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Voice Of The People

Voice Of The People

May 14, 2012

When the opinion of the unattractive sweaty Indian is less important than that of his better looking, English speaking, compatriot.

Diesel prices had gone up, and the input desk at NDTV in New Delhi had dispatched me to get reactions from customers at a gas station. Vox pop, they call it in the business, the voice of the people. I was interning in reporting that very hot month of June, so off I went. I picked up a memory chip for the camera from the video tape library, I arranged for a cameraperson, and I arranged for a car. We stopped outside a gas station at Nehru Place, and we decided to get reactions from the folks that would drive up to the diesel pump there. The red-and-gold OB van with NDTV written in huge letters on its sides that had accompanied us was parked right outside the gas station, and we'd uplink the footage back to the newsroom from there. Sounded simple enough.

Except that it was Saturday morning. Except this was diesel. Only a handful of people passed through the gas station for diesel that whole couple of hours, but I did speak to them and uplink their reactions back to the newsroom. The quiet cameraperson - a dark-skinned man with weather-beaten skin - and I had thought that we were done, but I received a call from the edit bay telling me that the reactions I had got were not good enough and that I'd have to get more. I can't remember exactly what I was told was lacking in the footage, but I remember the gist of it: the people didn't look good/educated enough for TV. They spoke Hindi too. There's a word for that in India: ghhaati. Low class.

But it was a story about diesel. The only people who bought diesel at gas stations were truck drivers, autorickshaw drivers...and other people's drivers in general. Weren't these the people whose reactions you'd want in a story about diesel? They were the ones who'd be affected by the price rise, right? I didn't understand the issue with the Hindi either. Sure, we were an English channel, but we subtitled non-English footage all the time. It was not a big deal, so what was so different this time? I'd tried explaining that to the person who'd called me from the newsroom, but I was very silkily asked to just get some English bites from better-looking people who weren't uneducated drivers.

I got it. They wanted freshly-scrubbed white-collar reactions for the white-collar-catering Inglis channel. Didn't matter if white-collar India didn't care about diesel prices.

I hung up and looked at the quiet cameraman. Camerapeople remind me of Rambo sometimes with those huge machine-gun-like cameras resting on their shoulders. They also remind me of the boombox-carrying kids from the ghettoes of America. My cameraman looked bored, emotionally disconnected. Cynical even. He wore what camerapeople, who are mostly men, wear around India - loose trousers, a loose button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled-up, and heavy shoes. All of it eventually a strange shade of don't-care. The colour of Delhi. "Kya karein (what do we do)?" I asked him. The newsroom wanted reactions from mall-going Indians. But that still didn't change things on the ground. It was still Saturday morning, hardly anyone was coming through the gas station, and almost nobody was passing through for diesel. Nobody that was English-TV-worthy, that is.

The cameraman shrugged as much as he could shrug with Rambo's machine gun on his shoulder, not completely unlike Jesus wincing under the weight of the crucifix on his back. He looked a bit cross. He suggested I go pull a customer from the petrol pump where all the nice sedans were rolling in with their upper-middle-class-and-higher clientele. The English-speakers of India. I felt a little ridiculous. My intelligence and integrity felt vaguely insulted, but I still went. I put my Hindi aside and put on my best American accent because I was representing an English news channel to the English-speaking persons of India. "Oh, NDTV!" they'd say with an appreciative smile, "of course, what do you need to know?" I got reactions in English from an elderly ex-army Sardar gentleman, a bearded intellectual type, and an outspoken clean-shaven polo-shirt-wearing man with a sharp haircut. I felt a bit empty standing there with my mic with the red NDTV muff on it, smiling and encouraging the people along on their performance. "Thankyousomuch," I'd say before trotting off. I'm sure they were nice people, but that wasn't what was bothering me. Only the previous month, when I was interning in the edit bay, had I been asked to edit vox pop footage that had come in from Kashmir about another price rise. I'd put the bites together, all of them in Hindi, and was then told by a young employee that they couldn't put that footage on air. But why, I had asked, the bites had good content. The girl had laughed. "Have you seen their faces?" she had said, screwing up her pretty light-skinned nose at me, the poor newbie. "We can't put such visuals on air."

