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White Lust

White Lust

December 06, 2011

Traditional dark skinned Indian male seeks attractive white female - with loose morals.

The first naked woman I saw was in the french magazine which I had ‘borrowed’ from my aunt's house in Ooty. She was married to a french man. Uncle, had passed away long ago and my aunt remained in this beautiful cottage there with his only daughter. I was visiting them over the second Saturday outing we get from my boarding school.

The book was wedged between some heavy bound books in their vast library. I have this knack for ferreting out things I should not be finding.

The book had black and white pictures of naked women who I knew were white.

I was 12 and I was hooked.

Until a much older age , the only naked women I had seen were all white women.

None in real life. All in magazines or on the wonderful splendor that is the television.

I don't think I am alone here. I think a lot of the men of my generation thought that all naked women are white. Porn achieved what KKK could not. It had made us sexual racists.

We want sex. White women equal sex and they want us. Brilliant deduction.

Me? I wasn't very particular I am afraid. Give me a break. I studied in a boys only school for heavens sake. On released, I was out of control. But that was a long time ago.

Now I am married, which is to say that being faithful is not a requirement but a necessity if I want to keep all my appendages. However insignificant they might seem to others.

In a previous article Angela Carson inquired, ‘why on earth do Indian men try to cheat on their wives with her?’

You are white, woman!!!

You are a sexual magnet and want us. We also presume that you have a butterfly tattoo on your lower back and scream 'yes! yes! yes!' whenever we happen to touch you.

In our defense, we would like to plead that we have been completely brain washed by the western porn industry. We are not guilty. Merely mislead.

And its all your fault.

Welcome to the next best thing after the Great Indian Rope Trick, the Great Indian Turning The Table Trick.

You point one finger at us and we will show you that there are 4 pointing right back at you. Technically only 3 since the thumb will be pointing at your feet, which is still you. So 4 it is.

Every sexual deviation that you witness in India? Well how can you point that out when it happens in your own country. In fact you exported it to us.

We were peaceful, celibate, holy cow worshipers before you came with your tattoos and screams. Just ignore the Kamasutra and the Khajuraho temples. There are no naked Indian girls. Its a myth. They don't exist. If they do then they too are victims of western propaganda.

You are not going to win this.

Its all your fault. You are eroding our carefully preserved corpse we call our culture. For the cultural police out there, I mean corpse in a good way. A corpse is the fodder upon which new life is regenerated.

So we are good? Great.

I too, I must confess, have spend afternoons on Kovalam’s beaches, hiding behind dark sunglasses, pretending not to stare at the half naked madamas (that is a mallu way of addressing a white woman, not to be confused with madam ass, which is plain rude). The only probable reason I did not act on my adolescent lust was perhaps by inborn cowardice, which I fondly refer to as shyness.

I am glad actually. It would have shattered my dreams if one of them had actually come and spoken to me. I would have seen them as human beings rather than just objects. God forbid. We wouldn't want that would we? Who would fulfill our nocturnal fantasies? The parachute clad mallu girls? No way. They are for marriage. Where sex comes to die.

Truth is as men, we are not very discriminating when it comes to sex. Let us just say white women hold a special place in our porn filled heads.

So to answer Angela, who I believe deserves an answer - its not them. Its you.

By now you must know that you can't blame an Indian. You just can't. We are redeemed from all possible sins forever because we were ruled by white people. Yeah, I know. British, America, Europe. We are very liberal in our generalizations.

Make no mistake, I do not speak for every single Indian men out there. I am sure in the land that produced a Gandhi, mutants have to be always accounted for. I am sure there are among us people who are unbiased in their sexual preference, perhaps even patriotic. I salute them.

I, however, do not claim to be one of them.

I am a regular man. With not a trace of that phenomenon called metro sexuality. I like women. Period.

But when you are married to a 5 foot tall dynamite with the temper of a banshee and the speed of lightening, one tends to walk within a defined line. Yep. Call me a coward. I don't care. I like keeping whatever I came with when I leave.

That said, I wonder if I would if I could. I guess in my case its a combination of laziness and contentment. And not wanting to let down a person who trusts you implicitly. Its helps that I am as ugly as sin so temptation is not something I face. Then there is this superstitious belief that I cannot expect what I myself cannot give.

This brings me to my next question.

Is faithfulness voluntarily given, or a contractual requirement in a relationship? What is it that prevents us from tasting the forbidden fruit ? Fear? Love ? Lack of opportunity? Laws?

From experience I have always taken words and moral statements with a pinch of salt, mainly because I have seen that what we theorize and what we actually do when confronted with the situation can be very educating.

Only to us. 


  • saurabh
    04.03.13 10:19 AM
    wovv wovv wovvv...dude this blog is converting in a interesting ...3 year old (that story was really awesome lolololol hehehe the best pj i ever listened in my life ) ....and every one whatever indian women or foreign women both are safe in india ...and by the way safety does not depend on nation or state or region .....
  • feluda
    03.03.13 03:10 PM
    from what ive read, foreign women in india are less likely to be harassed than indian women, or at least not physically molested in public places like trains etc.
  • aureliuta
    02.03.13 07:28 PM
    @tys: i feel that i was a bit too harsh. in my defense, when i wrote you i was overwhelmed by all this negative information. i ended up expressing all this outrage here strangely because i liked your post, your voice and since your writing was so personal i actually liked you.

    i still disagree with the idea that a troubled history is an excuse. (for both your people and mine). shit happens, what you do is get over it and grow. that is what makes a strong person, and a strong nation (with nations it being much harder, of course).

    i assure you my smiles have returned and you get a big one, from one ear to the other. the fact that spring just came to my city is also a big help. one cannot help but smile in the first days of spring (temperate climate philosophy)

    one more point: please don't avoid the responsibility of your written word. i dislike blogs and this abundance of opinions from every tom dick and harry about what they had for lunch, but i read yours and even commented on it. and i am half way across the world.

    that being said, i will not impose more on your time. please know that your answer helped me get back to my usual open minded, relaxed and not easily disturbed state and that i am again looking forward to going to india. i will also read more of your articles (without commenting, i promise)
  • Tys
    02.03.13 11:04 AM
    And smile...don't deny anyone that...don't let the few take that away from are right, it's not your problem, it's the problem of the likes of me who cannot see beyond the limitations set by the dust we call past, history and the way we chose to interpret reason why you should change to accommodate that kind of stupidity...thankfully I feel, there's not many like us...Chandigarh is a lovely will love it...
  • Tys
    02.03.13 10:29 AM
    @aureliuta: iam sure you will have a great time in india...ignore the media and people like me, just enjoy the experience and be yourself....the place is as safe or unsafe as any other places in the will find arseholes everywhere but the majority of any population are nice people getting on with their lives...I guess thats why any aberration is considered a news...don't go for a journey with fear...based on what you hear and read ( lest of all ramblings are hardly worth the trouble) .... Come loaded with a sense of humour , curiosity and patience...You will be fine...
  • aureliuta
    02.03.13 03:28 AM

    i think this is the first time ever that i comment on anything on the net, but i find myself outraged. (not only by the main point but also by the 3year old/ drug addict gangster story which borders on the ridiculous)

    i must admit i liked the initial article, despite its obvious relaxed view on an evident form of racism. tysonice, you are funny and you write well. i get the mechanism behind this attraction to white skin but the fact that we understand it doesn't make it justified.

    it is not my fault. i am actually romanian. yes, i am fair skinned and blue eyed, but my nation hasn't oppressed anyone nor fed them pornography, yet apparently i am at risk of being stereotyped. i also don't believe it's any individual's fault no matter the nationality. (i just gave u mine as an example) i don't want to deny or ignore the damage that was done to your culture, but still, you have a highly literate, obviously educated very indulgent view of what you yourself call sexual racism.

    i will be leaving for chandigarh this month for a 3 months stay and instead of being high in the clouds with excitement, i am bombarded by my friends and family with information about all the assaults on women occurring in india.

    apparently my light complexion will instantly place me in the whore, assault worthy category. and that is not my fault, it's yours. it's your narrow mindedness, lack of information and most of all lack of respect for another human being, no matter the skin color.

    the point is not that i am afraid i will be assaulted in india, but of having to alter my behavior to avoid it, of not making eye contact or not smiling at people, of making less friends than i had planned (or none?). and that is sad, both for me and those people i will not be smiling at.

    before this article i only read online newspapers and i was about to turn off my computer pissed off at the media and their overreacting. you validated them. and you explained it!!!!!

    p.s. don't think i didn't get your irony. i did. it's not enough.
  • tys
    06.02.13 02:01 PM
    damn, man...the comment section is turning out to be more interesting than anything i ever wrote...

    i am humbled...and of course jealous of that 3 year old kid...i had Lakshmi ammommma as my neighbour , who was 86 year old and, as was the fashion in those days , used to be naked waist up.....i am just surprised i turned out normal... but this 3 year old boy, man! now that is what is called good karma...

    the only time i walked in on women bathing was when i was 13... at the female bathing ghat at our temple.. ( i still maintain my innocence... i was investigating the whereabouts of my runaway thorthu and that explained my apparent lack of clothes)...i didnt see anything becoz i was too busy deflecting blows...
  • Rajpriya
    06.02.13 01:52 PM

    "@Rajpriya: hi! Why, why, why do you let yourself get all worked up? If it talks like a troll, walks like a troll, looks like a troll…"

    You often find yourself butting in and stalking me to defend a fellow citizen.
    You are being a troll yourself. Sure a even a small Indian boy would get worked up seeing a white woman lying naked that ruined his life.

    Please stop stepping on my toes when its none of your business and stop getting worked up your self.

    Write your comment about Anja's story and let me have my freedom to defend my fellow Indians.
  • Rajpriya
    06.02.13 01:41 PM
    @ Anja,

    I feel really very sorry for you. You seem to suffer from some prenatal depression. Those Indians in front of the American embassies are for economic reasons added may be white lust. I was born in India but don’t live there. It does not matter where I live I am Indian by birth. You are one of very few people who have assessed my character as bad. It is not my intention here to impress you with any thing that would speak well of my character and I don’t think it is important nor could I ever convince you based on your experience and generalization of Indians.

