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Monsoon Taking A Rain Check

Monsoon Taking A Rain Check

July 05, 2012

Why the absence of the Monsoon is a gift from the gods.

It looks like the Monsoon has failed to keep its date with us this year. I say, so what? Think rationally and you will agree that we are all the better for it not infesting our lives every year. Read on to know how – 

Bring in the romance
– A lack of monsoon invariably means reduced, or better still, no power supply. Learn to live without electricity altogether. Candlelight is so much more romantic. With the TV gone (no more saas-bahu serials and jagmagaati safedi ads), families will suddenly have time to rediscover the joys of antakshari and gilli-danda. Add to that, all the time that you will save by not having to change bulbs, or cleaning ceiling fans and room coolers, or servicing ACs. And you can finally roll in your 650 L double door refrigerator to your bedroom and use it to store clothes and shoes, just like you have always felt tempted to do. You will notice that its shelving is ideally suited for organizing clothes and accessories, rather than pateelas and kadhais. (Useful tip – Unused ceiling fans make wonderful merry-go-rounds for your pet hamsters. You must try it!)

All round productivity gains
– No water will make people finally realize the futility of Bathing and Showering in India. These are wholly unnecessary activities. In the Indian summer heat, one begins to perspire the moment one turns off the tap and reaches for the towel. And as you hang by the pole in that crowded metro or local train contorting your face at your neighour’s smelly armpit, remember that your neighbour is having the same thoughts about you! The collective productivity gains achieved when 1.2 billion people save an average of a half-hour each day by giving up bathing and showering altogether will surely push our national GDP up by a few points. (Useful tip – Unused buckets and mugs make great plant containers. However, aim to go for only hardy plants like the cactus.)

Home Accessorization
– Accessorize all parts of the house with unused bathroom fittings. We know, you spent a fortune installing the coolest contraptions from Koehler and Jaguar in your marbled bathroom. That was hardly long term thinking, was it? Now that you are not likely to use that space for activities other than quick nos. 1 and 2, remove them from the bathroom and install them in other areas of the house as quaint artistic installations. (Useful tip – Koehler faucets can be used as posh ketchup dispensers. Some plumbing expertise may be required.)

Flourishing fairness cosmetics business
– With the new reality of the sun bearing down 365 days a year, every Indian will resolutely pledge allegiance to the Fair and Lovely (or Handsome) brand. Sales will shoot through the roof. (Useful tip – Trade in their stock TODAY.)

Get to know your children better
– The impish monsoon had a fiendish ability to downpour only during rush hour, causing spectacular traffic snarls that could be seen from the moon. An evening shower typically meant people leaving office at six but only reaching home past midnight. Now with the monsoon gone forever, everyone, especially parents, can heave a sigh of relief. Back to business as usual will mean just the normal traffic jams caused by potholed roads, crazy drivers and cattle. Leaving office at six will ensure that you are home by 9, still in time to read that last fairy tale to your child as you tuck her in.

Healthy, Wealthy and Roly-poly
– Food prices are likely to touch the sky. Kids can rejoice because prices of vegetables and fruits will finally be beyond the reach of all parents. Chips and Pepsi will be your new staple – after all, the price of Coke and Pepsi seems to fall every year as they come up with even larger pack sizes. The 25L bottle of Pepsi is not just a pipe dream any longer.

Old Wine in New Avatar
– Such a pity that your bank recently gifted you that giant, colourful umbrella when you opened a new savings account – you will hardly need it to keep away the rain, will you? Anyway, all is not lost. Use it as a shooing mechanism to keep crowds away during stampede-like situations. For example, while boarding the metro or the local, or an Air India flight. (Useful tip – Old raincoats can be gifted to parents of bed-wetting children. Please be empathetic when doing so. Do not mock.)

