
  • Bhaskar Bose
    Bhaskar Bose
    21.07.12 08:03 PM
    Dear Anukriti Sharma: Your thinking and mission is very good, but tell me one thing why did you write "Dear NRI readers why not connect with us on the following social media platforms." at the end of your writings. What do you want to mean? Only NRI can able to change in the system? What is your thinking about "RI"????
  • kiara
    10.07.12 04:46 PM
    I really salute your spirit rajpriya and mayank........ I think that the youth of delhi shud start a campaign for this..... It can start from the people reading this article..... We can give it a thot....
  • Hamidur Rahman
    Hamidur Rahman
    28.06.12 04:08 PM
    very heart touching.
  • Rajpriya
    16.06.12 02:22 PM

    I am deeply concerned myself. I am a law abiding citizen. If only polygamy was allowed by law I would have married the entire lot and saved all of them from their dirty life they have to live. Sorry Pal my hands are tied by law.

    I don't really know if I would live long enough till the law is changed. But I do have hopes.
  • Mayank Kasyap
    Mayank Kasyap
    16.06.12 01:43 PM
    i have visited those brothels many a times, firstly it used to be like fun for me but then i realized about the lives of the children of all those ladies living teir..

    most of them are cheated by customer, who lure out money from them by saying them he will marry but once he took the money no one returns..

    1 in 40 cases are ok.

    apart from it they are forced to attend atleast 20-25 customers daily.

    I would just request all of you going through this comment to do something to help them.

    Am not yet that much settled and established to something that on a large scale and such kind of topic.
  • mr_pacific
    11.06.12 09:25 PM
    one thing is clear brothels r also going to stay.only way is by legalising prostitution in india.
    1.when an 'industrty' hitherto banned is legalised, the gains n real price(not saying full price) do reach the primary producer

    PS:govt of ind will get some pennies as taxes and some foreign exchange too
  • himanshu
    11.06.12 01:59 PM
    I think the writer is too imaginative. Should have done a bit of research before typing this. A photograph is not enough.
  • Vidhya
    10.06.12 11:40 AM
    so much light is shed on his issue, but nothing seems to be done and everything being done doesn't seem like enough. It's terrible that things like this happen, makes one's heart bleed that one person can treat another without the tiniest smidge of empathy
  • Rajpriya
    09.06.12 03:43 PM
    That's seems like an accurate assessment.
    How did you come about the 30-40%? Seems like first hand information.
  • mayank kasyap
    mayank kasyap
    09.06.12 09:16 AM
    one of the key facts is that about 30 to 40 percent customers don't even use condoms and the rates are high for unsafe sex.
  • abhijeet
    14.05.12 04:29 PM
    kya koi janta hai ki in area mein jane valle log hi inhe bhadava de rahe , khud sochiye agar koi kisi ki dukan se saman purchase hi nahi karega to vo dukan apne app hi band ho jayge!by the way you write your view very well anukriti sharma!
  • Kam
    29.04.12 11:45 PM
    hoping this link helps someone in need.

