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On Hold Between Mumbai And Vancouver

On Hold Between Mumbai And Vancouver

March 01, 2012

Stuck between my two homes, I reflect on the wealth of differences and the wealth that is my own.

In Vancouver today, it's sunny and beautiful and 11 degrees outside. Leaves that fell off of their trees a long time ago are reduced to paste mixed with rain. They’re ground into cement by shoes and the elements, like a paste of cilantro, green chillies and garlic ground into a board by a woman's marble rolling pin.

The person whose shoes helped crush the leaves into the sidewalk could have been tugging at the leash as his dog sprang to chase squirrels who were roaming through dew-laden grass. He could have gone home and wiped his dog's muddy paws on an old towel on the porch before going inside to have a bagel and read the newspaper.

The person who made the garlic paste to be thrown into hot oil could be the wife of any man in India. She might have tucked her long sari pallu into her petticoat at her waist and squatted to grind spices between marble and wood. Afterwards, she might have mixed atta with water for chapati, and then gone outside to pull the clothes off the clothesline.

Even on the nicest day, people in Vancouver are inside shopping malls, looking incessantly for something they've been convinced that they need. In Mumbai, people are pushed by the same mentality to buy different things.

Anyone and everyone can be found in a mall in Vancouver: Vietnamese teen girls, whole Arabic families, Chinese English students, Caucasian hipsters. Those shopping might very well be daughters in a lower-income family, spending the day at the mall because it’s fun for free. They might have text messaged friends to come and meet them there. They could have tried on clothes made in China from the sale rack in a shop, and taken pouting pictures of themselves in the change-room's mirror.

Those in Mumbai could be upper class ladies, shopping for saris near Crawford market. They may have sat in a shop drinking tea while the salesboy wrapped himself in zardozi-embroidered saris to model them. One sari is worth more than the salary he receives in two years. The women might have fluttered their hands in discussion over which draping style and jewellery would be most appropriate for the upcoming event before leaving the shop and enjoying dahi puri in the street.

In Mumbai, a labourer would sleep deeply because he has worked hard during the day. He could as easily be a family man with four children as he could be a bachelor. As a bachelor, he might sleep on the edge of an eight foot wall lining the road, underneath an overpass. He has two feet of wall width on which he can toss and turn, so doesn't move so much in his slumber. As dawn curls its rose fingers underneath the overpass, he scratches his stomach and keeps his eyes shut even as he is awake, savouring the last moment of rest for the next sixteen hours.

In Vancouver, I’m blessed or lucky to sleep in the safety and warmth of my family home. The whole house is heated uniformly, through the floors. The blinds on the windows are specially designed to block out all light: no rose-coloured dawn fingers curling around them.

As much as I feel I would love to run back to Mumbai, maybe, just maybe, things are as they are because it is how they must be. One would think that I should have learned this by now, but like most people, I have a tendency to avoid learning the things that allow more wellness and less worry into life!

Maybe I need this time: to learn to live with uncertainty and realise that while things could always be more perfect, they will never be bad. To remember that I have been born into a life is so beautiful that every place I go will welcome me: that wherever I run, and whenever I have to pause, I will be relentlessly pursued by blessings of all kinds.


  • vilasini
    24.07.12 08:22 PM
    Lovely post, so true.. Here Iam in US for the last 15 years analyzing whether I truly belong here or not.. enjoying the same warmth and luxury in US that you are enjoying at Vancouver but missing my village where I grew up. your blog's are awesome. My daughter wants to visit India and explore, while browsing I came across your blog..thank you
  • Bronwyn
    02.03.12 12:47 PM
    @Vivek: thank you so much!

    @Harry: yes, though I would not have put it that way.
    01.03.12 08:39 PM
    @ Bronwyn

    Do you not feel lost and torn between two places sometimes? When you are in India, you miss your childhood home and all the comfort it gives you with out any conditions, and when you are in Vancouver you miss all the hustle and bustle of India and how different they both are in contrast to each other.

  • Vivek Iyer
    Vivek Iyer
    01.03.12 06:08 PM
    A simple piece, but beautifully written!

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