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The Indian North/South Divide

The Indian North/South Divide

December 09, 2010

Is there a difference? Is one better than the other? Does it matter?

In preparation for a forthcoming week in Mumbai, my first excursion north since I first arrived in India via Delhi, I delved into the Internet for an education on what differences exist between North India and South India. I generally have a pretty good grasp of geography, so I almost didn’t bother to check a map to figure where the divide was and where Mumbai was exactly situated. When I actually checked, I was shocked to see that Mumbai is further from Kashmir in the far north than it is from Kanyakumari at the southern cape! I always thought of Mumbai as unequivocally part of ‘North India’ and within striking distance of Delhi; it turns that my assumptions were very wrong.

I’d heard other assumptions about North and South India, too. Living as I do in Kerala, I have picked up many more arguments for the South than the North. For example: The North is dirty; the South is clean. The North is more poverty-stricken; the South is more affluent. The North is more illiterate; the South is more educated. The North is corrupt; the South is… less corrupt. On the flip side: the North is more liberal and varied; the South is more conservative and uniform. The North is more cultured; the South less so.

While generalisations such as these often become widespread opinion by having at least a shred of truth, nothing can be as simple as to be broken down into a collection of polarities. I closed the map – having accepted a less-than-ideal dividing line along the southern borders of Mahrashtra, Chhattisgarh and Orissa – and went in search of considered opinions. One is by Vir Sanghvi, the presently beleaguered member of NDTV's news team, and he suggests that both within India and in a global setting, it is South India that is streaking ahead on almost every front: politics, business, development, even knowledge of film stars. By contrast he writes of “the seemingly permanent backwardness of the North”, emphasising the difference between the North’s caste- and money-obsessed chief ministers and the South’s far more progressive leaders.

At a more grassroots level, ‘jon m’ on Yahoo! Answers observes that North v South relations tend to be worse than interracial relations in the United States, and asks what others think. A few people come out and say that North Indians treat South Indians worse than Pakistanis, there is some intense debate on the historical importance of the Aryan (North)/Dravidian (South) dichotomy, and that South Indian colour racism is less prevalent than in North India. A majority of responses actually posit that the North/South divide isn’t really relevant any more, and that we’d all do better to put it aside once and for all. Still, without delving into the eighth circle of Internet hell that is YouTube comment threads, it’s clear that there is some genuine animosity and fundamentalism surrounding this issue.

An impartial rundown of the differences can be found at, a Canadian site. It’s a decent effort by a group of clearly dispassionate observers, but I found myself playing devil’s advocate to many of the points. North Indians are taller, stronger and lighter? Perhaps on average, but certainly not as a rule. North Indian women wear salwar kameez and South Indian women wear saris? This becomes less true every day. South Indian food is spicier? Well, maybe. But it’s my belief that it isn’t so much the vista or the buildings or the empty bottles in the street that represent a place, but the people who you are fortunate (or unfortunate) to meet.

At the end of all this, the idea of a North/South divide in India seems ludicrous. If anything, my brief research on the topic simply reinforced my belief that India is a nation of too many different demographics and too much geographical variation to easily categorise. I will approach my trip to Mumbai the same way I approach every new destination: with an attempt at leaving assumptions behind and a daily reminder to trust my instincts, for better or worse.


  • subodh
    26.08.15 04:49 PM
    Hi South indian...specially keralites and tamilnadu are 2 states are different from india.why u south indian comes in north indian states for job.
    if u south indian are thinking that they are capable to stand your self..then tell all your south indian people to come out from north and settle in south india.
  • Pramod From India
    Pramod From India
    24.04.15 06:26 PM
    I am from Maharashtra nd we speak Marathi. I think Maharashtra is more develop than any other North Indian State Or South Indian State So I want Maharashtra as Separate Nation as we dont want to go with South Or North Indian State. And Honestly It is unlikely. Because we all are INDIAN. What if our language, Food is different. So my freind from South North nd my state. Try to be better INDIAN.
  • krishna
    09.10.14 05:38 PM
    I think it's only a matter of time south india will form a new nation. It also makes sense 1.3 billion people can't be ruled by one person. Also Hindi language is being forced on South Indians.
  • Rajpriya
    04.06.13 06:16 PM

    Get to know more about him. Don't commit yourself too soon. Find out if he has proposed to many others too. All depends on where you met him, his family background, where he is employed and so on.

