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Naked Games

Naked Games

April 06, 2011

Baring all for one's country? It's just not cricket, or is it?

I don't understand cricket. Could never get the unnecessary passion behind 2 guys whacking a ball with a piece of wood and 11 guys running around trying to catch it. It seemed as stupid as that other game where 22 morons run after one ball.

All that changed with the promise made by one Miss Poonam Pandey.

Any game that promises to have a naked woman at the end of it, is a great game in my book. That was all the motivation I needed.

I was cheering myself stupid for India all day during Saturday's final.

My eyes are however yet to be rewarded for the effort.

I like naked women.

I cant really explain why.

Its one of those things that defies logic. I like women but naked ones are better. Somehow better. Beats me why. Naked men don’t hit the right note but naked women are another story all together.

Anyhow. The important lesson here is that it got me watching cricket.

I still don’t get it, but the anticipation for the rewards of sitting through it is just great.

Its my opinion that there should be a naked woman at the end of every effort.

Women are great motivators.

Every one might think that it was dedication, patriotism and team work that won the day for India but we men know the truth.

It was Poonam.

She’s our Evita. Our lady of liberty. The shining Icon of everything great about a woman. Her body.

Of course the Indian middle class morality might be offended because according to us, naked women are a myth. They don’t exist. This, of course, is western propaganda. Any woman comfortable in her own skin is answerable to the society of fat holy cows who dictate her fate.

Indian woman. Symbol of purity and chastity.

What does nakedness have to do with that? Purity then must be dependent on the layers of clothes that cover it.

Hmmm ... doesn't sound right, does it?

If a girl wants to strip, I feel that Indian society should stand back and let her.

After all she’s doing it for her country. Others blow themselves up among others for the same reasons. This is a far better option.

Wars could have been ended this way.

What if George Bush said that he would strip himself naked if Osama Bin Laden wasn't found in a weeks time? History might have been different.

I think this Poonam girl is onto something.

She could be the answer to world hunger.

Mamta Banerjee promises to strip naked if the hungry Indian mass are not fed.

Religious intolerance.

Manmohan Singh threatens the full monty if the one thousand religions of India don’t bury the hatchet and promise to live in peace and let others live in peace.

World peace.

Abdul J Kalam decides to get into the picture by baring it all if the world leaders don’t get into one room and come out with a solution.

Poonam could be the new age Gandhi. Her idea could get results for age old problems. Fast.

I say let her do what she wants to do. Lets cheer her on instead of judging her.

From my side, I promise to strip naked in public if India ever loses another world cup.

There! that should solve that problem. 


  • tys
    18.04.11 07:31 PM
    @lisa : how does persons action or words effect a whole gender of a society? I really dont think anyone out there is judging indian women as a whole becoz of one woman who happens to be an indian.
  • Lisa
    18.04.11 07:05 PM
    Too bad its a disgrace for Indian women.
  • tys
    12.04.11 06:20 PM
    @maria: thats me for u...never getting to the point...i was actually pretty disappointed with poonam for not liberating her enclosed attributes..but then her need had been met so why bother selling out on something that can be used as a bait later on? Iam with her on that too..i guess the world will fall in line untill on day we will stand as a nation free of hunger, greed and corruption , getting our eye full of poonam in her birthday suit...

    @ritu : u did raise a pertinent question. i have no idea...why is all our sports based around balls? it a complex...something psychological perhaps?...maybe some sort of oedipus syndrm? havent the foggiest idea..
  • Rituparna
    06.04.11 03:41 PM
    Lovely ! N in what gr8 spirit. N seriously what is it with guys n balls. Now thaz a different story isn't it?
  • Maria
    06.04.11 06:53 AM
    Loved it! This is the first piece I read of yours and I am waiting for more. You are doing a lil bit of making fun of, yet supporting Poonam. Just when the reader feels you are on her side, you turn the tables. Wonderful flow of words. Simple yet gets the point across. And loved the usage 'fat holy cows'...LOL

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