    The philosophy of Prajwala evolved based on the need of women and children who are victims of trafficking. Prajwala emerged as an anti-trafficking organization, which believes in preventing women and children from entering prostitution, which is the worst form of sexual slavery.
  • Madhav Somani
    Madhav Somani
    29.04.12 07:12 PM
    Why the hell govt is not doing anythng if this place is so common that every kid of every street knopws abt this so called gb road..
  • pardeep
    21.04.12 10:51 AM
    Well done job. So nice described. At least Young guys will definetly learn from it.
  • kiara
    08.04.12 10:19 PM
    Thanks for writing this article.... Well written.. I had tears in my eyes.... I really someday will come when this vicious circle will be broken..... It is so painful to know that their lives are worse than hell.... This article puts good light on a part of reality, a reality which , on one hand, is usually not even thought about by people around the world and on the other hand , is lived by these unfortunate girls which are brought to these places by insensitive beings ... I hate it but its the truth of life..... The only question arises is......WHY????????
  • aj
    07.04.12 05:13 PM
    governments heads are only reflections of our aspirations.for things to change i feel there is a need to sensitize people.but these articles only come up in papers once only when common wealth like mega events are organised diverting money in pvt
  • hemant parmar
    hemant parmar
    07.04.12 03:04 PM
    well written...prostitution is not a crime,but shame on those who see woman only as the source of satisfying the sexual needs.Everyone has emotions,everyone needs love,care,affection.....I think our Government should take right steps.fooling the girls by saying that they will get the job,and forcing them to the bed of sex is the biggest crime.If humanity is left in someone,he will surely ponder on this.
  • prem
    30.03.12 02:27 AM
    sad part of life...gud article...Good words are worth much, and cost little.. words are a form of action, capable of influencing change..keep it up...
  • nitesh
    29.03.12 02:59 AM
    amaging no words to say and to define.
  • aj
    11.03.12 05:11 AM
    reminds me of my obligations towards humanity.insightful and well described.
  • Hardick
    09.03.12 08:13 PM
    @ author: I think you have done quite a research on this topic online and after accumulating all sensitive and emotional points from other related articles you have managed to put forth an enlightening article.
    I don't understand what were you doing alone in GB Road which I fear is a forbidden area for civilized and well behaved people. You ll mostly find 2 kinds of people there, one who sells sex and the other who buys it at an affordable price.
  • Amol Vibhute
    Amol Vibhute
    27.02.12 01:43 AM
    Hi Anukriti, i have read your article, and that is really very touchy. but we can't do anything to stop these as they are already spread all over india.
  • mmegha gupta
    mmegha gupta
    24.02.12 07:39 PM
    I agree that people will always have sex and that prostitution is a reality.I agree on most of the points you have said. I believe every living creature deserves love. Prostitution is a problem not the prostitutes. better word to use “Female Sex Workers”.sex between consenting adults how bad it is?shame that the govt. dont do much about this …..
  • Saurabh Pandey
    Saurabh Pandey
    22.02.12 01:07 PM
    reflection of grief and true picture of social ill..what remedy can ..neither u know nor we but to see and feel the pain SHE bears ..nice work anukriti
  • Vipin
    20.02.12 09:37 AM
    After reading this, i feel like hell, why Govt. didn't shut down such things. I am feeling very sad about those innocent girls, who are living in hell..i think its time to fight, we have do to something.....Very good work Anukriti.
    17.02.12 03:52 PM
  • jon
    12.02.12 03:44 PM
    very vivid descriptions which touch deep within… good job with words
  • ravi bhatnagar
    ravi bhatnagar
    02.02.12 03:46 PM
    Prostitution is a problem not the prostitutes. better word to use "Female Sex Workers".
    Good to write and know about FSWs but any examples of their social inclusion????
  • Hitesh Mohan
    Hitesh Mohan
    02.02.12 01:12 PM
    Is there any solution for sorting out this major problem so that i can also help you out in this
  • Vivek
    29.01.12 05:39 PM
    What a marvellous article didnt u think that we can do something about it just writing an article upon it there is nothing gonna happen we are just ....
  • Saneh
    26.01.12 08:34 PM
    u can show...thats good..but wt u try to do 4 them......v cnt stop it ,its inc day by day....just the education is that aware all for right /wrong.....only a ??????? v do
  • mohan sarkar
    mohan sarkar
    20.01.12 04:17 AM
    Great article (specially the title )... sure the life of prostitutes is hell..... shame that the govt. dont do much about this .....
  • Saurabh
    16.01.12 08:50 PM

    Thanks for writing about such a topic, I guess we can only wish that no one goes through the trauma what these workers went through.. but i guess world will never be perfect... !!
  • kayjus
    13.01.12 02:13 PM
    hats off A.sharma u make d reality visible< in a purified glass, me 20 old , in k.r mangalam school and,
    i feel shame coz me olso went there once but not for sex..., with a friend, me new to dat place and my friend usally go there.., while siting a girl ask me chal na , it was so embersd fo me and on the other hand my frnd wass busy in his project.., i ak her y u cme here nd she repled apni kushi se kon atta hai< me jst look @ her n randomly she ask me teri gf nai h qa ....... she make me dead answer of her endless question ............ hatss off for u
    09.01.12 09:25 PM
    ARE WE?
  • deepak patel
    deepak patel
    23.12.11 10:07 PM
    anukriti ...
    you are wrong they aren't like that kind of women as you have written over here and as u thought u can't such imagine and accept till u ll not go over there i have an experience of there they are so gentle and honest of their work and behavior was almost quite well as i wasn't accepting but the problem is that only its India and nothing..
  • ravi bhatnagar
    ravi bhatnagar
    13.12.11 05:01 PM
    Thanks for writing about G.B Road.