    I may sound a bit too harsh but in todays' world there are more fakes than genuine guys.
  • afrin
    04.06.13 04:51 PM
    hi, my Goddd there are biases and biases.i visited here coz i myself am in a dilemma-going to marry a south indian dude while i am frm Lucknow(North). evn tho he is the one who proposed to me yet keeps on singing the songs of southern girls who take great care of their beauty and health etc etc and when i point out that being a free citizen why doesnt he marry some1 frm his own place then at once he changes the track assuring me that he is fascinated by me and north india and that he is very open minded interested in imbibing and learning more about other cultures and so on.i really dont know what to do, as for me i care nothing about regional divide and all that is why i accepted his interest.
  • Rajpriya
    06.01.13 08:37 AM
    Right now Indians of all ages North, South, East and West are not divided in one single not so great culture.

    It’s taking on such a free for all and rapid momentum soon this culture will replace cricket as India’s national sport. Shame! Shame!

    Guess what?
  • Sumit
    05.01.13 12:09 PM
    Soon, people from East will say that we are better than the north or the south. And west will follow suit. Every region has different cultural identities and beliefs. Keep your feet rooted to your culture but open your mind and heart to others. Good and bad exists everywhere. Societies evolve over time. Any culture which is opposed to absorbing new ideas is going to be narrow and will slowly die. Everyone is more comfortable among their own people, but let us get out if this comfort zone. Let us enrich ourselves and not be restricted to our own narrow well of thoughts and beliefs.
  • vishal
    06.11.12 12:41 PM
    Whether you agree or not. All this depends upon person mentality. I have seen many people who don't care about North/South. While many people do.. First time, I went to South, I was told by some that Punjab people eat always bhatura-channa. Same way, North Indian think that South people eat idli/sambhar.. Also, once I went to South and asked direction from a young guy in English. As I can't speak his language, he told me either I ask him in his language, otherwise he will not tell me. One minute later, one foreigner ask the same guy something in English and this guy happily told him the place.. This was a kind of strange to me. The hatred between North/South is by Political. Also, i was living with a keralite (in U.S.) in same building and once I went to his apartment and he was drinking tea without milk and he told that milk is finished.. I told him, please use mine from refrigerator. Then he said, that Dravidian people don't drink much milk while Aryan people drink because of the cow belt. This really upset me, I offer him help.. instead of saying "thank you", he started insulting me .. Then I bashed him for using Aryan/Dravidian word. I told him that I am Indian and I treat him like this.. If he want to think me as Aryan then he is no more Indian to me. Also, at many instances, I am told by South Indian people that North Indian are poor, dirty, corrupt. My answer to them is that it is India (not north or south). Second I am from Chandigarh "(the city beautiful of India).. Also, I had a very good friend from Chennai and he was more close to me than his friends from South. He was always told by his South friends to avoid me because I am North Indian and I can't be trusted. Also, one of his friend told him that North Indian people don't like dark skin color people and are racist.. When he told me, I felt like kicking that guy (who said this about me). Why people are so so stupid that they think Indians as North/South. My parents are from Himachal, I live in Chandigarh and I know Punjabi, Himachali, Hindi because I was taught them and I never had a chance to learn South Language. For me all languages are cool, I think this is just a political stunt by politician in order to keep people fool. All people have same blood, same organs, same brain. Some may be fair, some may be dark, but it is again a beauty. Look at the eyes of South people, it is very beautiful and expressive. Girls hair is beautiful, skin is very nice.. In sari the south girls look awesome. Why instead of looking at the beauty, we are told to look at the bad things.. Why instead of unity in diversity, our politician are trying to prove diversity in unity.. I am sick of North/South issues.. South people feel it in North, while North people feel this in South.. Problem is from both sides...
  • DennyDurden
    02.11.12 01:57 PM
    @barnaby: The divide definitely exists. I saw almost 15 hindi speaking people come down to kerala and ask a man selling coconuts "theen nariyal or something" in hindi, which he didnt obviously understand, when all they had to do was to show that man three fingers. It is a bit dumb, don't you think? I am saying this because I am not an Indian and i am just a passive observer :)
  • Abhinaya
    25.09.12 09:21 PM
    I am a Keralite. I am an NRI and i spent most most of my childhood in Gulf. Iam currently doing engineering in Chennai.
    In my school in gulf, i studied with ppl from EVERY state - J&K, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Delhi, Assam, Bengal, Maharastra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc etc...there was absolutely no North/South divide between us or our parents...we had great unity. We supported each other n we made fun of each other. "South Indians" know Hindi and "North Indians" know some of the south indian expressions.
    We got along very well...
    So it is amazing that the North/South divide exists in our own homeland when it doesn't exist among Indians outside of it...
    It is confined within India.
  • poornima
    15.07.12 11:59 AM
    there definitely is an issue here. calling it a myth is not gonna help