    How good is your knowledge of human behavior? To me a woman who breaks up into tears when criticized is a hypersensitive crybaby. Sure the guy with sunglasses with his top shirt buttons opened up is guaranteed a show off type? When it comes to judging other people we often do that in a matter of seconds without enough reason and place a stamp on them due to our inability to look into their inner soul.

    We see the outer appearance, the way someone is dressed, his facial features, or expressions, perceive their posture or voice to allow us a first impression. Actually all these features can not help decipher the complex nature of the human character but there are enough people who dare this feat without much hesitation. They simply trust their knowledge of human nature or what they believe they know.

    We are very critical namely in judging others but we are too negligent when it comes to judging ourselves. We automatically overestimate almost always in our ability to be able to asses other people, say psychologists. Some people believe themselves to be good physiognomists. We interpret appearances because it is the easiest way when we have a need to predict how a person will react to understand his behaviour. I think it is an evolutionary need to detect whether you can trust someone.

    A true physiognomist distinguishes an assessment not only as a result but he is empathetic, so he can feel the inside of others, and in fact he goes a step further and asks questions - and is ready to challenge his first, intuitive impression. All others do that reluctantly by default. Do we know our own personality? What are the blind spots in our self-views and why do they exist? Are some people more accurate in their self-descriptions than others? How can we improve our self-insight and should we? Who am I? Will I remain forever so? Scientists try to decode the outlines of the human character and its influence on our lives.

    People tend to shut others down in the belief that the world would be safer and more manageable for them. It's very hard to move someone to judge a person in a new perspective. If we did would have the fear to admit, Yes, I have made a mistake. Instead, we see only the things that fit into our image and our expectations. In psychology these is known as errors of judgement.

    You need to see a psychiatrist to change your attitude towards others. I live among Americans on my left, on my right, behind me and oppsite me in the German village who work for the Nato base closeby. Many of them are great friends of my family and me. No one has ever descibed me the way you have. It really does not bother. I would only put on a cap if it suits me.

    I am not all angry with you. I am only trying to establish the truth in your long and strange story. You faill too see your own anger in calling me names. I have so far refrained from and will in future.
  • Anja
    06.02.13 01:33 PM
    Sunu was not just on Meth. He was drinking steadily for 3 days as well. He has Diabetes and was not taking his meds for Diabetes. He is in poor health. He doesn't take care of himself since he is an addict. Sunu arrived falling down drunk. I gave him enough alcohol to cause him to black out and pass out. Problem solved. Duh! Push him over the edge. Dink! You will sleep now!

    The alcohol overpowered the Meth.

    The other men did not participate in my attack. I yelled at them I will pay you 3 times what he is paying you to NOT put me in the car. The men were torn. What to do? What to do? They did not attack me as they considered my offer. That delay in their actions meant I only had to deal with Sunu alone. The others stood to the side as they tried to decide who they wanted to pay them.

    In the end Sunu regained control over me and his men. I did not have access to a phone, the balcony, the door or any way to get out. I was held for 9 hours. When I went to the bathroom a man went with me to make sure I did not go out a window in the bedroom or bathroom.

    My husband had a huge argument with Sunu and Sunu's mother in Toronto after it was over.

    Sunu returned to Bangalore. The police came for him. He said, "I need to put my kids to bed. Can I come tomorrow?" The police said OK. He hired a new car and driver. He drove back to Chennai and tried to take me a second time. That time my in-laws told the guards if he gets in again we will take your head. No one gets in. He went to Auntie Margret's compound at Mount Saint Thomas to look for me. She would not let him in.

    Sunu returned to Bangalore to face the music of prison time. My in-laws cut contact with him. I don't know what happened to him after that. He was to stand trial.

    He was a frightening man. He was acting strange out of his desperation to not go to prison. He had this idea that an American with an American passport would trigger an "International Incident" and keep him out of prison. I explained that is not how it works. He did not believe me. He was falling down drunk and high on Meth so it made sense to him. Plus, the family told me he never was very smart to begin with. So, the dumb one became a life long drug addict and alcoholic.

    He kept saying to me, "Help me. I am Diabetic." Like I care? You are going to kill me just as soon as you are done with me. Noooo. Like a typical addict he was a user, manipulative, liar, abusive, violent, scary and stone cold.

    Sorry these are long. I'm texting 3 people at once, watching TV and writing this at the same time. I lose my train of thought switching back and forth. I have to start over.
  • Anja
    06.02.13 01:10 PM
    It was not my country. It was not my culture. It was NOT MY KID! I was not going to discipline a child that was not mine! I was not in my own country. You don't step on the toes of people when it is not your own country. The rules are different. You can say what you like sitting in the US in regards to a US neighbor. Go live overseas and see if you change your tune!

    I was told in no uncertain terms by my neighbors - shut up! Mind you own business. Leave well enough alone. I was told to not interfere. What would you do if you were told in a growling fashion to shut up, sit down and mind your own business? Tell me oh wise one.

    I took the boy to his mother. I explained the situation to her. She is his parent. I allowed her to deal with the situation how she saw fit. He was her child. It is HER responsibility to keep track or her kid is it not? What is her kid doing roaming about in MY HOUSE? Why did she NOT know where her kid was? Put the responsibility where it belongs. The mother screwed up.

    Every parent needs to keep track of their own children. Oh, that's right. Indians are perfect. Blame the big bad foreigners. Same song. Different day.
  • Keri
    06.02.13 12:26 PM
    @Rajpriya: hi! Why, why, why do you let yourself get all worked up? If it talks like a troll, walks like a troll, looks like a troll...

    @Ajna: As a fellow American, I must say that your stories sound, well, fantastical. When you spoke about the boy in your first post, it seemed as if you were talking about a 13 yo boy coming into his sexual awareness, not a 3 yo baby. And why would you allow that happen more than once? At 3, he was old enough to know about privacy and respecting boundaries. You said that kids that age don't understand about personal space. They may not but that's why, as an adult, it's your role to teach them, and the fact that you never said you did makes your story suspect. Your indicated he came more than once and you just laughed as if there was nothing wrong with it. Story just doesn't make sense or else you are a bit weird.

    Also your story about Sunu and his friends seems weird too. He's drunk and high, been awake for 3 days and your rum and coke puts him out? If he was awake for 3 days on drugs, it means he was on some sort of "upper". People on those drug binges are usually more violent and display more strength beyond normal. Even with all your self defense tactics, I seriously doubt that you would be able to beat him back and overcome him. There was a recent story of a policewoman in New York City who encountered a criminal high on meth. He was able to pick her up and drop kick both her and her female partner. He ended up beating her so bad, she will probably never be able to work again. They were trying to hit him with their batons (the area was too small to risk trying to shoot him, they were afraid of ricochet) but he over came both of them. If Sunu was as high as you say, and I'm sure his friends were too, I don't see how you came
    through with no issues.

    I'm having a really hard time believing your stories too but, please, it's not necessary to write another essay to "explain" what you've already written.
  • Anja
    06.02.13 12:12 PM
    My marriage was not a sham marriage. I loved my husband very much. However, when he began to get violent and beat me I left him. He acted like a typical Indian male. He felt it was OK to beat as I was his chattel. I said this not OK and divorced him.

    Our marriage was a love match. No money exchanged hands. I did get him a green card only because I was tired of his yearly work permit. He never asked for a green card. It was my idea.

    The thing about Indians is that you all refuse to believe anything bad about your culture. You are blind. You think your country and culture is all wine and roses when it is not. I try to show you - wake up! Smell the coffee or the feral dog shit in the street that you must step over. There are problems. Acknowledge them. Deal with them. Stop acting like everything is fa la la la and fine. It is not fine.

    If things are SO GREAT why does the US Embassy in Mumbai have the longest line in the world to obtain a Visa to come to the US? People stand in line for 4 days. If your country is sooooo fabulous why do those people wish to leave? Why? Tell me.

    The day no Indians wish to leave India you can tell me your country is fabulous. Until then? You don't have a leg to stand on. Your country is terrible. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

    What do you do? You attack me for speaking the truth. You can NOT bear someone to speak against your country or culture so you attack, attack, attack like a bunch of Bengal tigers. Yeah, lot to be proud of. You all act like a wild animals how you rip apart an outsider. Makes your country, your people and your culture look oh so attractive to investors, tourists and big business. Bravo! Good show! way to go to promote your country and culture on the world stage and this is why you will always be third rate.

    You will never dig your way out of the third world. That is why you are so bitter and angry.
  • Rajpriya
    06.02.13 11:35 AM

    I think doors are there and meant to be closed. You sleep in your own home but leave the doors open. You call it some kind of logic? But when Sunu and his men came they had to pound on the thick door for a long time. I cannot change my third world habits. You admit having entered a sham marriage to give not only that guy but his entiire family Green Cards. That kind first world logic I would never understand.

    You really have got away with out punishment from one offence to another. If that’s the quality of the first world people I do not want know about it.

    “If someone enters your home and catches you unawares is that your fault? Apparently your lack of logic says it is. If someone enters your home and sees your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin in the bath naked is that HER FAULT or the fault of the person breaking in?”

    In your kind of English you don’t seem to understand the difference between “Breaking in” and leaving the doors open for some to “Walk in”. In my house they have to break into a number of doors before they come into the bath that’s upstairs. Do you think I will be out flying a kite until some one gets through all the doors to the bath?

    So…you drugged him in the rum and coke you made him. He passed out and you got away. That was at the end of the day though. The whole thing lasted 9 hours.

    You were in possession of drugs kept them at your home. What about the little boy was he drugged too?

    Something tells me you had sexual relationship with this kid. I am finding it really hard to believe anything different.
    The only way you could prove your innocence is to provide his identity so we could check it out.

    I suppose you are constantly under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both. No surprise you knew Sunu who was addicted to drugs. Phew! Aren’t you are revealing too much that its high time the law caught up with you.

    The private folders in your Laptop might bring multi Crore of INRs. Bollywood is starved of such stories and nosy Julian Assange of Wikileaks might have one effing desire hacking into the secrecy of your folders. In many ways you could end up a real winner after all what you had to go through.