Turn a blind eye
– Have you always hated that new architectural monstrosity that has come up directly in your line of sight from your bedroom window? With its absurd lines and super shiny windows? Well, stress no longer because dry earth means dust storms all day, every day. Those glorious clouds of dust will make that giant building only 100 feet away fog out of your life forever. (Useful tip – Keep alerting your 6-year old child that he/she must continue to colour the sky blue during art class. It must never be painted brown, as it is in reality. Art teachers in school frown upon realistic-looking art work.)

Goodbye, Nino and Nina
– Those poor folks at the Meteorological Department can finally be put out of their misery. To have to learn Spanish phrases like El Nino, La Nina etc., predict the unpredictability of the ‘normalness’ of the monsoon, or just broadcast limp forecasts each day (e.g. Generally clear skies with the possibility of thunder showers in the evening) – there has got to be more to life than that! With the monsoon abandoning India, the Met Department can finally be disbanded for good, and their hapless staff released into the world to lead a better life.

Oil Shakes
– People all around the country are likely to run into immeasurable wealth. This is on account of the fact that the water-table is now likely to drop to spectacular depths. Drilling deep borewells into the earth’s crust in their quest for water, citizens, especially in cities in North India, are likely to strike oil and gold instead! (Useful tip – Do not try to fill your car and scooter tank with that black liquid shooting out of your hand pump. This is still unrefined (crude) oil – it will seize the engine. Instead, fill it in canisters and sell it to your local black marketer.)

It’s not just a Mirage
- The slogan ‘India Shining’ will finally become an all year round reality, especially when you are driving around during the day. At a distance, you will literally see your horizon glittering in gold.

Welcome to the post-Monsoon World. Welcome to the Good Times!

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  • Britul
    14.07.12 03:27 PM
    excellent read it was .. now,this is what defines optimism with new standards ..

    Being here at guwahati, we are not as lucky as the peoples of Delhi NCR ... it does rain here :-( .... a lot ..
  • Rickie Khosla
    Rickie Khosla
    05.07.12 08:43 PM
    Harry, aren't you assuming a lot here? Will the lions (or sharks, for that matter) have them? Animals do have standards, you know! hehheh
    05.07.12 08:26 PM
    @ Rickie

    I agree with most things you said, but I have a suggestion, instead of releasing met departments hapless staffs, why don't we feed them to lions in the zoo, because they always get the forecast wrong. Maybe we can always put them in the shark tank, unless you have better Idea, just thinking about this I am grinning like a cheshire cat. :) Am I bad or am I super bad. :)

  • Rickie Khosla
    Rickie Khosla
    05.07.12 04:20 PM
    Thank you, Uma and Ranita!
  • Ranita Sinha
    Ranita Sinha
    05.07.12 04:10 PM
    liked all ur points to feel positive in the scorching sun..excellent!!..can't hold the outburst of laughter..
  • uma
    05.07.12 02:59 PM
    Right information at the right time.Here it is raining a lot .Thanks for sharing good information !
  • Rickie Khosla
    Rickie Khosla
    05.07.12 10:12 AM
    hehheh...I am glad I could help, Jyoti! Thanks for reading :)
    Oh, and you should know better than to trust the folks at the weather department!
  • Jyoti Agarwal
    Jyoti Agarwal
    05.07.12 10:10 AM
    Now this is what I call optimism. While everybody else in Delhi-NCR (including me) are busy cribbing about summers, you have come up with REALLY helpful points. So,I am all geared up to start feeling romantic, increase my productivity and above all start enjoying the absence of rain :-)

    PS- BTW sorry to say, but weather news says it will rain this week in Delhi :-(
  • Rickie Khosla
    Rickie Khosla
    05.07.12 10:01 AM
    All the better for us to lead the simple life, right?
    Thanks for reading, Rajpriya.
  • Rajpriya
    05.07.12 09:03 AM

    Here’s great news for Indians who won’t need to be singing in the rain. No power, no geyser, no hot water and no monsoon? Every Indian could be singing pretty well under the sun.

    DryBath: South African University of Cape Town Student Ludwick Marishane Invents Product For A Bath Sans Water.

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