    i am a south indian, and while working in bangalore, ive faced a lot of discriminating remarks by north indians

    i know a bit of broken hindi and was happy with it till my north indian colleagues insisted that i speak their language flawlessly as a matter of duty for being an indian. one openly laughs how her grandma calls 'you' a madarasi..another informs me that south deities are black because of a guy jokes that south india is not india at all...he also wonders why all famous personalities are north indians and not southies...they enjoy ridiculing south indian accents and english, but the truth is that these people were struggling with issues in their hold of english, themselves and noone judges them

    i dont know if i was unfortunate to be in a company of particularly retarded people who happened to be north indians...i like to beieve so, because i hate the idea of living in a country whose northern half looks down upon the people in south

    but then i hear a lot of other similar stories from the experiences of my friends and relatives..same issues different stories...the number one north indian issue with south india seems to be skin colour. second comes language.

    like i said this issue is real
  • dreadlocks
    12.07.12 02:29 PM
    I lived abroad for a decade, i returned to south india. Outside India, there is no north / south divide.

    But after returning from abroad, I need to be honest the divide between North vs South is much worse than white vs black people in US.

    I break the north indians into two categories, 1) Northies from Delhi 2) Northies from small towns in Hindi Belt.

    Delhi guys are the worst (reminds me of KKK rednecks in southern US), small town guys are respectful, easy to work with.

    These delhi guys have a habit of making fun of other cultures. As Vivekananda said it is a habit of ridiculing everybody and everything.

    And as expected for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction from the southies.

    Hindi speakers from Delhi will come to your town, expect everyone to speak in Hindi. They will not bother to learn a few words of the language or even respect it. then pass some ridiculing comments trying to be funny (e.g. where is your lungi or do you pray muruga?) to cover their own insecurities and piss off the locals and get a reaction from locals similar to what Periyar did in Tamil Nadu. They will conviniently rebrand periyar and his followers as a hitler and teach their kids to hate south indians because they hate us.

    if only delhi guys can speak or respect other languages and acknowledge they are equally contributing to this issue.

    I am yet to come across a North Indian who can speak or even attempt to learn a south indian language properly.

    Majority of Hindi films make funs of south Indians. Telegu, Kannada are forgiven sometimes, but tamil no hostage taken.

    Someone said about marrying a south indian. You have had a positive experience that has lead to a marriage.