Such people? Dark-skinned people from lower-income families? But what about the content? That footage never made it on the air on our English channel, but our Hindi channel ran it all day long. So the English channel only showed the good-looking people of India? But what about content? What about what we had initially been told at NDTV about journalistic ethics and the real issues and how journalism was supposed to be a pillar of democracy, the voice of the people? Or was it the voice of certain sections of the people depending on the segment of India you were catering to? The unattractive sweaty Indian is also a part of India. In fact, he is about 90% of India. Doesn't what he say also matter, even if he is not soothing enough to the eye of the English channel's global audience? NDTV's English channel is watched all over the world. At various points in my life, I have watched it in America, Canada, and Oman. The Indian diaspora feels proud to see India looking so dynamic and good on NDTV. "India is developing so fast," they always say so proudly, "everyone speaks English so well now. It is not the India we left." And then they proceed to daydream about a return to the homeland that never happens.

So what was this happening here??

That's what was running through my mind at the gas station at Nehru Place that Saturday morning. Much later, after the footage had been uplinked to the newsroom (and happily approved), after we'd all returned, I was asked to isolate a short 10-second clip from the English reactions they'd decided to use. I'd been transcribing the footage, and the news editor asked me if there was anything with 'punch' that was said that could be used when the headlines rolled for the news bulletin. Something expressive, something emotionally-charged.

I did have something. "But does the guy look clean-cut and suave?" I was asked. I said yes. The bite was from the agitated man in the polo shirt and the short grey hair. An Indian Anderson Cooper. That's suave, I guess. It was perfect, and his angry 10-second rant ran with the headlines all day.

Photo credit: Nishanth Anil


  • neelk Patri
    neelk Patri
    03.04.15 07:13 PM
    There is a raging controversy going on in India with the media (NDTV included) about the comment by a BJP minister in effect saying that the Congress party would not have accepted a black woman as party President if Rajiv Gandhi had married a black woman instead of white Sonia Gandhi. The minister is being pilloried and the media is asking for his head. I want these guys read Khadija's piece to bring some sense into the debate about racism in India.
  • Jayant Pant
    Jayant Pant
    28.06.13 04:47 AM
    Super. And good Rajpriya!
  • Rajpriya
    19.06.13 12:43 PM
    @Er What?

    Once there lived a man called Benjamin Franklin. He was born 261 years on 15th June 1752.

    He had said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”.

    It was such long time ago and most writers have not heard he said this.
  • Er What?
    Er What?
    19.06.13 09:37 AM
    So all the fuss about diesel subsidies being misdirected towards car owners rather than farmers is tosh? Is the reason why the entire automotive industry is shifting towards diesel cars a figment of somebody's imagination?

    A large percentage of diesel users are car owners. While price increases are more significant as transportation costs increase creating a chain reaction across multiple sectors, the impact on the large number of diesel car owners is also worth noting. There's nothing wrong in getting their opinions and preferring to get their opinions in English for an English channel. If your boss wanted you to get an opinion in English from a lorry driver, then there might have been something to this story. As it stands, you are simply making a mountain out of a molehill and frankly, sensationalising something that you simply appear to have misunderstood.
  • Nabanita Singha Roy
    Nabanita Singha Roy
    28.05.12 05:00 PM
    This is a wonderful read. I'm not one for news channels, and don't really watch what's happening in the world, but yes the English Indian channels do look glossy. was almost certain there's big time manipulation, and you've now written it out so well.
  • Rajee Rajan
    Rajee Rajan
    26.05.12 12:24 PM
    Good Work Kathija. I am proud of the fact that you are perhaps the new face of young India, one, who does not shy away, from calling a spade a spade. Let these SUPERIOR BEINGS from the English Channels not forget, that, 'but for the grace of God,' they might well have been in the those very 'torn shoes'.
  • AussieDesi
    21.05.12 09:30 PM
    I'm adding this to the list of things I find distasteful about the "new media" in India.

    Having said that...I don't hanker for DD either!