    some thoughts which come to my mind are:

    1.Are all women Trafficked who attend at G.B Road?
    2.If yes, where is ITPA and Police which lives on G.B road?
    3 If No, is it also not a trade govered by demand and supply?
    4.Is there any data on number of FSW at GB Road are there forefully?
    5.Kothas are independent or controlled? is is new era slavery?
    6.This is oldest profession in world why its not dead like many tangawallas or cobblers or snakecharmers.
    7.Traditionally many communities are in sex trade like kanjars,nuts, raj nuts, saranias, singlikars, sahukars, devdasis etc. Crisis response teams are near them and many of them give a good fight to any strong one.
    8. sex between consenting adults how bad it is?
    9. we have doctors,engineers,teachers,peons etc.... all are in different professions why not writer think it as a profession?

    signing off for now.Article looks very biased.

    Thanks but too Rabindranath Tagore type english "common views not for common people".
  • varun
    10.12.11 02:26 PM
    great story
  • joey
    10.12.11 02:05 AM
    I would love to hang out with Sunny Leone.... so what does that mean???
  • rahul
    09.12.11 06:02 PM
    very nice article,giving very appropriate insights about the life of these prostitutes.very well written,and u have made a very good judgement about the whole issue,it shows ur emotional sensitivity towards their miseries.
  • Anukriti Sharma
    Anukriti Sharma
    09.12.11 10:03 AM
    I think every individual has a different style of writing... Which may or may not appeal others. Whatever I wrote was a real experience, something I saw and felt. I am sure people must have written a lot about GB Road but I write and express myself the way I did... It might be full of emotions but that is how I am. Every individual is different and I do appreciate helps one improve and write better. Thank you
  • Prashant
    08.12.11 11:51 PM
    This is the worst piece of literature I have ever read in my life. The emotions expressed are over done and fake. Seems like the writer sat with a dictionary, thesaurus and copy pasted millions of content from the Internet already written abt GB road. I feel disgusted reading this. Not the topic, but the choice of words used by the writer
  • saveen
    30.11.11 09:39 PM
    thanx anukriti u hv fully described it. u hv written good article about gb road which is a real red light area .some people know that it not a safe place. it is full of many diesease & pilps . but here, girls are helpless. they can't anything behalf sold their bodies .
  • Suneel Jain
    Suneel Jain
    02.11.11 11:41 AM
    nice blog, you have good heart and nice thoughts.
  • Varun
    29.10.11 10:54 PM
  • KofyKat
    27.10.11 07:22 PM
    Sad that parents who should be hunting for their daughters end up rejecting them when they come back.
  • Anukriti
    26.10.11 12:36 PM
    @Joseph James...
    I paint the picture from the perspective of a woman. For men satisfying there sexual/carnal needs might be as simple and easy as having a drink. The women who are involved might/might not be interested. Most of the sex-workers I came across were unwilling. They do not do it out of choice, but because they do not have a choice. I have been to the place and whatever I have written is my experience based on the stories these women had to tell.
    I know sex is very common among youngsters. I am myself surrounded by people who have no issues with one-night stands. But don't you think love is losing its place/position. And why is it? Just because everything is easily available. So easily available that we have lost their value.

    I loved the last paragraph of your comment. Very well said sir!
  • Anukriti
    26.10.11 12:22 PM
    I agree on most of the points you have said. I believe every living creature deserves love. When we can love animals, don't these women too deserve affection. I am not asking for romantic love alone. Love of parents, friends, family, lover... These women are forever deprived. I agree sex and love are entirely different concepts, but these women too desire love and happiness. Are they asking for too much? Sex is only a means of satisfaction. But were we born to indulge in this and forget the basic ingredient that brings life to society? Why should love be seen as a crime? It has become a lie because sex is cheap and easily available. People do not think about love. Isn't it time we set aside hatred and give love a chance?
  • Anukriti
    26.10.11 12:11 PM
    @Anoop Mathai Mathew
    Very thought-provoking thoughts...
    I think you have put across some really hard-hitting questions that we should and need to ponder over. We need to rethink reality. To try and understand itin its true essence.
  • Anukriti
    26.10.11 12:05 PM
    @Hari Narayana
    Thank u sir!
  • Anukriti
    26.10.11 12:04 PM
    I agree that people will always have sex and that prostitution is a reality. I went to G.B. Road myself and the picture that I came across was quite complicated. Most of the women who are a part of the trade do not enter it out of choice. They are indirectly lured into it for a few rupees. Trapped in the web of nayikas, customers and middlemen, these women lead a life of nothing but misery.