    My experience (and several others in this board) has not been positive in India with North Indian (especiallY Delhi guys) and trust me i have seen the world and worked with different cultures.
  • rabikant
    03.03.12 12:02 PM
    hello divya madam very easy to say we are freinds but when you the feel it will know south india should be differnet country how many of people support me pls give a comment
  • rabikant
    03.03.12 11:56 AM
    hi poornima i have a suggestion for you what goutham and shivan write was absolutely right in india narrow minded people are more than broader minded i personally felt the pinch when i was in north india and how they behave to south indian only one sentence madrasi ho.We south indians are not like maharashtra people who thrashed biharis, have you ever heard in south indian north indian people thrashed.south indian people accepted every religion and culture if you say why we dont want to speak hindi as it is a national language but because it is different it is similar to foreign language for us are we forcing any one to speak our language no instead we are talking in english.
  • Rajpriya
    17.02.12 10:00 PM
    To all those hate others:

    Whatever the disagreement is between you and any individual you need to think about is it really worth the hate that is planted in your heart.

    The Christians have it right when they say, “Let go and Let God”.

    Basically what this means is, let go of the disagreement you have with someone in your heart. Say to yourself that God will take care of it.

    Read somewhere long ago
  • Divya
    17.02.12 08:28 PM
    Dear The Southerner,
    I know you think you are very special in your own way as you have mentioned 'THE SOUTHERNER'. Why you are so frustrated over North Indians. No one has dominated anyone; this is your narrow mindedness. Let's be friends and don't fight. As you have mentioned you people are more cultured, open minded and etc. Then be more humble also. This is not against anyone. Cool.
  • The southerner
    The southerner
    17.02.12 07:03 PM
    What Reddy says is 100 percent correct. I have also worked with so many north Indians abroad. They think that the south Indians are ugly creatures. When I worked in Brazil one of my north Indian friend-Well educated, once complained to the other Brazilian friend about me like this. People of his state eats rats.
    We are not writing these kind of things not because of politicians. All because of our personnel experience.
    The problem with northerners is lack of awareness and don't want to learn about anything. Basically fools. That is the reason how the people from south dominates in Delhi. But your heart and mind closed. The person with closed mind set cannot learn anything. What do you know about south Indians? They are clean, Educated, Rich enough, Talented, Hard working open minded more over cultured or try to live with culture. If you go for skin color YES WE ARE BLACK AND WE ARE PROUD OF IT. All bad things spread over to this wonderful country by northerners. Sathi(Bush women with her husband’s bonfire after his death)child marriage(Marry at the age of 6)One girl marry 5 husbands(Still in some parts)Casts, Male dominating society.(By the name of Thaali).finally Dowri.
    Think about it
    Now they are number one in poverty
    Number one in unhygienic habits
    Number one in terror attacks
    Number one in crime against women and children
    Number one in laziness
    Number one in castism
    At what basis you blame the south Indians? Because of your cast, your color, your so-called myth stories. Sorry we live in 21st century. You can’t play this game anymore.
  • Rajpriya
    17.02.12 07:34 AM
    Its quite funny this North/South Divide. Been to many North Indian restaurants in UK, Germany, and Holland. Though I am from South India there was no discrimination or insulting remarks made ever. Me and my whole family frequent them regularly. All of them are so close to us.

    Makes me think this divide is confined only to India.
  • truesouthie
    17.02.12 04:26 AM
    Siddharth, if you really mean what you say, I extend to you, and the North Indians, the hand of friendship on behalf of all the South Indians. Let it be a friendship based on equality, respect and mutual trust.
  • Divya
    31.01.12 08:03 PM

    I completely agree with you. Even I am a Delhite.. Guys please come out of the shell and stop fighting. Rather accept each other's good points and Leave the rest bad points. So that we can stand taller as a country and not as a specific region.
  • Siddharth
    10.01.12 09:36 AM
    South Indians rant too much about North Indians on Internet. Here's a list of their complaints redressed by North Indian Delhi born and brought up guy. Consider this a general purview of answers from North Indians.