    Thanks for your concrete example.
  • shiv
    18.05.12 02:36 PM
    Most discernible viewers in India know that NDTV is a Tv station run to take care of the interests of Congis.It is run by convent / christian church run educated Doon school goons gang as a propaganda machine for the ruling class especially to deride Hindu values.I am not surprised that they turn the noses on people who are from a different background from these "English" babus.All these congis funded TV stations will bite the dust when real India takes power.One correction "Ghaati" is a term used in Maharastra for people coming from western ghats.It is a demeaning term "Ghaatiwadi". Rest of India may not understand this term.
  • sameer
    17.05.12 07:09 PM
    We are thankful to you, Who has shown courage and ethics to call spade a spade and shown mirror to your own community (i.e- Journalists)

    We hope you'll continue to critically evaluate the the journalists and journalism, Which will also make you a rare niche writer.

    You already have some fans and followers, They want to grow big and are looking at you.

    Good Luck
  • Khadija
    17.05.12 06:53 PM
    I really want to thank everyone for their comments and feedback. I thought nobody cared about these things and that I was nuts or something. Obviously not.
  • VPS
    17.05.12 06:31 PM
    Very interesting post. I've been in this up-market elitist media for the last 8 years in India and have now moved to a regional channel. Your post is a perspective of someone who is seeing the English media after what it has become today. And in day-to-day `English' TV it is almost an accepted fact. I personally think it is a reflection of not just the thinking of people who are running these channels but of those who are watching these too - Our society i mean. You put a `dirty face' on air and do a case study and the TRP falls - that is the perception. You put an `ugly old man' and tell his story, you lose the stickiness to your channel. Think about it, A pretty looking teenage girl's murder alledly by her dentist dad in upmarket Noida is national news. There are a hundred Aarushi's in our sub-urban towns and villages. ``But look, that's not our audience and therefore, not a story''! how many times as journalists have young indian reporters heard this? Countless. So, like it or not, until the next aarushi dies in an upmarket indian town, a thousand aarushi's can die in our villages, none of which will make it to any of our `English' Channels. Anyways, it is refreshing indeed to read this post as it suddenly makes you stop and look back over your shoulders at the mess some of us as journalists have left behind.
  • sameer
    16.05.12 03:13 PM
    "This is attitude across whole of the India. You go to any government office, bank, local council office and speak in local language. See poor response you get.
    Now ask for the same thing in English and now compare the response."


    "Indians are the only race(rather breed) which hates its own type, hates its own mother tongue and hates its own country!"

    True. But.. Applied to only 2-5% population of elite class.
    The thing here one need to understand that when you say 5% population that means over 5 Crore People or in American English 50 Million! that's more then the population of some countries.

    And unfortunately these are the people who influence online sentiments / poll / trends which actually is generic viewpoint of only selected 2-5% of elite Indian community and in noways represents the fact or viewpoint of entire India.

    But newsmedia who mostly come from these elite background doesn't understand this or simply do not care.

    There are few who care and in this digital age where cost of procuring communication device is getting cheaper. These few will grow in folds and possibly surpass these elites in few years.

    Good Luck to all of us
  • sameer
    16.05.12 02:54 PM
    I've traveled and lived most part of india,Though I agree that some part of india people are not familiar with typical local lingo or words originated because of phraseology.

    But trust me most of the part in india people may not be able to speak Hindi. But they DO UNDERSTAND it.

    People who are picking on authors English skills are proof that such cunning folks exists.
  • NRI
    16.05.12 02:05 PM
    This is attitude across whole of the India. You go to any government office, bank, local council office and speak in local language. See poor response you get.
    Now ask for the same thing in English and now compare the response.

