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Coolest Mom Ever?

Coolest Mom Ever?

August 05, 2011

Indian mothers are traditionally trendy, thanks to their daughters.

See your middle-aged Iyer maami, your ammi sporting a burka or even your Marwadi aunties who veil-up when elders are around. Look a little closer at them and you’ll find hints of what could be mistaken as tiny rebellions, be it a couple of extra piercings on their ear lobes, red streaks in their naturally black locks or even the occasional strategically placed tattoos. Moms are going all out these days to stay close to their daughters, without crossing the lines of tradition (or maybe not, depending on how you chose to look at it).

Beauty parlors are a sacred place for the teenage daughter and her mother,  a relationship that alternates between love and hate (always teetering a bit towards hate) can be clinched into one of consistent tolerance, if a mom is lucky enough. And as much as a mother dotes on a son, she pulls out all stops to stay close to a daughter. They’ve been known to take the “daughter-they-never-had” aka their sons for a fun session of facials and girl talk despite protests from said (unfortunate) progeny.

I can see the appeal of the ritual to be honest, especially to the stereotypical Indian housewife. They look at their daughters and envision a future lined with the chances they didn’t take, and of course there’s the cheeky anticipation of experimenting (and I mean that in a nice way) on a younger version of themselves. Its one of those rare win-win situations I guess. They get quality time with the children, and if a nosy husband questions the sudden appearance of red in her usually braided, black hair she can say “your daughter made me do it”, with a  smile and twinkle in her eye.

It makes me wonder if there will be a time when the ‘tradition’ part will completely ooze out of the equation - it is the endearing attraction, after all. The stark contrast of a tattoo on a delicate hand adorned with all the gaudy, gold jewellery the world has to offer, it is a sight that is oddly mesmerizing, amusing and entertaining all at once. Its kind of like watching a TV show - drama, gossip, conspiracy and tantrums - it’s all there in their conversations, and there’s the unmistakable gleam of a bond strengthened that comes with a facial. I must confess, when I do go to the parlor (a tedious yet necessary task in my opinion), I make it a point to spot one of these mom-daughter teams and watch them to pass the time, while women who are invariably from Darjeeling make me feel pretty again. It works better than those ancient, dog-eared magazines they provide.

I haven’t experienced this as much as I have observed it, but I can tell you that Amma (my mom) has more ear piercings than I do.


  • Swapna
    27.09.11 12:12 AM
    You are so right. I am already feeling that I should get into shape before my daughter points out that I don't look good or worse mom you look fat. One of my acquaintances actually had her daughter ask her not to pick up her from school cos she wasn't trendy enough like her friends' moms. Yikes....
  • kati ann
    kati ann
    10.08.11 05:53 PM
    why are indian families so dead againist having a female child??
  • sai kiran
    sai kiran
    10.08.11 05:01 PM
    cool views... yea i agree to whatever you said about that secret bond between mom and daughter...
  • Gyanban
    08.08.11 02:31 AM
    Nice read.
  • zephyr
    07.08.11 08:22 PM
    Great observation. Lovely read. About explaining some defiant modern streak, I take recourse to the 'your daughter made me do it'. Only, I bond with my daughter-in-law in the absence of a biological daughter :)
  • Karmic blogger
    Karmic blogger
    05.08.11 10:41 PM
    Mom and sons make a great team too a very special way...our team collapsed when mom left me early and went to the heavens above...but we are still a team..though she is now more of a coach than a team member...:) lovely post..simple,sweet and touching...

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