    Common Complaints by South Indians.
    (1) North Indians hate us, consider us inferior: First come to Delhi, and look at how your communities are flourishing here. A section of tamilians and keralites are forming backbone of Medical Technologists/Technicians group here. No one bothers them, they are living happily. All Delhites consider them a close knit, law abiding community. Unlike your politicians, no political party here has on agenda, plans to segregate or harass them, or otherwise consider that they are 'threat' to North Indian culture.
    (2) North Indians hate our food: Not a single restaurant here exists that doesn't have Uttapam and Dosa/sambhar on it's menu. No one here thinks that south indian food is 'threat' to our cuisine or that it is invading us.
    (3) North Indians think they are superior, consider us ugly: We don't consider you ugly, infact some of the finest heroines of previous generations like Hema/Meenakshi etc were from South India. We don't consider ourselves superior infact you are working in jobs here that require brain like Medicine, Construction and Education. No one here cares to think even for a second that you're taking our jobs or are 'threat' to our existing jobs pool.
    (4) North Indians rule over south Indians bureaucratically: India is sovereign state, clear division of powers b/w states and center. First look at Armed forces, a decent number of officers are from south. Very less here are aware of fact that south thinks that north rules them.
    (5) North Indians don't learn our language but want us to learn theirs: Your politicians made you think so, no one from Kashmir complains that Hindi is being taught there. So is with Punjab and Himachal. Periyar wanted to rule so he created Aryan Dravidan theory with Brahminical Supremacy added, though there is no scientific/genetic evidence of Aryan Dravidan divide. We want to learn your language infact many of us learn it watching your movies. While watching your movies no one thinks that your movies are ruling over our national network and they are 'threat'.

    No one here thinks even for a second that too many south indians coming over to delhi can be 'threat'. No political party is against them. No delhite considers it offensive it they communicate in their own language yet it laughable that a paranoia down south says north indians are coming, save us, save us. save our language, food, culture, we'll be extinct. Grow up, this is 21st century, an era of cultural assimilation. No one cares if hindi speakers grow or fall short. Infact hindi is fast deriving words from other languages like Tamil, no one is bothered a bit about that. Break walls and let these unprecedented fears out of your mind. Let India Unite!
  • Poornima
    18.12.11 12:21 AM
    @ gautam reddy and arvind shivan, i am a girl who is about to get married to south indian boy, and also re locate to south, with people like you two, I should better break up with him? what do you say?...
  • tys
    28.10.11 11:23 AM
    @reddy and aravind : while we are at this i can piss further than you debate where in we bask in the glorious southness and berate the north, let me ask you one question that has been scratching around in my head after reading you both :

    Are you for real?

    the world has moved on and you guys still got your head buried in things like language, culture , region and jawlines?

    do you realize how juvenile it sounds when you give out testicular challenges to a bunch of people whom you dont know but base it upon your sheer need to stir up the pot based on your own insecurities?

    i fear people like you...the preachers of violence...instead of trying to reach out you push away...

    i have fought along side with friends who were from different part of india...not once did it occur to question which part they came was a non just didnt occur..

    the beauty of that heart shaped country is in its diversity...yet we seem to ignore that and focus only on the dirt..without realizing that its what we are that we normally most identify with...

    iam a mallu and i accept your challenge..