    Indians are the only race(rather breed) which hates its own type, hates its own mother tongue and hates its own country!
  • Arnab
    16.05.12 12:47 PM
    @Montaigne- ..."had proofread what she’s written" qualifies for substandard and down market English too! Should have said "what she has written". The fact is not "how" but "what" is being said. If you are too dumb to understand that, then..well, too bad!
  • bala manian
    bala manian
    16.05.12 12:20 PM
    Dear Khadija Ejas,
    Ethics and journalism are mutual nemesis now. Preaching of ethics is done so that you are made aware not to practice it. That is the present day journalism all about. Thanks for your write up.BALA.
  • Raj
    16.05.12 10:03 AM
    Reality check on your statement "There’s a word for that in India: ghhaati": I'm from Tanjore and have never heard of the word in my 30 years of existence. Please don't assume that everyone in India knows Hindi. It makes you sound stupid. Otherwise I agree with your comments on NDTV. Mainstream media is too urban-centric and colour-conscious.
  • M. Montaigne
    M. Montaigne
    16.05.12 05:40 AM
    This article would be less silly if the author (who supposedly studied journalism) had proofread what she's written. Case in point: "Doesn’t what he say also matter, even if he is not soothing enough to the eye of the English channel’s global audience?"
  • MMdra
    16.05.12 02:23 AM
    Great write up exposing the crooks who run NDTV. Although most self respecting Indians already know about how NDTV functions it was nice to read about it from someone who has worked with them.
  • sameer
    16.05.12 02:11 AM

    @Khadija you should see the entire video.
    See the complete video.

    *Thanks for the reply Mod / Peta.
    (There is an option in Gravatar to enable posted links, Check on that. That's why I say enable a decent comment system in place) :)
  • The NRI
    The NRI
    16.05.12 01:16 AM
    @Sameer - I have no idea how to post the correct link. Feel free to add it again
  • Vivek
    16.05.12 12:17 AM
    By the way, Great job! This is a very common practice across India. The journos who talk about social justice, Quotas are the most racist and have utter contempt for middle class or lower class. Symbolism is the key corner stone of Indian liberals.
  • Sharad Joshi
    Sharad Joshi
    16.05.12 12:02 AM
    Sorry u came to know about all these after wasting valuable time of urs in NDTV , but we the people of India who watches TV frequently and that too in both Hindi & English know this very well about NDTV. The case is same with English & Hindi of NDTV.What english shows you know what hindi shows is story not news not facts simply story.Need not to tell you that anchor of this channel was involved in lobbying in Biggest Scam of India. BTW it was nice to read this blog.Awesomely read
  • sameer
    15.05.12 11:57 PM
    hey mod, pls fix the video link in my post above.

  • Vijay
    15.05.12 11:45 PM
    NDTV is for light skinned asses not masses!
    15.05.12 11:40 PM
    the life is a great leveler and wish this universal truth applies to endtv also ..
  • sameer
    15.05.12 11:28 PM
    Yeah! light skinny you are not.. Muslim you are.
    How can you be a Muslim and write an article which shows a crème de la crème TV channel like NDTV in bad light?

    Aren't 'they' the only media Messiah of Muslims in india like the Congress party in political space.


    Coming back to your article on class division by English News Channels.

    Hear it from horse's and mare's mouth.

    So summary is:
    1.I gave you food for your next article.
    2.Gravatar Sucks! Implement DISQUS for comments if you want tons of comment and traffic.
    3.Luv to Khadija for writing this, wanna follow her on twitter. :)
  • abishek
    15.05.12 11:01 PM
    Amazinggggggggg.simply amazingggg..NDTV is on eof the worst TV channels in the entire world..Most corrupt..Most biased & Most Undisciplined TV...

    U made the biggest mistake of getting trained in one of the most Unprofessional TV channels..
    15.05.12 10:49 PM
    I'm bit confused here, When they can show Burkha Dutt whole time why not ghatties?
  • Rupinder Singh
    Rupinder Singh
    15.05.12 10:40 PM
    awesome read! especially coming from a journalist.
    Would love to follow your posts.
  • Vivek
    15.05.12 10:39 PM
    NDTV will now do two things:

    1. Don't get any intern with iota of conscience.

    2. Make sure to sign a non-confidentiality agreement with all interns, employees and sue the hell out of them.
  • Shivraj
    15.05.12 10:12 PM
    Hmmmm! I worked at NDTV for 13 years and if what you say is true then I hang my head in shame, it has truly deteriorated....
  • Vishnu
    15.05.12 08:58 PM
    You've put very nicely into words what I've been thinking all these years. How english is not just another language in India but a status symbol. One of the several reasons I'm ashamed to call myself an Indian. God save India. Jai Hind.
  • mamta Nigam
    mamta Nigam
    15.05.12 08:27 PM
    Whoever thinks NDTV IS A NEWS channel & Barkha Dutt is a Journalist are fooling them selves.Catch any Young lad of the street,Give him a crash course on speak English in 40 days & he can beat Barkha,Nidhi sonia to it,by using same words:'Larger Pic' 'Narrative' 'Some wld say'.or may be Better than them.
  • vishal
    15.05.12 05:59 PM
    So "We the people" are last to be heard by corporate media. News media is not meant to be a masala show. Its about the real people and real issues. NDTV is no different from NGOs who make money in the name of poor.
  • sarvapriya
    15.05.12 05:28 PM
    hey khadija,a very nice blog i must say.can empathize and agree with you working for ndtv india.
  • zephyr
    15.05.12 05:01 PM
    Hindi channels are better any day if you ask me, except maybe India TV :) Why am I not surprised by this post? English TV is after all meant to 'entertain' the elite of this country who have no time for the dark skinned sweaty Indian as you have so aptly put it. They'd rather watch things that have aesthetic overtones. And who says white skin is peddled by patriarchy -- it is an entirely media created phenomenon.
  • Nitin
    15.05.12 04:02 PM
    R.P dis is in context to what you commented, No offenses but dude don't u think ur thinking too far? in our own past their were people with hindi or to be more precise sanskrit as d only lang. used for communication and i bet they were smarter, and more inteliigent den ur their counterparts in the west....
  • Satish
    15.05.12 03:44 PM

    Well written and a good insight but then isn't that what TV has always been about? "Good-looking" faces getting the coverage and doing the coverage too?

    I think you are attempting to take a moral high ground and display outrage where none exists. You are as likely to take decisions on how it "looks" and just as likely to justify those decisions as you move up the corporate ladder in media/TV.
  • Pritam
    15.05.12 03:10 PM
    I am deeply shocked on reading this post, am a NDTV fan but such a thing I couldm't visualise, thanks for opening our eyes
  • RP
    15.05.12 03:04 PM
    I am going to try to be devills advocate here. may be NDTV wanted educated english speaking person coz its an english channel? also lets face it if you want intelligent reply you have to talk to somebody educated and articulate. poor uneducated people can be articulate too but rarely. mostly you get generalised standard answer like "sab chor he sab. kya kare."
  • E.S.Shridhar
    15.05.12 02:57 PM
    Ms.Khadija In the first place you could have gone to Bollywood studios where nice looking firangis like Katrina Kaif would suit the prescription. Secondly please realize NDTV is official Congressi Channel in the garb of a private channel. It is a propaganda for showcasing developments of peoples' personality,ability to speak Hinglish, development during Cong regime and underplay negative effects like price rise etc etc. Watch BUtt's program you will see what I mean
    Hope you are wiser now wrt what to expect from the Indians with residual firangi attitude
  • pavni mittal
    pavni mittal
    15.05.12 02:50 PM
    Hey...I have interned at NDTV - and taken vox pops and done lots of stuff for them - never faced that problem. FYI
  • John David
    John David
    15.05.12 02:14 AM
    Its my take on NDTV 24x7 and NDTV India that they have always tried to play "GOD" by drawing the illusion of mirage instead of realty and truth and trying to create a cynacism among the masses that suits the current ruling party. NDTV has nothing to do about middle class's problems and people below it nor does it believes in Indian Constitution. Its stuffs out programs that its masters ask it to do and not what the masses needs at this juncture.
  • Sam Rodrogues
    Sam Rodrogues
    14.05.12 11:42 PM
    raise your hand if this racism was surprise to you. no one?
  • Prasanna Raghavan
    Prasanna Raghavan
    14.05.12 10:45 PM
    From my understanding Indians do not think in the collective. Most of them are selfish and do not think beyond themselves and so about the nation at large.