    In your imagination I am defensive, a third world guy, don’t understand English and have a chip on my shoulder with no logic and should not see your behavior as slutty. Given all that is the absolute truth, try as hard as you may. I don’t intend to insult you even though you provoke me to the limits. Had your husband gone fishing when the boy or Sunu walked in?

    Why are you spending so much of time adding long stories to defend your behavior? What’s the first world logic behind defending your innocence? How is it that the Indian media let you escape their prowling eyes? I think I should wake up their interest.

    You posses criminal tendencies you need to be kept behind locked doors.
  • Anja
    06.02.13 09:43 AM
    Silent = Do not speak. Use a dictionary or do you not speak English? works well.

    Did I use the word gangster? No. That is your word. I used the words "Drug Addict" and "Alcoholic" to describe Sunu. Apparently you can neither read nor comprehend English. No wonder you remain a third world nation. Your reading comprehension skills are lacking.

    As to the little boy - How many times do I need to say it? I was told he was ruined by my Indian, Bollywood friend, Padam. He was the one who told me after I asked him, am I in trouble?

    Do I show myself on purpose? No. I was sleeping inside my own home.

    If someone enters your home and catches you unawares is that your fault? Apparently your lack of logic says it is. If someone enters your home and sees your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin in the bath naked is that HER FAULT or the fault of the person breaking in?

    Indians have no logic! Honestly, you get so defensive you can NOT see you are like little children reflexively acting defensive and having NO LOGIC. You are laughable. Always with the chip on your shoulder. Always the same.
  • Rajpriya
    06.02.13 09:10 AM

    You are onde very Angry American woman. You generalize the entire India with your experience with one Indian man and his family.

    My cousin a South Indian is married to Linda an Californian American woman for more than three decades and lives in Chennai to this date.

    You fought off an Indian gangster but not the South Indian you married to let stay in the US or his sisters.

    Such marriages are better known as "SHAM" marriages in the UK where British women make money.

    Do you think whole of India should show gratitude for your generosity? You MUST be either joking or kidding.

    Stop spreading hate against all India and Indians. The fastest horse can not overtake those words spoken in Anger.

    Just cool off. Don't waste much of your time. India has heard enough of you all right.
  • Rajpriya
    06.02.13 08:40 AM
    What do you really want prove to the NRI's and Indians? Is it the naked Truth about the next door boy being led into a hate for Indian women or your Kung Fu capabilities to keep a gangster much bigger in size away for several hours from raping you or kidnapping you? Has your bottom now healed after all the pinching in India?

    Sometimes I watch WWE where smaller guys lift and throw much bigger guys. That's all pure entertainment like yours.

    Flat words and flattering mines rarely mingle with decent character. With the right tone you can say anything but with the wrong tone nothing at all. Not many are talented or gifted with the art to find the right tone.
  • Rajpriya
    06.02.13 08:05 AM

    You are a white female, blonde, gre-eyed mixture of Scandinavian descent and British, Irish, Scottish, Swiss, German, Norman French descent. You married a six foot tall South Indian you met in Southern California. You threaten to hit your hubby with the dosa pan. He is now your ex? What happened? You may need one with a long handle.

    Black lust meets white lust. Proves opposite poles attract. You have enough reasons why you won’t marry a white. Now this story about the little Indian boy is getting really hotter and longer. He was so close he was breathing into your ears. Your original version said that he would stand there silently and won’t wake you.

    Now you give it this small twist saying he was so close his breathing would wake you.
    The removed padlock, your sis-in-law away at work, you were left by your self, the servant not being allowed a key to enter and the boy would open the solid teak door and sneak in through being him aware of everything don’t add up your cute story to prove anything innocent was going on.

    We have heard most American women get drunk and have hangovers and to get over the hangover they need the daily dose. Now you say at three years that boy has been sexually aroused (abused) to that extent, not to ever want an Indian woman and would come all the way to California looking for white blondes. At three years you say he would make that decision. I‘m certain you led him to that decision. You should be sued for child molestation.

    Then you seem to have shown him enough of your naked body and all the vital spots to create that irresistible white lust he will now want only want white blondes. The little boy knew his way into your bedroom.

    Why only a white blonde? This proves the author of this post “TYS” is a genius. He is one Helluva! Guy. He never fears to expose the dangers Indian men and little boys face from white lust.

    You relate a story and then go on adding one new twist after another in Bollywood style. This happens to most foreigners who come to India. Bollywood has changed the world to a far greater extent than Hollywood. Yet, Bollywood is denied the first Oscar. This is a gross racist discrimination of India and Bollywood. An American love for India is only skin deep.

    Indians are unique in trend setting that all foreigners come to India to enjoy the Bollywood feeling at first hand. How you missed enjoying a gang rape is a mystery to me. You sure need a lot of respect while you go about thinking no one else needs.

    It is good to hear things I never knew about Indian houses. Three feet Indian house walls? Slightly smaller than my 42” TV I have, mama mia! Looks like you lived in a fortress.

    You made the headlines in India with a gangster? I leave you right here and give others a chance to their opinion on your Spinner that is getting longer by the hour.
  • Anja
    06.02.13 06:54 AM
    Because I successfully fought off Sunu due to I knew self-defense and Sunu had been awake for 3 days drunk and high so he was weak the group sat down and held me hostage for 9 hours.

    I drugged Sunu to make him pass out. I offered him a drink. He wanted alcohol. He accepted. I drugged him and made him pass out. Desperate for desperate measures. All I could think about was, I want to go home to America and see my mom again! I don't want to die here! I have to live!

    Sunu kept punching me and trying to knock me out. I know boxing so I evaded him. He was not good because he was high and drunk. Had he been sober I would not have been so lucky. He is much larger than me, weighs a lot more, has a longer reach than me. I would lose.

    Sunu kept picking me up from behind so my feet were off the ground and carrying me to the door. I head butted him, scratched him from shoulder to wrist and kicked him in the knees. He would drop me saying, ow. I would spin around to punch and kick him. He would spin me around to grab me from the back again, pick me up and we started again. When we got to the door I put my arms and legs out on the doorway like cat and refused to leave the house. They pushed on me. I screamed for the guard, but none came. I screamed for the neighbors or their servant girls. No one came. I screamed my bloody head off. No one came. I was very angry with the guards afterwards. I tore after them for allowing Sunu and his men into the building.

    The compound has a private road leading to a private compound. That is why I was so angry. One road in past the guard and they got in. 20 foot tall walls around the exterior of the compound, 3 foot thick compound walls with glass embedded at the top of the wall. Typical compound.

    3 apartment buildings.
    7 stories tall
    my building was 4 apartments per floor
    1 playground for the kids
    grassy area for walking
    car park
    shipping company downstairs - shipping overseas

    1 guard at the start of the long road.

    5 guards patrolling the grounds of the compound.

    1 elevator guard.

    1 - 2 lobby guards.

    Servants on every floor.

    The wallas came around and the guards allowed them up as they were known to the guards, but unknown people had to show ID, say who they were there to see, check with the resident like a doorman or security, etc. That did not happen in my case. Instead I ended up with a home invasion.

    Purpose of home invasion: Kidnap me, take me to Bangalore, present me to the local police as an "American relative" and threaten an "international incident" if all charges are not dropped. I told Sunu, that will never work. He said, it will work. I know it will work. You are my ticket out of going to prison. I need you and your passport to come with me.

    The only catch is that he was going to kill me when he was done which is why I said I was not going.

    Sunu is a distant cousin to my then husband. That is how Sunu knew I was American and what address he could locate me at. He knew I was in India. He heard it through the family. Sunu is the family black sheep due to his Meth Addiction, Cocaine Addiction and Alcoholism. He is a mess. Addicts do crazy things. Addicts are unpredictable and scary. Most likely he is dead by now. He was a Diabetic, not taking care of himself, staying drunk and high for 3-4 days at a time, not eating, not sleeping and acting like a typical addict. I can't imagine he lived long.

    The men got past all of these guard layers in place to keep residents safe. This is why I was so bloody angry! There is something very fishy that they got past all of these men and no one came when I screamed and no one came during the time I was held hostage all day long for 9 hours. I think he did the typical thing. I think he paid them off to look the other way.

    Sunu decided since he could not get me into the car by force he would sit down and wait me out. He tried to talk me into the car. He tried to convince me to go on a safari with him, come see the sights, etc. He to her. Maybe she will come? I said no. Things turned ugly again. So...I drugged him in the rum and coke I made him. He passed out and I got away. That was at the end of the day though. The whole thing lasted 9 hours.

    I did not press charges because family called me from all over the world telling me, DO NOT send him to prison on additional charges. I received pressure from the family. I let it drop. When it is family? What can you do? I was one person against a huge tribe of people all around the world pressing me to shut up. I shut up. I was afraid of that rich, powerful family. They were in Europe, Australia, Canada, the US, throughout Asia, Africa and the threats were intimidating. I was by myself and not in my own country. I was in a country where women have NO RIGHTS and a foreign woman has even less rights. I shut up.
  • Anja
    06.02.13 05:37 AM
    I would wake up because I heard the little boy breathing. He was congested with a cold. I would hear him wheezing from the congestion. The noise of him breathing beside me would cause me to wake up. Had he not been wheezing in my ear I would have continued to sleep. Yes, the sheet did slip off,. I woke up, looked around, Looked at him and realized, oh, no! He is in my bedroom again!

    It was 120 degrees F with such high humidity that when I washed clothes and hung them to dry in the hot sun they did not dry for 3 days. It was unbearable. This is the South. In the North is it better, In the South is is unbearable.

    Home invasion: guards allowed a group of men past the gate, paste the lobby, past the grounds patrols and past the elevator man. Some were off sleeping and some were paid off.

    The group came early in the morning. They watched to see when I was alone and everyone left the house. My sister-in-law said later, I drove past them and thought I recognized them. The ring leader was wanted for murder in a neighboring state. His plan was to take me, an American (sort of relative) and use me as a shield to avoid an arrest and prison stint. He is a drug addict and alcoholic so it made sense to him at the time. Drug addicts who do drugs, never sleep and spend their time in a drug induced haze don't really make any sense. Go ask Sunu.