    but do tell me what we are fighting about.
  • Aravind Shivan
    Aravind Shivan
    27.10.11 11:12 PM
    Ya i strongly supports reddy garu my bro, by the way am from kerala. i think the northies are dumbshits with their loud crying noise.they are stupid craps who boast that they are the only beautiful creatures on earth.keralites do have strong chests and sharped jaws than you guys have.And challenging a punjabi will be awsome(by the way he is a fool like his forefathers)too. Accept my testicular challenge? or just run away?
  • Goutham Reddy
    Goutham Reddy
    27.10.11 09:04 PM
    I am goutham reddy from Andhra Pradesh..Some stupid North Indians may not know but for their kind information, Andhra Pradesh is in South India. What I have to say is North Indians are dumb, uncultured,illiterate and nobody can change them. They take credit for what we South Indians achieve just because they come under the same banner "Indians". This is not a language barrier. I get along very well with other South Indians but Northies,, Eww they are just sluts. I love South Indians very much. They are polite, cultured, hygienic, speak better English, better educated over all. I have gone thorough a lot of exposure. I used to think its the west that looks down on us. Now I understand that they respect us. Its North Indians who think the are superior. And we Southies should be ashamed. Most of us think North Indians are better than us. No they are not. Remember. They are dumb. I strongly recommend that we break the country into two. Its Divided we stand united we fall here. Dumb northies will take us down with them. Most of you may think that once started we will keep dividing again and again.But no. The South indians get along well with each other. I am sure South India a will be better developed if all government was not concentrated in the North. Go to hell with you and your ego. YES TO INDEPENDENT NORTH INDIA. We only have 4 states but I think the best 4 states out of 28 should do well...ALONE...So leave us alone.
  • Baba Bihari
    Baba Bihari
    09.09.11 12:10 AM
    Glory to Bihar.
    God Bless india
  • Baba Bihari
    Baba Bihari
    08.09.11 11:57 PM
    North and South Divide is mainly 'coz south Indians are pretty uncomfortable with North and not vice versa. I guess, South Indians are hard working people yet North is not less in any of such parameters. Shame that our narrow minded movies have exploited this divide for their own good. The new generation of Indians can't care less about this.
  • Ashish N S
    Ashish N S
    16.07.11 03:43 PM
    I really want my brothers from both the regions to cross the barriers, meet each other, erase misconceptions and enjoy the great culture. Now days Languagecentric politics is increasing in India which will increase these barriers only.
  • Ashish N S
    Ashish N S
    16.07.11 03:41 PM
    Having North Indian roots it was very difficult for me to adjust in South India earlier. Language, Food, Body Language everything is very dfferent in these two regions.I am from state of Maharashtra who worked in south India for 5 years. After spending 5 years in Bangalore what I will say is South India is well developed than North India. South Indians are the people of ethics & discipline.I salute them.But if I want to raise my children I would prefer the North Indian culture & surrounding. Which makes a person open hearted and bit jollier. But unique thing of North India is it's culture which made many people from various places of world to fall in love with India. they are "zinda dills" means people with live hearts.
  • AussieDesi
    07.01.11 06:17 PM
    Liked your post, and particularly your last point in comments. There will always be something people try and focus on as a "difference".

    I think the initial feelings of difference stems from the ancient Aryan/Dravidian separation, rather than the newly-created geographies of the past couple of decades.

    One for the anthropology PhDs.....
  • Barnaby Haszard Morris
    Barnaby Haszard Morris
    06.01.11 10:55 AM
    If there's one thing over which the North and South can be divided, it's language. As it is, the idea of finding differences with other people simply appeals more to some than finding similarities does, especially when there are ancestral wounds underlying the interaction. I personally don't have much concept of this in my own life and thus find it difficult to relate to, but I can understand the desire for one group of people to look upon another as a cultural Other, be they a 'North Indian' or a white man.
  • Meera
    03.01.11 10:06 PM
    This is interesting. I am a south Indian but I spent my entire childhood living in the north and dealing with stereotypes of a South Indian. Being called "Madrasi" was one of them. No matter which state in peninsular India you may belong to you are still called a Madrasi. The north Indians think we eat nothing but Idli and Dosas for all meals and that all of us are vegetarian! We were also supposed to be people with weird accents. People were often surprised when they heard my perfect English, Hindi and Bangla diction. I also read and write these languages perfectly. But I am yet to come across a north Indian who can speak Tamil or Telugu straight. Worse, they seem to think that they can manage with Hindi. It is hilarious when they try to deal with strangers in Chennai in Hindi and the person in return answers back in English and we have our north Indian brothers/ sisters feeling uncomfortable.. I dont think these differences will ever end. As Kipling says " Oh East is East and West is West never the twain shall meet" In the case of India it would be " Oh north is north and south is south...". We just have to bear the burden of the under development of northern India that keeps us still in the "developing country" category!
  • S.R.Ayyangar
    21.12.10 08:08 PM
    You have done a good analysis on North South divide but the arguments continues with no one relenting. Like Nalini Hebbar,
    my roots are in South (Karnataka) but I was born and brought up in North so much so that I am a Hindi writer as well having my book in Hindi got published!
  • Prashant Jain
    Prashant Jain
    16.12.10 02:11 PM
    Just putting in my 2 bits here.. Can claim to know abt this divide as my Dad's from Uttar Pradesh, Mom's a pucca Maharashtrian Brahmin and my wife's a Tamilian!

