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November 05, 2011

The world revolves around the internet, but lets be honest...we want the world to revolve around us.

Its been one of those long drawn out things, where people go on and on about how its a waste of time, how its destroying the potential of the youth and is just basically the Arjun Rampal throttling your inner Shahrukh Khan, or if you’d prefer it,  the other way around. First it was the “idiot box” debate - TV good or TV bad? Now it’s Social Networking good or bad? As usual I don’t have an answer. Much like social networks, I’m a rambling scroll page of mostly useless, rambling posts which are the equivalent of sitting next to someone on a bus and yelling at him for the whole bus to hear.

Whether we admit it honestly or pretend that we are too cool for it, networking websites form (at least) one quarter of our life’s piecharts. They play off our incredible craving for attention
, especially with teens (a demographic I will belong to for only one more year and will enjoy bidding a farewell to). The uncontrollable urge to post an ‘emo’ status about occurrences that are intended to be clandestine, yet are somehow painfully transparent to everybody except the person its actually intended for. Basically, we want everyone to know...everything - how we’re feeling at every moment of every day and we want to see how many of them care. And as for the ones that do care, do they care enough? Did they comment or were they lazy buggers who just hit the like button?

‘Personal’ has lost all meaning. People share their location, their likes, their dislikes, pretty much everything except candy - no one ever shares candy. Funnily enough the constant need for validation isn’t limited to me and my peers. It’s stretched its tentacles around the er...more chronologically advanced generations as well. Yup, my grandmother is friends with me on Facebook and needless to say my privacy settings needed some major tweaking after 2008. We post stuff and wait for people to ask you what its about, then proceed to say ‘I don’t want to talk about it’. Social Networking has turned us into drama queens. We have gone from being Aishwarya Rai to Sonam Kapoor or, you know, Tushar Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor.

There should be a mention of the song-lyric people. Yes, I am one of them. The people who match their moods to song lyrics and post increasingly cryptic/clear status updates. There isn’t much we can do about it, that’s apparently how life works now- you happy :) or you sad :(, or you very sad :’(((, or you just sitting in the new ice-cream shop, the world must know. That is the way the Internet rolls, and you have to roll with the newsfeed/timeline/punches/whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Social Networks rules :

There is only one rule, don’t let it rule you. 


  • Vidhya
    07.11.11 07:19 AM
    Thanks :)
  • sneha
    05.11.11 06:14 PM
    Lol.. true. Nice post
  • Noel
    05.11.11 07:04 AM
    nice one vidhya :)

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