    I woke due to the pounding that would not stop at the outer door. I wrapped my sheet around me and stumbled out to the living room thinking it was the servant, i was very angry thinking why is she making so much noise? What is her problem? She was not in the house. I thought...maybe the door is locked? I unlocked the inner door to the servants hallway. She was not there and not in the kitchen. How odd.

    I had been out the night before drinking with friends. i was hung over and only slept for 2 hours. I was not awake. I was hung over and hazy. I made the worst mistake ever. The outer door did not have a peephole. The pounding continued. It matched the pounding in my hung over head. I stumbled to the door, opened it a crack and saw a group of men I did not know. One man smiled at me with a crockadile smile. I knew Sunu was wanted for murder. Auntie Margaret had called to warn me. I thought, uh, oh. This is Sunu.

    The door flew open. I was thrown against the wall. The men burst in and took over the living room., I ran.. Sunu caught me., I told one man to search my room for my passport. The man began to toss my room looking for my passport.

    Sunu and I struggled. Sunu told another man go turn on the car and put her in the car. Let's go. I then had a struggle with Sunu to not leave the house.

    Sunu's son at one point in time explained to me, "If my dad takes you to Bangalore he will take you to the jungle, kill you and leave you for the tigers to eat after he uses you to stay out of jail. You can not go to Bangalore."

    Location of incident: Chesni Nilgari, Egmore, Chennai.

    Sunu was from Bangalore.

    No, my ex-husband did not use the dosa pan on me., He hunted me, my family, my friends my divorce attorney, my boss, anyone who knew me or associated with me to murder us because he lost "face" when I filed for divorce. I had to live and work under assumed names. I changed my name every year. I moved every year. I changed jobs every year. My parents moved out of the state. He had a friend of his who is an Indian cop looking for me. Do you know how hard it is to hide from the cops? I had to erase my real identity, name and social security number. I can use my name, ID and social security now that he has been killed. He had bad Karma. He got what he deserved. He was killed in a gruesome way. I do not feel bad for him at all. He terrorized my attorney, my parents, my siblings, my boss, my friends, family friends and everyone associated with me. He found my home once. I had to move quickly for fear he would kill me and the people I was living with.

    Indians are no joke. Especially when they are armed and have a license to conceal and carry a gun in America. Indians are hot tempered and hold a grudge to their grave.

    Despite a restraining order in place to protect me, my attorney and the staff at my attorney's office my now ex-husband called my attorney 5 times a day and threatened to kill the law firm partners, the associate lawyers, the paralegals, the legal secretaries, the receptionist and everyone in that office for representing me and to kill me. Since he was armed this was a legit threat. I was escorted in and out of court by an armed Sheriff Deputy so I could not be shot in the parking lot or on the courthouse steps by my ex. My ex indicated he intended to shoot me, run to LAX Airport and fly home to India where there is no extradition treaty with the US. He always talked about, "You caused me to lose face. You must die so I can regain my face." His death was no lose to me. If anything I felt a wave of relief wash over me when I was informed he was dead. It was finally over. I could live out in the open and not have to hide anymore.

    Even when I signed the immigration paperwork to allow him to stay in the US and did NOT send him back to India. I was nice enough to tell immigration our marriage was real and not sham. I could have said, "Our marriage was a sham. He paid me to marry him. Send him back." I could have easily gotten rid of him that way had I chosen to. I chose to be kind and allow him to stay. I knew his sisters were here and depending on him. I wanted to allow the family to stay. Even though his sister abused me physically. They hated me because I am white. They felt he betrayed their culture by marrying me. They felt he said, "You are ugly." by marrying me so they resented me., He never protected me from his sisters. I allowed them all to stay. He repaid me by hunting me and attempting to kill me. No good deed goes unpunished! Try to be nice to someone and they turn around and bite you! Indians have NO gratitude! I learned this when I lived in India and from the Indian community in the US, in India, in Canada, in the UK and in Australia. No gratitude at all. You all feel people owe you. Why? I have no idea. Get over yourself. The world doesn't owe you anything just as the world does not owe me anything either. We are all equal. Stop having a chip on your shoulder. It makes you insufferable.

    As for the comment about ruining the boy next door - my friend Padam is the one who told me that. I asked him if I was going to be in trouble for what happened. He laughed. He then said, you ruined him. He had stories to tell me about how Indian boys are shaped by what they see and experience. Since Padam is a filmmaker in Bollywood I took him at his word. After all....he grew up to work in film the most powerful storytelling medium of all???? He had his own stories of fantasies of white women that made me laugh. Padam was cool. I stayed with him when Auntie Zilla and I got into an argument. However, Padam thought it was funny when I arrived in Juhu Beach mad as a wet hen from all the eve teasing I went through in the Mumbai train station. I was black and blue from being pinched so much. That eve teasing you all do in India? Not cool! Rude, disrespectful, poor manners, nasty, disgusting and how would you like it if I pinched your balls in a very Sadistic manner? I doubt few of you would care for it! Why do Indian men THINK a female likes eve teasing? Would you want your daughter, wife, sister, cousin, auntie, grandma or any female relative or girlfriend to be subject to eve teasing? That female you grab, pinch, maul, grope, feel up and disrespect is related to someone. Show respect.
    05.02.13 11:15 PM
    @ Anja

    The first sentence that came in to my head was, What a lucky ba*tard, :) until you said he was three. I also made the same mistake when I read your post.

    LOL, Did your husband use the Dosa pan on you in reverse for your antics.
  • JS
    05.02.13 10:45 PM
    Anja, for pity's sake, calm down before you accuse someone of being 'filthy' and 'a sick puppy'. Your original post made no reference to the boy's age.
  • Rajpriya
    05.02.13 10:36 PM
    The three-year old boy would you find you sleeping in the nude. He would not wake you. He would silently watch you sleep. You would rollover and the sheet would slip off. He would just stand there and silently watch you.

    You were aware of every detail that boy did? Are you always wide-awake when you sleep? My opinion is you were pretending to sleep and watching his reactions. Did that give you some kind of a kick?

    You did not make any attempt to cover yourself? Tell us more of such stories. Looks like a chapter from the 50 shades of gray?

    Were you dressed when the home invasion took place? I am surprised you were not raped. When you walk up to the door are you still naked?

    I was born, grew up, continue to live in the gutter, and enjoy every minute of it. If you read this story using the link below you would learn the rascals start oral sex as early as five and soon they might start even as soon as they are born?
  • tys
    05.02.13 09:36 PM
    @ anja : yep. hes ruined for life now. but he will have great memories of a great childhood :)

    on a serious note, what was that about a home invasion and you fighting for your life? defense for rajpriya, untill you mentioned that the kid was 3 , i was playing in my head a scene out of shakeela chechi movies...i was thinking what a way to be ruined.. :)
  • Anja
    05.02.13 08:01 PM
    Rajpriya - Obviously you have never been to India or you would not say such stupid things. First of all how can a 3 year old child have sex with me? How is this even possible? Explain that to me. How does your filthy mind work? I can no imagine it, but apparently you can. You thought of it. I did not. Get your mind out of the gutter. You are a sick puppy.

    The way homes are constructed is that a big padlock is placed on the outside of the door when the people are away to lock up the house. When they return home they remove the padlock and take it inside the home. In this way you can tell who is home and who is gone simply by looking for the lock. It is very easy to see who is away and who is at home. He knew I was at home.

    He also knew my sister-in-law left the home every morning to go to work and I was left at home by myself. The servant came later, but she was not allowed a key because no one trusted her and her her sticky fingers. She stole too much. The door was left unlocked for the servant to enter the house. She could come in and not wake me.

    The homes have walls made of solid cement. The walls are 2-3 feet thick. Sound does not travel due to the cement. You can scream and the sound does not travel. I found this out when I screamed for the guards when I had a home invasion and was fighting for my life in my living room. No one heard me.

    The neighbor boy would knock at the outer door, the servants door. I never woke. There were 2 front doors. The servant door that lead to the kitchen for the cook and maid. The second door behind that which lead the living room. The doors were thick and solid teak. People had pound REALLY HARD to be heard. There was no doorbell. I often did not hear people and they stood out there for an hour. Finally they called me and told me to open the door.

    The house was 5,000 square feet. If I was sleeping in a back bedroom I never heard the door. I never heard an adult pounding on the door. I certainly never heard a small 3 year child softly knocking. So, he would just open the door, walk in and wander around looking for me. I was his playmate. He knew if he found me I would come outside and play with him. I would stop what I was doing and play ball, cars or whatever game he wanted to play. As far as he was concerned I was just a large playmate. I spoke with a funny accent. His mother told me he was imitating my American accent and speaking like me. He thought I sounded strange.

    I taught him the word "tomorrow" and he walked around for two weeks saying the word over and over again with my accent tickled pink at how funny the word sounded with my American accent. He thought it was the funniest thing. He would ask me to say certain words and then fall down laughing. He never tired of telling me I speak English terribly. His father also told me, "I don't know where you learned English, but, oh, boy! Is your English TERRIBLE" He meant he could not understand my accent.

    I changed my English back to my original accent from when I was a child and the English speakers told me my accent was horrible then too. I went back to my European accent. My neighbor said, "Who taught you English and so quickly?" The neighbor boy then began to immitate my European accent.

    I saw the neighbor boy ever day. If I went missing he came looking for me, his playmate. When I left that side there for another state to handle family business I had to tell him when I was leaving and when I would be back. Even so, he came and asked for me daily. He was too young to understand the concept of time: yesterday, today adn tomorrow like I tried to explain to him. He would open the door and come in, walk around, calling me name and look for me. He was 3. What do you expect. Little kids don't understand a lot about time or personal space.
  • Rajpriya
    05.02.13 06:19 PM
    And you left your front door open for him to find you naked in your bed and you were conscious that he was watching you? If that happened often then I would think you expected him to sxxxw you?
  • Anja
    05.02.13 04:27 PM
    I am a white female, blonde, grey eyes of Scandinavian descent and British, Irish, Scottish, Swiss, German, Norman French descent. I married a South Indian I met in Southern California.