    They do not have that faculty. simply that. but those who live in other parts of the world think different.
  • Mojo
    14.05.12 09:27 PM
    @ Harry,in the US we say Ass, arse is English as in used in Britain. English worthy, I love it. The masses don't matter, its the middle class, hinglish speaking, mall going Indians, who matter. They are after all the largest middle class group in the world with buying power who want everything from an Iphone to the latest flat screen, the NRI in the US possess, NOW!
    14.05.12 08:21 PM
    @ Khadija Ejaz

    Isn't this always the case!! when it comes to TV. I don't know why you are surprised by this, when people right bang in the middle knows this, and it's also normal every where.

    Why did you think that NDTV was so different from the rest. If you say to me that you weren't aware of this, then you were living on the cloud nine. You should know better, that there is no place for ugly people on TV any where in the world.

    I don't know why people are shocked by this. There is nothing shocking about this.

    One thing I will say to you is this in your American accent; YOUR ARSE IS THE GRASS AND THEY WILL BE THE LAWN MOWER, as soon as they read this. RIP YOUR CAREER dudy.

  • jaish_vats
    14.05.12 08:15 PM
    Nice post!
  • Khadija
    14.05.12 08:12 PM
    Oh no, the 'ND' is for New Delhi, not Nehry Dynasty. :D

    I appreciate everyone's comments. I don't particularly think this is an NDTV phenomenon, it's just how things are across the board, at least in broadcast news in India. I don't think there is any sort of conspiracy to it either, it's just how the business seems to have evolved. NDTV is still one of the more credible channels that cares the least about ratings as compared to its Indian counterparts. But it still cares, I guess it has to. There is nothing wrong with spiffying up one's presentation, but it makes one wonder when content gets adjusted along the way. A cross between a newspaper and a modelling agency. I don't think it's an Indian problem, it's just indicative of often unintentional collective human tendencies in the long run everywhere.
  • Anon
    14.05.12 07:06 PM
    Nothing bores me like a frikkin greenhorn. A terrorist goes to a drugstore in an American city... manages to kill one guy... every "International" channel is on it.

    Terrorist bomb Opera House, Mumbai - kill 20, injure well over a hundred... how many minutes do the so-called "International" media cover it.

    Everyone has to get a grip on reality sooner or later, life is rarely fair. It is what it is. If you care so much about rural India, give up your cushy life abroad and spend your years here at Mother Teresa. Alternatively, pick on the assholes at NDTV... they deserve it. But it doesn't win you any medals as far as I'm concerned.
  • Prashanth K.P.
    Prashanth K.P.
    14.05.12 06:59 PM
    Shocking disclosure of how all paid main stream media houses work, NDTV taking the lead of course. That the so called news we get to see day in day out is but the filtered, chewed and moderated version far from what it would have really been is but a sad reality. Do we have to live with this nonsense is but a question we all have to ask ourselves! This has clearly exposed what NDTV is - a news manufacturing conglomerate with a predisposed script suiting their political paymasters. Absurd!
  • @equateall
    14.05.12 06:54 PM
    Thank you for expressing what happens in the media house(s), so fearlessly.

    Do you have any clue about how its done in other TV news channels of India? Not much different?

    The serials on entertainment channels too have all the 'good looking', rich life style stories. The stories have almost same type of narrative of family drama. DD (Doordarshan) was much better with its content, even with lower budgets.

    Finally, I hope you won't be threatened by NDTV to pull this blog post down!
  • A Singh
    A Singh
    14.05.12 06:18 PM
    Illuminating article but not altogether surprising.

    I think this behaviour is consistent with a more universal phenomenon as hinted by Atheist Indian. In the UK there has been a lot of controversy over older female TV presenters and newsreaders being replaced by younger, more attractive, and possibly less qualified / experienced versions.