    It is we who form the social fabric. I am just asking people to be a little more responsible. Yes, I agree the peoblem lies with the criminal minded people who act as the in-betweens.

    We had asked a sex-worker, "Are you here by choice? Are you okay with what you are doing?" Her answer was, "If we do not do it, what will happen to your safety? These men will gobble you and other women."
  • tys
    26.10.11 11:24 AM
    a friend of my mother , Ms.Sari, had done a report on sex trafficking ...she stayed there with them, the book is called ' Scarlet Daughters' ...its not sensationalized, rather its almost statistic..
  • Joseph James
    Joseph James
    26.10.11 07:31 AM
    @author: as some of the commentators have pointed out, you do have a way with words. You do succeed in capturing the melancholy of an Indian brothel. But I wonder if the picture you paint, fully corresponds to the reality. There are probably many women out there who take it as a trade. And as Harry has pointed out, don't look for love in a whorehouse.
    You talk of exploitation. True, the naiyikas and the pimps do exploit the hapless prostitues. Not the customers, who are mostly poor men living away from their families; all they want is a little gratification. It's nothing more than having a drink.
    If the exploitation has to end, as tys has pointed out, prostitution must be legalised. It will empower the sex-workers. It will give them respectablity. It will better their economic condition. Moreover, they will be able to send their children to good schools ensuring a better future for them. And of course, it will create better health-awareness among them enabling them to take precautions against diseases such as AIDS.
    What stops us Indians from doing it is a false sense of morality. It is not even against our culture. Courtesans were an integral part of our society in the past.
    Take the example of Kerala. It is one of the few states in the country, which does not have a red-light area. But has this brought down crimes against women? No. On the contrary, it has become one of the unsafest states for women. Almost every day, one hears of a new story of 'molestation.'
    In the west, where prostitution is legal, the sex-workers apparently lead a more dignified life.
    I am really surprised that the author is unaware of the change in sexual mores among today's youth. They look upon sex as nothing but fun and pleasure. One-night stands aren't uncommon among them. So, where does love come into the picture. We, of the older generation, do find it difficult to accept such a mindset. But that's the reality today.
    What is responsible for the plight of sex-workers is the hypocritical attitude of the society? We look down upon them as evil women. They are no different from other women - with the same desires, aspirations and hopes. Treat them as we treat other women. Accept them. And their condition will certainly improve. It is said that the late malayalam film director, John Abraham, once embraced a prostitute during the day in full view of the public. When a small crowd gathered around, he told her, 'I do this as an act of penance for all those men who seek solace from you at night and spit upon you with contempt during the day.'
    26.10.11 01:28 AM
    TYS i agree with you on most point but i am not speaking from moral point of view when I say those things. There are individuals on this planet who will always use the legal system to their advantage . The only way this is true is when this is done with two concenting adults as you say and you and i know, this is not in this cases, because those women are physicaly used as a sex slave and there is nothing concenting about this . If they say no to the punters they get beatings by their pimps. They have not done this out of choice, but they have been forced in to these situation, and that the part I don't like.

    A woman should not be force to do things that she does not want to do but in this cases they are made to do, and that is not transaction my friend that is slavery, and you know this is true in this cases.

    We as human being will always take advantage of another, and that's in our geans, weather we are indian or not. Where there is money involved we will never be civilised when it comes to sex and vice. Like I said it is nothing to do with geography, but this is genral true every where.

    What i am saying is if it's legal you and I will be the first people to ignore it, because we think it's normal and happy hunky dory but because it is illegal, and down right dirty we are talking about it . I know you are all for personal freedom and liberty and so am I, but you know and I know I am not talking shit.

  • Anoop Mathai Mathew
    Anoop Mathai Mathew
    26.10.11 12:35 AM
    The world today has turned from intellectuals to idiocrats. Is it because we have everything we want, that we choose to get away with whatever we like??