    I told him, IF you EVER cheat on ME? I will split your skull open with my dosa pan. Don't even think about it. He was six feet tall. I am only 5' 4" and weighted 95 pounds at the time. I put the fear of God into him. I was NOT tolerating any nonsense out of him.

    I was attracted to my ex-husband because with his dark skin, thick eyelashes, black, thick hair he was my physical opposite. I found that attractive. Plus, dating a man who is blond seems like I am dating a relative of mine and that is kind of like incest which is disgusting. I can't get that image out of my head that a blond male looks like my uncle or cousin. It grosses me out, so I go for men who are my physical opposite.

    When I lived in India the little boy who lived next door would come into the house to ask me to come play with him. He would find me sleeping in the nude. He would not wake me. He would silently watch me sleep. I roll over and the sheet would slip off. He just stood and silently watched me. A friend told me, you ruined that little boy. Now he will never want an Indian girl. He will want a white, blonde girl when he grows up. He will try to come to California to look for a girl who looks like you. You ruined him. LOL I can't do anything about that!
  • Jules
    23.09.12 10:36 AM
    We're faithful because we love, it's not because of some contract. I never thought of myself as a sex object.. I am a white western woman. But I was never in a magazine scantily clad, either. Though I do have lots of private folders on my laptop that I hope no-one ever sees when I am dead. I really had no idea white women had such an influence on the young mind of the Indian male. Interesting. No wonder I've had so many proposals from eastern men. To be honest, I find Indian women to be of the most beautiful in the world. I don't hold a candle to many of the ones I know.
  • saurabh
    13.09.12 11:58 PM
    general there is not ant difference between girls from different-2 countries but i am agree with you .. i also like white girls and the reason is physical attraction and cuteness ....and opposite attract ...even i don"t want an indian girl in my life ....
  • Soonja
    02.03.12 06:45 AM
    You people are disgusting and racist! I am an Indian woman and i found this extremely offensive. I am tired of people saying white women are more attractive or that Indian women's vaginas smell. It's so racist and misinformed.
  • Rahul Miglani
    Rahul Miglani
    07.02.12 02:36 PM
    Well ,.Nice observation i can say ;)
  • Rajpriya
    14.12.11 11:09 AM
    @A Singh

    My best friend was a Singh and he was from Malaysia. We used to live in the same Students Hostel, MIH on Lambeth Road, South East London. He had stopped wearing a turban sometime before he came to London.

    I asked him why because I thought he would have appeared more handsome wearing one. He said the turban interfered with his liberal socializing habits that corroborated most of your opinion as addressed @Keri.

    In my younger days Sikhs or Punjabis impressed because they looked much smarter with their twirled moustaches and the untrimmed hair all tied up in a knot on the top of their head covered by the turban. They were good warriors I have read in younger days.

    Your description is more or less similar to what my friend used to tell me so often. As you rightly say, in those days you could not openly date an Indian girl, because she would think some imaginary friend or a relation was watching her movements even though she was thousands of miles away in London.

    But today you could see that a topic like “Go fuck yourself” is discussed so openly by women of Indian origin even if they could be so easily identified. This phrase “Go fuck your self” is something more liberally used by women who adopted a western way than an average white woman.

    So that simply justifies an Indian man’s White Lust though he finally finds that rare decent Indian one. I know soon I will be judged the Hero of all white women and be court-martialed for taking my chances for fishing in troubled waters by Indian women. But that’s another matter worth waiting for.

    On the other hand, if I said Aye, Aye Sir or Madam to everything someone said on NRI
    the purpose of forum would be defeated and I don't expect to scratch peoples backs so they would mine.

    I tend to bite on baits (hints) hurled at me and love it. I don’t know where my pal is today but I really don’t know how to find him. If I do he won’t find it too difficult to agree with yours and the reasons for White Lust.

  • A Singh
    A Singh
    14.12.11 03:28 AM
    @ Keri - in answer to your first question, simply put my 'preferring days' are over - I am married! Before you ask, she is Indian, but it was by no means a foregone conclusion. For a long time I was convinced I would marry a non-Indian. I am a turbanned Sikh and many Sikh girls are not interested in marrying one (discussion for another time / forum). Yet non Indian girls would not have an issue with it. Sometimes looking different was an advantage in terms of attracting interest, maybe out of a curiousity for the exotic!

    I never saw white girls as an easier option as I did not have that kind of mindset - and i was never much of a player really:) It was actually a phenomenon that was more prevalent when I was growing up. Imagine in the 80s when Indian communities were much more conservative and traditional. Indian girls could not openly date, and if they did, expectations were that the relationship should quickly progress to a marriage. So you're a young Indian guy that wants to have some fun and enjoy relationships with the opposite sex - but don't want to get married for another 10 years. What do you do? Date a white girl of course!

    These days, it's a much more realistic prospect to indefinitely date an Indian girl, who often is the one that does not want to marry young. Communities are more liberal minded as they have better assimilated into British society. Also parents who have witnessed many failed marriages amongst the younger generation, due to girls and boys pressurised into arranged marriages, have less hang ups about their offspring dating for longer to make sure they are with the right person. The attitude is at least they are marrying within the community / religion.
  • Keri
    09.12.11 11:14 PM
    @ A Singh: Thanks for the clarification on @LoveBrownies post. When I first saw it, I read it correctly, that she was just marrying an Indian guy. But when I realised you hadn't asked her her reasons, I concluded it was b/c you were her fiance and already knew her reasons. Sorry about that.

    I also grew up listening to "black" music, but I've also added other genres of music to my player; I'm a universal person :-}

    You said that you "preferred black girls", past tense. Did something change and you no longer prefer them? It seems to me, from what I've observed, that Punjabi guys are usually the ones more willing to date and even marry Black women than any other Indian cultures (well, in England anyway. The ones in the US might date them but fewer will marry, though they still do it more than others) Any reason for that,in your opinion (I have my opinion, which I can share at another time)? Do you also agree that "dating a white girl will be less hassle, expectations, obligation"?

    Thanks for indulging me.
    09.12.11 10:18 PM
    Hi TYS

    That is a very good question you asked. I'm not an expert in any field but I will give you my take on it. This perception is only based on NRI point of view and it may not apply to other individuals living else where.

    When you are NRI and you see white woman, She is just another woman. We don't treat her diffrently, or compare her to any body else. We just see her as another person on the road. Your most jucy part of the question I have left it last. Does she come dressed with our perceptions of her. I will give my take later on, but I will tell you a story first.

    Vincent Van gogh was born in netherland. He tried variety of careers in his life but did not like what he did , so he decided to become painter and tried his luck in art. In 1888 he moves to Arles and ask one of his friend ( Gauguin ) to do the same, on disagreement with Gauguin, His friend decided to leave Arles. Van gogh chases him with razer blade, and end up cutting his own ear lobe off. In may 1890 he was put in Saint-Remy asylam and two months after that he shot him self.

    Why a story ? So you know who I am talking about, and I will get to the point. Van gogh used to paint lots of landscape and if you look at his work, you will see differece in colours used in one of the painting he did of his garden. The same garden looks more yellow in the later painting because he had JAUNDICE. Jaundice is a illness that turns you yellow and pale and also effects your vision thus yellow painting. This does not mean that his garden was yellow, but he could only see yellow. You see where I am going with this TYS. What you see is not always what it is. Therefor my perception of woman is always diffrent from yours, even they appear simillar but they are not same. That's the moral of the story.

    The other thing that you said is, If you appear Sexist. You and I both are because as men that's part of our DNA which we don't have control over but to act on our instinct is same as acting uncivilised, therefor we don't act on our impluses.

    You and I as men will always be attracted to women, but having gain some wisdom with age, we have developed a taste on kind that we like, and this does not always depend on skin colour but other attributes as well.

    In our mind we will only pick a woman which is a kind of replica of our self and this is based on phychology in our thaught.

    If you look at gay men as example, they also like women but only as friend because we all have our preferences and so it's not always about a white woman.
    This was a reasion I disagreed on not any other.

  • tys
    09.12.11 01:18 PM
    @ Harry : :) ...u r absolutely right...its perhaps the unfamiliarity that breeds this unwanted curiousity ...if constantly exposed to any situation, we get used to it ..maybe even stop seeing it...perhaps look beyond it...

    though i might come across as very sexist, the question upon which i was pondering is how we see a white woman...when we see her, do we just see a woman or does she come dressed with our perceptions of her?

    do we treat her differently? do we compare her ? or do we see her as a fellow human being on the same road?

    forget skin colors or genders or whatever new we discover to further the gaps between us, reinforcing our seperateness, forget all that...when we meet someone, do we meet another or do we meet a version of another concocted by us....are we even capable of it?

    i dont know...sometimes i see no point in pointing it out...
    09.12.11 12:12 AM
    Hi TYS

    I was not going to write any thing on this article, but then I said why not.

    I agree with Vikram on some level. This only applies to non NRI males and juvenile NRI. I will give you my reason later on.

    I have read your other article regarding Indian men being not sexy, which NRI put link above, which I have read long ago.

    I like the style and the format of the write up by you, because you write on the subject matters that mostly applies to men in geleral, and you do back it up with your kind of fact. True or not but I like it, because it agrees with me inside and that's all I need.

    In the case above I will disagree with you, and I know most of the NRI males who are exposed to white women in the early stages of their life will agree with me on this, thus the first comment.

    I am not going to bust your balls, because you write best stuff on NRI website with some honesty, and you do open some cans of worms, that most people are scared off.
    You like walking on thin Ice and you got some balls and that's why I like you. Going back to article......

    Only Non NRI who are not exposed to white women, they are the only lot this applies to in this case. If you asked me and all my friends who are educated and born abroad will disagree with you.

    The most nri men will see things beyond the colour like me. I like mine EXOTIC, lesser you get more you want. You see whrere I am going with this TYS. I like my cherry dark. Simple .

    People like Himesh Reshammiya and SRK in DON using all white dancers have created this bottle neck effect on all non NRI males in India to find this as new thing for them to try in bars. This is where these girls hang out in their free time for entertainment.