    The media in many parts of the world perceive (accurately or not I do not know) that their audience prefer to see younger, more attractive, slimmer people on the box. So depending on how you look at it, it's either shame on the TV networks or shame on us for being so shallow.
  • Santosh
    14.05.12 05:57 PM
    NDTV stands for Nehru Dynasty TV. The way Nehru was disconnected from the real world, NDTV does the same. Their top anchors & editors have a controversial past. I am not surprised that NDTV believes more on sensationalism than substance. Shame on them.
  • Secular Siddanti
    Secular Siddanti
    14.05.12 05:26 PM
    What's exposed in this article is nothing short of naked racism practiced by the channel. What a tragedy..
  • Writerzblock
    14.05.12 04:18 PM
    Seriously shocking!!! Kudos to you for having the courage to write about this. Shame on NDTV and the likes.
  • aativas
    14.05.12 03:50 PM
    We neglect 90% to cater the needs of 10% - that is the way it happens. Always.
  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy
    14.05.12 02:41 PM
    Extremely well written. Disheartening and eye opening at the same time. You have put forward the exact reasons why the mass media in India is in a shameful state.
  • just another wakeup call
    just another wakeup call
    14.05.12 01:21 PM
    beautifully written piece and an eyeopener to those of us with non media background. One always tries to be alert to whats written between the lines, but what when the lines themselves are fudged. in view of Jayanth's comment here, I hope you don't get too much flak :)
  • Karthick Sridharan
    Karthick Sridharan
    14.05.12 01:05 PM
    The Article is less stupid than the Author herself, She needs to be taught on Racism! Pity these Clowns who write make huge Noise when people like SRK is being frisked! Curse for the upcoming bloggers to read such Nonsense piece! She is shit and the Article is shit too!
  • Jayanth Tadinada
    Jayanth Tadinada
    14.05.12 01:00 PM
    I am not at all surprised at what was described. The English media is of the beautiful people, for the beautiful people and by the beautiful people!

    Thank you for writing this wonderful piece.

    Also, going by NDTV's history of accepting criticism with grace, may be you can expect a legal notice soon ;)
  • Suresh Nakhua
    Suresh Nakhua
    14.05.12 12:54 PM
    This blog has shown the true character of NDTV
  • Atheist Indian
    Atheist Indian
    14.05.12 12:25 PM
    It is all good business. People who watch English news channels come from a socio-economic class that expects to see perfectly coiffed and sophisticated people on TV, not the average sweaty autowalla that they see everyday. Hence, this segment of media treats those Indians as an invisible population. It is like fat people in the United States, who make up the 74% of the people in America but no one who gets the idea of US from TV and Hollywood films would believe that.

    There is nothing like journalistic ethics in the capitalist media. Its all hogwash.
  • Shreyans
    14.05.12 11:53 AM
    Can NDTV sue you for this? Just a technical question, no harm intended.
  • Jyoti Agarwal
    Jyoti Agarwal
    14.05.12 10:19 AM
    A wonderful-wonderful piece of write-up. The entire Indian hypocrisy and double-standards of our news channel is well summed up here. I really don't understand the entire fuss about the English language. I mean, I too speak English at work, but when I go shopping or I dine out even at a multi-star restaurant, I try to speak in hindi. I get reply in English is altogether a different story. Ah..the agony!
  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard
    14.05.12 09:06 AM
    The Great Indian Hypocrisy on display.
  • Saru (@SaruSinghal)
    Saru (@SaruSinghal)
    14.05.12 08:03 AM
    That's ridiculous. I think all of us want news in the true spirit of it. If we want to see better looking people, we can watch masala flicks.
  • subhorup
    14.05.12 06:44 AM
    excellent writeup on an issue that is often neglected, the hypocrisy of the indian obsession with class. will be looking out for more from you, khadija.
  • magiceye
    14.05.12 06:41 AM

    am sharing this
  • Noel
    14.05.12 06:13 AM
    Indians not proud of our own language and people! These people need a reality-check-bitch-slap!

    The dumbest thing our government could do was to have English as our National Language when they had more than 18 perfectly awesome languages to choose from..(of course one could argue that this was done for less confusion).. Quite a lot of our janta would not know a lot of english and i really dont know why this is looked down upon! Our indian languages are more ancient and complex to learn than english! (I still havent found a white person who could say the malayalam word for banana :) )

    Its is really shameful that its happening in a TV channel in our India!

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