    There is no divide..superficially people are a bit different, moulded by geography, culture, weather etc..but underneath the skin all Indians are alike..we think the same way have more or less the same values..sure some wear saree's right side and some left side..some wear dhoti's and some wear lungi's..but essentially we're the same.
  • Barnaby Haszard Morris
    Barnaby Haszard Morris
    16.12.10 01:37 PM
    Rajuda, that sounds like a great idea! Perhaps you should have a crack at it?

    Nalini, you have certainly lived a varied life, and it's evident that a few borders don't mean that much to you personally. Great to see.

    Iniyaal, I think your comment sums up the entire concept beautifully!
  • nalini hebbar
    nalini hebbar
    12.12.10 11:03 AM
    Patronizing any culture is narrow-mindedness...every culture develops due to its ambient environment, the food, dress and skin colour too are location specific.
    I was born in Kerala but studied in Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Karnataka and Gujarat and at present live in Andhra Pradesh. I love each one of them mainly because they are different. I wouldn't have been able to cherished my stay in each one of them if they were all identical! Each have a flavour and aroma that I can anytime close my eyes to relive even today.
    There is good and and bad in every culture...but the bad is 'relative' and is so for it is judged by a biased mind..if it has worked for them. who are we to judge to crucify? WE have to learn to live and let live...and also to live with, to mingle and imbibe, to adapt and is easier to find similarities and laugh together about the differences!
  • Iniyaal
    11.12.10 08:06 PM
    As long as I was comfortably living in India, I did not know about the North-South divide. But the long stint abroad brought the harsh realities right before my face in the form of room mates from various states. You know what? Bengali cooking is more to the taste's of South indians(atleast keralaites and Tamilians); maharastrians are not considered as part of North India by many people in Gujarat/Rajasthan; South indians are perceived to be fat by one of my bengali room mate, East indians think outh Indian food is mostly sour :) and so on goes the list :) But beyond all this, every one of my room mate has been a joy to be with and we have always had a wonderful time together.
  • Rajuda
    11.12.10 09:03 AM
    Isn't time someone took a look at the East-West divide, where the heterogeneity is far more striking at the the cultural, linguistic, demographic and even political levels. But the real divide, according to me, lies within New Delhi, not knowing where it really belongs!
  • Barnaby Haszard Morris
    Barnaby Haszard Morris
    10.12.10 06:25 PM
    Aniruddh, I'm glad to hear you appreciated the article! Am curious to know, though, how do you think it's violent? It certainly wasn't intended as such - a little crude and confused, maybe!

    deeptha, thank you very much. I'm glad that some reverence for India comes through, because I certainly intend it that way. More will be forthcoming for sure!
  • deeptha
    10.12.10 01:11 PM
    Hi morris, nice post. Belive you have reverence for india and its historical value..

    Thanks expecting your eloborate blog posts(upcoming)! Take care..
  • Aniruddh Tare
    Aniruddh Tare
    10.12.10 10:05 AM
    It's actually very sad to know that a country which is known for "Unity in Diversity" is now creating differences within it. No religion preaches creating differences and also this article reminded me of the movie "Fight Club" which spreads a message that "Everyone is the same" by violent but a very effective way.

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