    If you look at music videos made by any NRI singers living abroad mainly will use more Desi girls in their videos. This does not mean that they are not attracted to white women. The only difference is NRI are selective in choosing their women and it's not done on skin colour but it's on look and physicality and other factors ( you know which kind).

    THEREFORE YOUR THEORY ONLY APPLIES TO TRADITIONAL INDIAN MALE NOT EXPOSED TO WHITE WOMEN. THAT'S WHY, THEY HAVE THIS ATTITUDE TOWARD ANGELA CARSON AND BRONWYN McBRIDE. They don't need this bullshit, but you can't change people's attitude. To make matter worse it will be those guys in bar who thinks why not after piss up (Drink).

    Sorry TYS some body has to pop your bubble. It might as well as be me, then any body else. There you go mate happy days.

  • Rajpriya
    08.12.11 12:25 PM

    I am learning to accept the type of entertainment you are providing on NRI. Since I am not such an entertainer when it comes describing realities or ways of life in a manner you do, I thought I leave that part to you what you do best. There is some thing that I read about "Black girl White guy"?

    It should be only fair to allow Black or Brown girls to think they are wanted too? After all who does not want to be loved?

    Is it possible you could entertain us on "Black Lust".
  • tys
    08.12.11 01:54 AM
    @vikram : u r rite. Logic is complicated. Too many perspectives. Generalization is easier but not the truth. Only fragments of it, if u bother to sieve thru it. Curse and hope of an entertainer. And, i sir, is an entertainer.
  • Vikram
    07.12.11 09:24 PM
    That was really funny, loved the logic. But only entertainment purposes, does not represent the truth
  • leoPaw
    07.12.11 08:01 PM
    yeas! That was a great post. And I agree on every statement of yours.
  • Amit Yadav
    Amit Yadav
    07.12.11 07:14 PM
  • A Singh
    A Singh
    07.12.11 06:58 PM
    @ LoveBrownies - apologies for missing you out in my interrogation. And thanks for answering the question I did not ask you:)

    So you are marrying a Sikh, eh? Right on sister. Hope you have a long and happy union and produce lots of little Singhs and Kaurs.

    Maybe we should clarify for the benefit of other readers that you are marrying 'a Singh' and NOT A Singh (me)!!
  • A Singh
    A Singh
    07.12.11 06:55 PM
    @Keri - thanks for that. I hope I did not offend. I was not judging, just curious.

    The attitude is perceiving that dating a white girl will be less hassle, expectations, obligation and pressure to commit, compared to someone from their own community.

    In many ways, I am the opposite of you. I grew up on a diet of 'black' music (soul, ragga, ska, funk, r&b) and comedy (richard pryor, comedy def jam, chris rock, dave chapelle). Did not listen to Indian music, watch hindi movies, etc. I also preferred black girls!

    The reason I asked about your interest in Indian men, was that I was in a minority group. You probably already know this and alluded to it in a comment on FB. A lot of Indian guys will not even consider an Indian girl that is much darker than him.
  • The NRI
    The NRI
    07.12.11 03:25 PM
    Tys, here is the link to the previous piece.

    Too Sexy For Your Love

  • Rajpriya
    07.12.11 02:27 PM
    @tys ,

    Well! Doesn't this world revolve around the difficulties of matrimony. I would lynch the guy who invented Matrimony if I get hold of him instantly. That's a nonsense that has led to all this confusion on this earth.

    If there no marriages there won't be divorces, Who the hell cares if all those effing divorce lawyers go out of business. I am serious.
  • Rajpriya
    07.12.11 02:14 PM
    Hey! aren't guys all @ work? Some one who just went sleep jumps out of bed in 30 mins for follow up and that really turns me on.

    How about catching up for a chat, I don't mean a mean one though.
  • tys
    07.12.11 01:47 PM
    man o man, this place is becoming a matrimony site...isnt it just great?

    for all the girls out there who loves indian men, i had verified our ultimate sexiness in a post of mine long ago. I have no idea what the link or the name of that post is. So you will just have to take my word for it.

    Just go and sleep with an Indian Guy right now to find out what Iam talking about.

    Trust me ... we are good...very good.

    The indian girls know this and its their insecurity that is making them spread these under rated stories about us...its a trick...they are keeping us under the rock because if the secret is out, the women from all over the world will be wanting a piece of us...

    well, like the small man says, secrets out.
  • maitreyeechowdhury
    07.12.11 01:44 PM
  • Keri
    07.12.11 01:07 PM
    Aaaaah, that's why he didn't ask you. He knows the answer already. Congratulations! See, you've already done better than I have :-}
  • LovesBrownies
    07.12.11 12:57 PM
    Hahaha...@Keri...I am so glad there is someone out there like me. I find all races attractive until they interact with me. I love Indian culture, food, and people. I have some of the best friends that could be possible and they just happen to be Indian. My American friends tease me...leave pictures of Indian guys on my desk at work...say oh which 7-11 did you go to this week...that is the ignorance of America. I love the guys because they are intelligent, sweet, respectful, ambitious, goal oriented, family oriented, and I just happen to think their brown is super sexy. Before I get in trouble with my soon to be husband...better mention I'm marrying a Singh. I couldn't be happier...I'm so glad I don't find American guys the least bit.
  • Keri
    07.12.11 12:33 PM
    When I was sitting around bored at work, the site was down. Now it's 1:00 in the morning and I need to go to bed, but I want to try to answer (quickly) the questions posed to me. I'll be willing to elaborate later if anyone asks for it.

    @tys: The term "80% Indian" is used more by my friends than me. I guess they say that because I tend to have alot of general knowledge about Indian things, whether it's traditions or festivals or movies or Bollywood gupshup, sometimes I know even more than they do, so it amazes them. I also understand alot of and used to speak decent Hindi, so I guess they just decided I was close though not quite there haha

    @A Singh: You asked a few questions so I'll just number them.

    1. You asked if Black men share the same attitude. I'm not sure which attitude you're asking about, so if you clarify, I'll try to answer.

    2. Yes, I like Indian guys, but it's not for physical reasons at all. I've been in love with Indian culture from since I was very young and saw Indian aunties walking around in their sarees. I always wanted to wear one, and after being introduced to Bollywood in my teens, it became a bit of an obsession LOL Later on, I made some Indian friends and because I was hanging out with them so much and meeting their friends and going out dancing and eating and socializing with them so much, the natural next step was to like the guys (same thing happened when I was in my Hispanic phase). But this is more than a phase, it's something that really moves me and, while I'm attracted to men of all races, I usually end up focusing on Indian guys the most because I feel like I can relate.

    3. I have a generalized view about ALL men, regardless of race, but we'll get into that another time LOL As for Black men, I have all types right in my family: thugs, intellectuals, preps, stoners, etc. So I don't have a generalized view of them because I know that they can run the gamut. I'm attracted to Black men too(except thugs - that's the shit that I won't let slide)

    Question for you: any reason why you didn't also ask LoveBrownies why she's into Indian men? Just curious...

    Ok, Off to bed now...
  • Rajpriya
    07.12.11 09:22 AM

    @rajpriya : iam sitting in on your class..where do i register?

    Well I pass through Doha at times on Qatar Airways, May be I hit the Lamppost and you just could wake me up after I fainted.

    Out of Jokes like to meet you sometime. You know my elder son is married to a 5ft Malayali dynamite and the best thing is, she has brought to this world a cutie that changed my beliefs about women.

    Her smile is virus, even Norton's SW have failed to stop it spreading.
  • Rajpriya
    07.12.11 09:05 AM
    White lust in comparison to Brown or Black Love. While so much has been written about expat ladies and their problems in our country, there is something that hurts my conscience real bad. Why are all these idiotic Indian men running after something that they think is easy to get.

    There are millions of cute Indian Girls who may seem hard to get but can be so much more fun, chasing? Reminds me of Indian movies of yesteryears when you can’t see an actual kissing scene but one is on his toes when an attempt is made by the hero after all the running around the trees or that rape scene changed into a buzzing bee sitting on a flower.

    The lazy present day Indian man is certainly missing something that can be after all worth the while. If I were by some cruel fate sent back to my youth, I would do exactly that, chase after as many Indian cuties.

    The shy Indian women who have that little twinkle between their eyes waiting behind doors and peeping curiously expecting their lover boy to confront them mischievously with a pinch on their b-m is different kind of heavenly stuff.

    When finally the moment arrives they look down and make patterns on the ground with their toes is a kind excitement that cannot be compared with that of meeting a white lady in a pub. These Indian cuties are a forgotten lot but if you fall for one you have something that can last many a storm.

    You know, kissing an Indian cutie can be so much hard labor (leave alone sleeping) but finally when you get that much close, you are certainly enRoute to Cairo. Nothing that comes easy lasts.

    India should keep promoting the local industry and persuade all Indians to buy Indian. (like in Britain – “Buy British” campaigns).

    You may believe it or not, when I walked into any of London's pubs, I had more welcome smiles than any British. My Nigerian pal Banda was a six-footer whose tweaked grin put even a British grandmother on her knees, and Babs Maraj (of Indian roots) from Venezuela who would not let me get close to any other in woman any pub.

    I can not pretend to be Gautama Buddha. I had the weaknesses like all other men but then you come to a stage in your life you to have play Jesus Christ if not the God Father to children and Grandchildren.

    I know I have lived through one kind of world and now living in a different but enjoying the best of both as UK banks so often vomit, when they want your money for stupid investments.

    Auf Wiedersehen, Bis Gleich.
  • tys
    06.12.11 10:40 PM
    @praveen: thanks a lot buddy...getting a lot of flank for this one...but that is to expected, isnt it?

    @keri : would love to hear your view on Shades of grey...when u say 80% indian on the inside, what do you really mean? ... what are the qualities which you term as indian?..would love to hear from you...

    @jayanth : i dont really mind people having values...but i personally think that values, morals and ideals are very personal things and it shud be kept that want others to except your way of thinking is a natural want but to shove it down the throat is kinda rude...

    i think rajpriya explained it very well.