    The women in today's era are living in a situation where their dignity is at stake. This factor is also exploited through the media, and other social concerns. Everywhere pervertism is at constant rise when compared to the early eras of livelihood. Why is this happening?, is it that all that we humans know to do is make money, murder and mate? Where is the morality? Show me a Gentleman these days? Am I asking too much?
  • Anoop Mathai Mathew
    Anoop Mathai Mathew
    26.10.11 12:29 AM
    The struggle that women face in today's world is limitless. I must point out that women do endure such circumstances even in modern
  • tys
    25.10.11 10:04 PM
    @harry : why do u term sex got for a payment a vice? if both are consenting parties, wheres the harm except in other's so called moral point of view? The same moral point which i feel is a personal thing and need not, should not be something which is enforced across the board...if ur moral is against sex without love, then dont do it but why do we condone it in another...

    my point is if we recognize it as a trade, which is what it is, then it will be between the service provider and the customer...anything else that springs around it will be just additional business based around a trade that is the most ancient in the world...

    empowering the sex workers will ensure that the legal system will work for them...right now they are ignored untill the worst has happened to them...

    but u r rite...the mind set has to change..we need to recognize it for what it is...but accepting it will be the first step...

    by denying it, u drive it underground and then u have no control over it...see it like alcohol during prohibition...see how that went...u make it legal, u make it accessible and visible...u give it a position in society...u r being honest...

    of course there need not be love in sex...but where is there a rule that there should be?
    25.10.11 09:36 PM
    This is sad reality because we use a human beang as a tool for our own need. This also happens in the whole world . I have also read about this sort of trade involving young eastern europian women in UK, but I have seen happy ending in some of this cases, because they have chance to break free. This was possible because, they are still treated like human being and given lots of support and help and also police is not corrupted.

    This is not possilbe in india because the whole system is corrupted and there is no way out for those women in these trade ever to escape and even if they do , will our socity accept them ?, I dont think so , and this is a sad truth.

    leglising prostitution will not change the the equation for this women because our society does not respect or value human being who does not fit in to cultural norm. Also there is another problem with leaglisation is that it will give NAAYIKA , PIMPS and POLICE more power to exrcise their rules legaly without anything and anybody intrfering.

    Vice is trade that's been around as long as a man has existed . There is no fast and quick solution to the longest existing problem on the face of this planet. This is also worse in india due to economic and corruption and our attitude toward protitutes and vice in genrel.

    I agree with certain things that TYS said but legality of vice is not a solution .

    ANUKRITI you wrote these article on base of love. Sex is not love . Love can be expressed in sexual way between two individuals who are happy with one and other but this is totaly diffrent from sex that involves in porn or other domain. The sexsual gratification from other means are not same as the one from real relationship. The sexsual act in this case is same as going to the toilet , Where one does his deed and leaves and this is not same as love because these women are treated like toilet. Threfore those individual who pay for sex are not buying love but they are slave to their own need and, that's the reason this will not be the end for those women woes .

  • Writerzblock
    25.10.11 05:15 PM
    TYS: Bravo!!!! Kudos to you for what you have said!
  • Hari Narayana
    Hari Narayana
    25.10.11 03:17 PM
    Very well written article..Keep it up...
  • tys
    25.10.11 02:27 PM
    u know what i have a problem with ? not prostitution...i honestly believe that as long as there is a deman, there will be supply...iam fine with it...each person has the right to choose whatever means they feel is right to lead their long as their choice doesnt interfer with anothers choice...i believe this..

    so iam fine with prostitution...

    what iam not fine with is the common criminal minded individuals who has made this into a business where the prostitutes themselves are just used as a resource for revenue....that is disgusting, cruel, demeaning and worth spite...

    i hope people has enough sense to stop being ostriches and make prostitution legal, thereby removing these middle people from existing...put the power in the hands of the sex workers..give them legal rights, protect them, in fact treat that profession as any other profession..

    u see, i think its we who made this happen...we are as guilty as the nayika and the pimps and every one involved in it...we take a moral stand and make something natural into something people have to hide or be ashamed off...thereby removing any sort of ways by which they can seek help...we turned our backs...and then we protest...hue and cry over it...

    such hipocracy...

    people will always have sex...accept it...understand it...prostitution is as sensible as restaurants..
  • Anukriti
    25.10.11 01:26 PM
    Thank you Abu... yes it indeed is a harsh, sad reality.
  • Abu
    25.10.11 10:08 AM
    no words to share what and how i feel at this moment... a sad part of life...

    very vivid descriptions which touch deep within... good job with words...

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