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Vastu-fying Your House

Vastu-fying Your House

January 21, 2011

Home is where the Vastu is…

So you bought your first plot of land to build a house. The bank accounts are empty. Your credit card limits have been stretched to the limit. But that's ok, because now you have a property in your name.

And just as you and the missus are trying to decide whether Nippon or Nerolac must adorn the walls of your to-be home, one of the family elders asks you if your treasured blue print is in accordance with the rules of Vaastu Shastra? Oooops!

For those of you who are not familiar with the term of Vaastu Shastra, it is the ancient science of direction alignment. It basically dictates which direction your rooms and furniture must face, what colours to use and just about any detail of structural design in a building. Did the term 'Feng shui' just crop up in your mind? Well there are similarities between the two.

So here are a few tips on basic Vaastu do's and don’ts to ensure that your home is peaceful and harmonious. Just a skim over the surface really. Because if you wanted to adhere to every tiny detail of Vaastu you might be left looking at the receding behind of your architect as he stomps off leaving you with the impossible task of resurrecting one of the long-dead ancient Indian masons to build your home :)

1. The main door of your home should be facing either of these directions:

- East

- North

- Northeast

- West of the northwest (At this point you may want to stop wondering where the sun rises and actually go and grab a compass)

Avoid south and the two compass-worthy directions of west of the southwest and east of the southeast.

2. The Master Bedroom must face southwest. Suddenly that blueprint not looking so right eh?

3. Now to the Kitchen. Yes, we know only Maggi and omelets are prepared there in their full nutritional glory, but rules are rules. And Vaastu insists that the kitchen be located Southeast or Northwest of the house.

4. Beds must be placed in the southwest corner without touching the western and the southern wall. Was that an overload of directions? Just pray your architect doesn't think so too :)

Always sleep with your head to the south. That means there are chances that your bedside table might be at your feet. You might wake up one night to the sound of your wife's oh-so-exquisite antique bed-lamp crashing to the floor because you enthusiastically kicked it in the midst of an over-imaginative action dream involving aliens or life-sized zombie credit card bills or both.

5. The rooms in the northern part of the house should be larger than the rooms in the southern side, by 6-9 inches, AND lower by 1-3 inches. The ideal height of the rooms should be 12-14 feet. The main door should be larger than the inner doors and all doors should open facing the walls. Trust me, your architect is just going to LOVE this one.

I could go on and on about the rules to Vaastu-ify your home, but I think you need to go and attend to your architect who has turned an unsightly shade of grey by now. Not to fear, grey is an auspicious colour as per Vaastu. IF used in the right direction, of course.


  • Hardev
    20.03.15 03:40 AM
    Hi can u plz check vastu according to floor plan thanks.
  • vaastu home
    vaastu home
    16.04.13 10:31 AM
    Wow, Great Article and thanks for update. Keep it up.:)
  • Ramesh Thakur
    Ramesh Thakur
    02.12.12 05:14 PM
    i want know about a bastu sastra
  • theReader
    30.01.11 11:27 PM
    I wonder how Vastu works for eskimos who live in Igloos :)

    Thanks for this informative article...
  • George
    26.01.11 10:11 AM
    Guess it'd be very uncomfortable to live with a perfect person, if you find one. Where can we get a perfect plot and how can we build a perfect house and find a perfect partner to live with! Imperfections make life more unpredictable and enjoyable. Compromises make more conquests of minds n hearts than forceful subjugation.
  • Blue Lotus
    Blue Lotus
    25.01.11 12:47 PM
    Okei where is my compass?Somethings are right about,somethings are not.As you said,as long as it suits me,any shastra is right..Loved the article.
  • Anita
    24.01.11 05:33 PM
    Love r sarcasm in the writing. :). I almost wondered wat direction is the front door of my home while reading through ur article.

    When u say u dont believe in all these, the elders will come up with such spooky stories of wat happened to people who didnt follow it and go just dont wanna take risk.
  • Maria
    24.01.11 08:00 AM
    Well, I must admit that I do have a selective attitude towards Vaastu. For example, if something suits my purpose and also adheres to VS, then I am happy. But at the same time, if I have to hack off an entire wall in the name of VS, well there I draw a line :)
  • vadakkus
    22.01.11 11:51 AM
    Seriously? You believe in all this supersition? I believe this Vaastu thing too, is a major scam. Especially since it has come into so much 'maketing' popularity recently..

    I like your writing style, though :)

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