    @prosonjeet: u know what is beautiful? when a population can freely express and admit to their unique flaws and see the stupidity in it...i think it shows a certain layer of maturity to be able to look at ourself without pretensions and masks...

    @gps : ur observations are so heart warms my the seat of my heart to see us listed out thus.. :)

    @brownwyn : there is a difference in their treatment...u r right...unfortunately...i hope it gets better...i hope we start to see you are women, irrespective of where you are from...i hope these kind of dialogues helps in getting us there...thank you for your comment...

    These are the sort of points we wanted to see highlighted when I wrote that post.. the truth is that we tend to bestow qualities which we deem fit on people we do not know in person...whom we have not interacted with...we are all guilty of that....this global mixing we see , i hope , will change this....i work in a place where we interact on a constant basis with people of different gender and nationality....we get to know them beyond colors and gender...

    @rajpriya : true...theres also that need for difference..or like angela put it so well, the basket list...women of all colors seems to have it so hard and i guess men like dont help...

    @angela : hero of the week...damn,it even has an expiration date :) ... actually i was just relived that praveen was so gracious about it...not many are there who can look within and see another point of i guess the heroes of the day was actually those men who apologized to you and meant it...

    we are an ok sort...we just get a lot of bad rap....

    but trust me on this, i know a lot of indian men who are married and will not hit on you but will treat you like one of them...where i am, we are all foreigners so that makes us all i guess the setting makes a difference also...

    @rajpriya : we need to write a bro code for ourselves...hmmm..its a cool idea.

    @it : nope never never is your fault...hold on to a mantra.

    @singh : i had spoken to a friend of mine regarding this...he is white...he was at that time staying with us...according to him, going around with an indian girl is this ultimate score..becoz they are so hard to get...which i felt at that time was so cool...i mean societal rigidity and social pressure has added this dimension to our women in the eyes of there's this sense of mystery...go figure.

    like the saying goes : the jasmine on your porch doesn't smell nice..

    @ singh : yes, keri, please answer... :)

    @rajpriya : iam sitting in on your class..where do i register?
  • Rajpriya
    06.12.11 09:54 PM
    As far as my experience in UK goes, most white men enjoy drinking more than entertaining a woman compared to all the Asian, African and other Brownies including me. Most of the white girls I have associated have the general feeling white men are too unromantic and boring.

    They sought the company Brownies who never let the white girls pay for anything in a pub while white men just only paid for theirs unless they were pretty sure they take their target to bed.
    I can remember one day in a Kensington pub a white girl in a very short skirt walked
    past two American Army guys in uniform who whistled after her.

    That girl turned around and said "i'll give away mine to the right guy". I could see their face going pale. I was able talk to her with out any problem.

    Its always necessary to first survey the woman and asses correctly to see if your advances could work positively to avoid rejection and then make it click. simply put, feel the pulse. If you think its a hard nut to crack give up with out hard feelings and look for the next. Success depends on how hard and patiently you work towards your goals.

    There are many ways to work your way deep into a woman's heart. A direct come go to bed theory puts off even a loose woman.

    Then I have met girls sitting alone in London pubs who when asked can I sit with you? Say why not?
    Can I buy you a drink? Why not?
    You want to dance with me? Why not?
    Like to have some dinner with me? Why Not?
    Do you like join me for coffee in my room? Why Not?
    Your guess is right about my last question and the answer.

    I used to wonder if they ever learnt anything more than these two words in school.
    And those were my good old days in pubs in London. German pubs are quite different with girls more conservative and rare chances of such happy evenings.

    Act like a Lady, think like Man is a book written by Steve Harvey the American actor, Comedian and Entertainer outlines:

    What men really think about love, relationships, intimacy and commitment?

    A book dedicated to all women with a hope to empower them with a wide-open look into minds of men.
    1.The mind-set of a man –
    1. What drives Men
    2. Our love isn’t like your love
    3. The three things every man needs:
    Support, Loyalty and the Cookie

    2. Why Men do what they do
    1. First things first: He wants sleep with you

    3. Sports fish vs. Keepers: How men distinguish between the marrying types
    and the playthings.
    4. Mama’s Boys
    5. Why men cheat

    You can download it if you are on Facebook:
  • A Singh
    A Singh
    06.12.11 09:01 PM
    Keri, is this attitude also shared by some African American men?

    And also if I could be really cheeky and ask - you like Indian men. What is it based on, purely physical attraction? And do you have a generalised view (be honest!) about black men?
  • A Singh
    A Singh
    06.12.11 08:58 PM
    There is another point I would like to make which refers to Indians in the UK (my home, but could apply to US, Canada, etc). That is that many guys don't just see white girls as easier to get in the sack (or maybe not at all) but they see it as an easier option in the sense that the girls will be less demanding. An Indian girl (or resultant pressure from the community) might insist that an early commitment is made to get married - to protect the girl's reputation. White girls could offer an opportunity to have a more casual set up which is not necessarily based solely around sex and could be a long term relationship but less obligation to conclude it in holy matrimony.

    @Keri - talking of black girls....many black guys I grew up had a similar attitude. The perception was that a white girl would be an easier option, and that there was a whole load of shit that most black girls would not let slide. Maybe racial stereotypes, but ones that determined a guy's dating patterns and sexual preferences.
  • it
    06.12.11 07:46 PM
    So it was never my fault. Now I see the light. Thank you. Thank you.
  • Rajpriya
    06.12.11 07:29 PM
    @tys after writing such a thriller you need to provide some answers to some pertinent issues at hand.
    How do we Indians make our expat white ladies cozy and comfortable cutting out the crap the Indian men are so prone to. I think first you may want to do a survey how Indian men can be made to follow a code of conduct by exercising strictly no sex approach but chat all night over a drink and part as brothers and sisters would work. Maybe that could replace the old system into a new kind of Indian hospitality.

    just my two cents worth.
  • Angela Carson
    Angela Carson
    06.12.11 05:37 PM
    @Tys - you are my hero of the week! First you brought peace to the onslaught of negative comments on my article on 'why men cheat?' but now you have shined a light on the flip side of the coin in a way that hopefully will resonate with some men here in India.

    Personally, I understand WHY it happens, I understand WHY I am approached so much (fyi I've been hit on twice so far today and invited out by strangers and it is only 5pm) ... I just wish that Indian men would understand how they make us women feel when they do it. Being an expat white woman in India can be hard, for many of the reasons you have listed here and with nothing to do with the jobs that most of us are here working so hard at. I have thicker skin about it now but I have been in tears more than once because I thought someone liked ME but then I realized AGAIN that they just wanted a piece of my outer 'candy coating' as a sort of trophy or prize. The expat women I know here are wonderful people, intelligent, well established in their professions and (my friends) are funny as hell. There is a lot more to us than what we are given credit for...

    Super article, you rocked it!
  • Rajpriya
    06.12.11 04:49 PM
    Thinking a little beyond the tip of my muzzle brings me to a fact that from childhood we cry for things we don’t or can’t have. From the early days a child builds up desires for things. A child taken to toyshop goes crazy over a certain toy.

    Playing with it for few days or weeks in rare cases for months the child throws it around and in the process breaks it all up. Next the child looks for new or a different toy. Seeing a toy over and over again he or she begins to form a dislike or at times hate for it.

    The human desires change with time. In adulthood he or she enter nature’s pattern looking toys full of flesh and blood, have shape that walk and talk, have feelings in short that are living. A man forms a liking to the beauty of a woman, observes the way she carries her to rhythmic movements and fantasizes getting closer to get involved in sex and what’s wrong with this desire?

    God willing and understanding between a grown up man and woman should be possible. But why has the human system made it, that it should last? Your guess is as good as mine. Well it is so and that’s where all this worlds problems start.

    One continues with desires now turning into lust knowing that a man and woman are meant to be together when they are older. Is it just lust or love depends on the man and the woman involved. While, I attribute lust to falling prey to the lovely shape god has given a man or woman, that it may not last is a probability against a lasting love that can prevail. Meeting the right person?

    During the eligibility stage with a vast variety available, one either make his or her own choice like in the west or take what is given like in Asian countries by parents. Unfortunately like all systems the success and failure basically depends on the very two people who follow any system.

    We come back to the toy find out if it was made of cheap material and mostly none come with a guarantee they would last a lifetime. Dealing with a human toy can be more complex in the sense it has feelings and desires of its own unlike a plastic lifeless toy.

    So this issue of whites seeking black or brown and brown or black going after whites all boils down to an attitude similar to a child wanting a toy. Making or breaking it, all depends on sensibility of the living toys involved. When you think of it, what is it that a black or brown man finds in a white woman that a black or brown woman does not have?

    I positively think it could be the white skin is plain simple. Lots of black or brown men in Asian countries take some kind of pride in going around with white women. There are plenty of people who envy such guys. They are thought to be in extraordinary company. In Indian bars you can see indians seeking the closeness of white women and the white women just allow it. Whether it's their loose nature or a normal behavior is another matter.

    The black or brown man taking it for granted that he can abuse this open nature without consent is something deplorable.

    Is there anything in a white woman that is absent in a black or brown woman?

    Except the Small, medium, large or XXL boobs and bums with a sharp convex shape (can be silicon) that can be found in all three: Black Brown or White. As someone said a brown skinned woman in New Zealand would make white guys go crazy? There are plenty of Black and Brown women who like to be in the company of white guys
    in many western countries.

    Looking for something uncommon has been the habit of humans from the day they were born. Let's mix up, and produce lovely creatures until one day there is a unique color that is neither black nor white.
  • TineMina
    06.12.11 04:22 PM
    Hilarious - loved the article! I look forward to your next explanation of why Indian men do those things Indian men do...
    06.12.11 02:55 PM
    That's quite a funny one!
    Relating the whole population of white women to loose morals and sexual availabilty through western magazines and porn sites is based on the same short cut that makes western people who have never been in India relate India to erotic knwoledge and sex openness through Kamasutra and Khajuraho temples.
    Why should they ignore Kamasutra and Khajuraho temples when Indian guys won't stop browsing porn sites?
  • Bronwyn
    06.12.11 01:13 PM
    I said this on BarnabyHM's facebook page, but feel the need to say it here also.

    There is a fundamental difference in the way that Indian men and Caucasian women experience life in India.

    As noted above, there is a conscious or subconscious view in India about what women being particularly open minded and promiscuous. This generalized societal belief stems from experiences like the author's around porn or magazines and depictions of white women in morally questionable situations. It is also true that most Caucasian women come from countries where dating and pre-marital sex is the norm. This is definitely more 'open minded and promiscuous' than traditional India. By traditional India, I don't mean today's Mumbai, but much of the rest of the country.
    The Asia-wide conscious or subconscious preference and interest in white skin is also a huge factor in India. White skin is fascinating for those who have seen very little of it, and often seen as higher on the class/social hierarchy even by the most educated people.

    On the other hand: white women like myself who come to India have likely never experienced so much interest from the opposite sex and from society in general, unless they have previously lived in another country elsewhere in Asia or Africa that places so much emphasis on the fairness of skin. Caucasian girls also generally come from countries where staring is considered rude. In India, people look shamelessly at anything they are curious about, and it's not a negative thing.
    Because of the above listed general assumptions about white women, and because of their inexperience in a culture as deeply complicated as Indian culture, white women experience sexual harassment in India on a level that they never would have imagined. This also helps white women to develop this sort of entitlement complex: we get used to being allowed to go anywhere, enjoy everything for free, etc, because that's how we're treated.

    Even when an Indian guy and a Caucasian girl are standing in the same place in India, they may as well be in different universes because their experiences are so drastically different. Even an ethnically Indian man who has lived in Europe for 20 years and a Caucasian woman who has lived in India for 10 years will not be able to fully see eye to eye.
  • gps
    06.12.11 12:27 PM seedy little dirtbag :). Smoking, Drinking, communism/congress party, buggery, facial hear, perversion and arab toilet cleaning. All the elements of an untermensch infested rat hole like Kerala.
  • Prosenjeet
    06.12.11 12:22 PM
    Quite an amusing and in-your-face kind of article. Your perception is generalized and quite true. The preference for fair-complexioned brides if not 'white' is very much there.
    Regarding the faithfulness factor, its preferably love but generally and actually laws and fear of the society.
  • Rajpriya
    06.12.11 12:08 PM
    May be the ones who talk of values all the time are sticking to their values of not disclosing the number opportunities they have had and broken them too by being too modest to admit?
  • Jayanth Tadinada
    Jayanth Tadinada
    06.12.11 11:44 AM
    lol... awesome :)

    Have you noticed that people who shout "values! values!" at everything are usually the ones who never got an opportunity to break them?
  • Keri
    06.12.11 11:41 AM
    Hi Tys, love the article! Really hits where it hurts. I was going to mention the FB comments but you beat me to it. You don't have many friends over there (well, except for me LOL). Keep up the honest and hard-hitting writing (I meant to comment on your 'Shades of Grey' article but my computer messed up and I didn't get a chance to; maybe I'll revisit it in the next few days)

    @LovesBrownies: I'm brown on the outside and browner on the inside (all my friends say that I'm 80% Indian). Hmmm, maybe THAT'S why no Indian guys are interested in me. I'm TOO Indian (anyone buying that one? lol) I'm confident you'll do better than me in that department, so I wish you well.
  • praveen
    06.12.11 11:20 AM
    @tys: its really a good article and i can see the truth in it. keep it up bro.
    @b.h.morris: i should say that you are a really cool guy. all the best dude.
  • tys
    06.12.11 11:15 AM
    @himanshu : really? the worst? man, iam crushed. really. i feel like that thin plastic cup we get in our railway station...really crushed. thrown. Rest assured, if iam not booted out of the for lowering its standards, my next article will be about anna hazare...i will redeem myself...promise

    @writerzblock: very true...who's barbara mori? I know the hrithink guy, the one with the impossible abs..i am probably going to get ribbed by my sis in law for this...

    @Asingh : why do all beautiful women hang around with average looking friends? This is life's it a case of show casing? Is it putting oneself in a frame? I dont know...come to think of it all my friend got girlfriends while i became the great friend to take all their problems to.

    Damn. I was that ugly friend!

    @barny : while u r at it, why dont you just offer the guide services also? :)

    @love brownies : indian porn sucks...wrong word...but u get the idea...if we grew up watching that, we would have all taken up there is something to thank for the western influence in our sexual fantasies....

    love ur name...ur last reminds me of oreo, in reverse

    @bronwyn: My reading habit was initiated by great pieces of literature like Debonoir, Human Digest etc..the pictures, mind you, was just incidental...

    but on a serious note, i think its getting views, i feel , are so arcane ...the new generation is amazing...they see beyond all these petty differences....

    @neelam: well, i figured why should she get all that adulation , when it can be shared..sometimes my masochistic nature needs some kind of taming

    @ashok : u think this is bad? u shud go and read the comments on the facebook site...

    @rajpriya : :) .. that was actually rather philosophical.

    @cheryl : now i have to go and read that...u make me work so hard
  • Rajpriya
    06.12.11 11:02 AM
    The problems of Black and White mixture sometimes poses difficult questions to answer and can be really tricky. The problem existed from the time God created human beings with this difference in skin colour.

    The following story tells how we could reconcile and move on.

    A white man lived in a remote African village for a couple decades. He did many things to educate the village people and their children. He played an important role in their keeping good health, believing in religion and good living.

    Over the years all the people had a lot of respect for this white man and even thought he was God himself. Then one day the Chief of the black tribe knocked on the white man’s door and excitedly said I want to speak to you about a very strange thing that has happened in the village this morning.

    Sir, you live many years in our village, you done many good things for this village, we follow your teaching and trust you so much and we even think you are God himself.

    So what is this strange thing that happened and why are you so excited asked the white man.

    Sir, but today a black woman has given birth to a white child and no one in the village understand how this happen. “Can you please account for this?”

    The white man now sweating himself quickly and calmly said:

    "Chief, I can only say that It is one of nature’s mysterious phenomenon called albino, one really can’t account for this."

    The white man who never expected such a confrontation so far, thought for moment and took the chief to a window, pointed out towards the flock of white sheep grazing on the grass out side and asked the black chief:

    “Do you see all the white sheep out side there and among them is a small black one” “Can you account for this?”

    The black chief now more excited said” Sir you no tell and I no tell”
  • manish
    06.12.11 11:01 AM
    Rightly pointed.....
  • Cheryl
    06.12.11 10:07 AM
    Yup, that was my exact response to Angela Carson's article as well!
  • Rajpriya
    06.12.11 09:45 AM
    Black, Brown or White Lust or whatever other form of sex, all suggest but one thing, every one wants it.

    We have all worked hard in our life? (At least I hope) We do have the tendency to believe we did our best and intelligently during our working life. But, there comes a time when we have to learn some thing from even a person holding the lowest job in our work places.

    Here’s a classic example. The executives of a large opinion poll company were busy discussing whether Sex was Pleasure or Hard Work.

    “It’s the best thing in life and if you allow me” started one.

    “If I could make just a point here” interrupted another, “You wait till you are married. After a year it becomes a chore like everything else”.

    Let me give you an example said a third “If I could say a few words here”, “we are all too intellectual, we will ask our office boy”

    “Tell us,” they asked him “Is Sex hard work or pleasure?

    “Let me think,” said the young man and after a moment he said, “ Sirs, It must be pleasure because, if it was hard work you would be making me to do it for you”
  • Ashok
    06.12.11 09:12 AM
    Great post and I must add that reading some of the comments, I've been swayed from my long-held belief that black humour and sarcasm do not go down well with my countryfolk, except in some parts of Mallu-land.
  • Neelam Kamdar Bhamani
    Neelam Kamdar Bhamani
    06.12.11 08:51 AM
    I enjoyed the satire and as Bronwyn suggested see some truth in your analysis! It's very brave of you to take on this article after the backlash of comments on Angela's article. Good Luck!!
  • Bronwyn
    06.12.11 08:06 AM
    Thank you, Tysonice, for a great and funny piece!

    There is definitely some truth to the idea that for men from tiny rural villages to small towns, their first and possibly only experiences with white women may be through movies, magazines or pornography.

    Small Indian villages don't get lots of tourists girls wearing shorts and tanks tops coming through. The most rural spaces don't get them at all. Based on a celluloid experience of white women, it is normal that men wouldn't even consider white women as equal/same as their Indian sisters and wives, just because their view of white women is so limited.

    It's frustrating for white women living in India like myself, but it's completely understandable. It doesn't help that there are semi-naked white dancers even in children's Hindi movies, gyrating up against Indian heros.

    If I only ever saw Indian guys in porn before coming to India, I might think that's all you did as well! :D

    Great post.
  • LovesBrownies
    06.12.11 07:59 AM
    blech...I get it...and actually surprised that someone admitted the obvious...since Indian porn sucks. I just wish that Indian guys would treat me with the same respect that they give to Indian women. I'm a perfect gori...I am white on the outside and brown on the
  • Barnaby Haszard Morris
    Barnaby Haszard Morris
    06.12.11 07:22 AM
    Correction, A Singh:

    Any attractive Indian girl should come to Wellington, which is in New Zealand.
  • A Singh
    A Singh
    06.12.11 06:28 AM

    Though on a serious note, there is an alternative (or additional) reason why Indian men go for white women - it's just something different. It works in reverse too.

    Any attractive Indian girl should come to London. If she is amongst a group of equally attractive white women, more often than not she will receive more attention from white men than the other women.
  • Writerzblock
    06.12.11 06:17 AM
    Now what does one comment on a post that has truth and sarcasm all rolled into one!! Can I just say 'Bravo' on your post, and 'Best wishes' for the comments that are likely to follow ;-)

    And while we are on the topic, my two cents: Unfortunately, the thing with Indian men is, they all want to score with Bárbara Mori without realising they are nowhere close to Hrithik Roshan!!
  • himanshu dave
    himanshu dave
    06.12.11 05:47 AM
    worst article ever read in my whole life.... wake up buddy. do not connect your Fantasy which you had as kid and connect with all indian male i had been to out of india for long time, do respect women .... and ppls stop putting such article which is useless stuff

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