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Indians That Are Too Cool For School

Indians That Are Too Cool For School

November 26, 2011

A cool generation (of mean, selfish, bitchy, reckless, vulgar, obnoxious and profane dudes and divas) awakens!

About half a century ago, soon after World War II, there was the generation of rebels that gave birth to jazz and rock in the west, and a socialist movement (which later became naxalism) in India. This bunch of rebels had a set of social and political values that they stood for; an anti-war sentiment, socialism and equality being their favorites.

The generation of rebels saw Jayaprakash Narayan, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon as their Gods. This generation advocated free love, freedom of speech and human rights. This generation had its own bunch of thinkers that made them intellectually respectable. They were too naive and simplistic in their outlook. But they had hope. They believed that they could save the world!

Like every other revolution in the history of human civilization, this revolution too, fell - at our very doorsteps. Hope turned into cynicism. It is sad but true, that the ideas of freedom, laid by some of the greatest thinkers of our time, have since gone down the drain.

In India, a vast majority of our urban youth wants to be cool. I often wonder, what does it mean to be cool? In the context of India, someone who is cool must have a terrific body, should be confident, and be dressed in line with the latest fashion trends. The ‘cool’ dude or diva should (ironically) appear to be uninterested in fashion and in being cool.

It is cool to hang around with friends, preferably of the opposite gender who, in turn, are all cool. It is cool to be seen drinking the right stuff. It is cool to speak the right version of English slang with obscene abusive words. A whole generation is becoming pretentious. Well, pretention is the ‘non-cool’ word for ‘cool’.

This is the case with most metros in India. In every nook and corner of Indian metros, you’ll find groups of young men and women who despise everything Indian. They criticize Indian roads, Indian traffic, Indian trains, Indian politicians and even Indian food (too oily, too spicy, too down-market).

They watch the latest Hollywood films no matter how stupid some of them are. They dance to the tune of the same rock music which is rocking across night clubs in USA. Well, this is the cool, mean, time-pass generation, which drinks beer, utters the f*** word in every other sentence and cracks jokes about everything and everyone.

It is ironic that these cool dudes and divas consider themselves intellectually superior than the poor countryside counterparts, who speak English with a regional accent, do not know how to use cosmetics the right way, do not read the latest junk literature, and believe in this land and its values. These poor young men and women believe in hard work, personal sacrifice, devotion, submission and love.

Well, all said and done, not every metro boy or girl is mean, selfish, bitchy, reckless, vulgar, obnoxious and profane. While the number of cool mean guys and gals is growing, they surely don’t outnumber the majority of the youth of India. Unless you are living in a rich locality in Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi, you can look around and see that these dudes and divas are far outnumbered by the cultured, family-oriented, well-behaved, nice boys and girls. These are the people who contribute in the development of society, the nation building process.

Unfortunately, the media; both print and television, is busy glorifying the degenerate crowd. Films and TV shows seem to convey the impression that modern life is valueless and unethical, which is not the right thing to do. Advertisements promote this. It is understandable that many young and insecure boys and girls are falling prey to the grand carpet bombing of propaganda, just to fit in.

Yet, there is still hope. Nothing based on pretention can last long. The roots of this culture and its values run deep in our veins. Clouds cannot prohibit sunrise. With this hope, and with simple living and high thinking, let’s march ahead towards a better and glorious future.

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  • Khadija
    19.04.13 11:22 AM
    I've never lived in India, but I spent about a year-and-a-half in Delhi recently, and I was appalled by the speech of the young English-speaking people there. And their general attitude. Quite terrible.
  • ajit
    24.01.12 12:28 PM
    i feel that this whole article is spot on , not only in india but in every country , especially more economically developed countries . Me i myself am 17 and i experience this life almost everyday.
  • Rajendra Raikwar
    Rajendra Raikwar
    08.12.11 02:29 PM
    nice one
  • Jaai
    30.11.11 12:50 PM
    I grudgingly accept that it is true. There really is no hope for most of the SoBo teens, for instance.
  • gaurav
    30.11.11 10:14 AM
    Your take on the current generation of cool dude and divas is interesting. But this problem is the same in other parts of Asia Pacific where you could replace everything Indian in your article with Chinese or Thai or Malay or Philipino and the problem (if you call it so).
  • SJC
    30.11.11 03:28 AM
    the tyranny of globalised, vacuous cool...

    the ppl you describe seem to be trying too hard, a bit too desperate, and undergoing some sort of identity crisis. but then western culture doesnt exactly promote indian (or indeed non western) culture in a positive light so thats not much of a surprise.

    i would have thought there was enough in indian films (not mainstream bollywood, but alternative indian cinema, both present, and the new indian cinema of the 50s/60s) and indian music that could/should be reevaluated as cool. there must be pockets of india that arent as full of self hatred as you write, no?
  • Jayanth Tadinada
    Jayanth Tadinada
    29.11.11 03:59 PM
    Unenlightened people, urban or rural are equally useless and by sheer numbers, the rural boys will beat the urban ones :P
  • sush
    28.11.11 04:54 PM
    An absolute awakened voice which unfortunately is seldom understood by the "cool" people. Simple living and high thinking is a concept difficult to digest when someone is exposed to the luxuries and ultra modern concepts that are so distracting.
  • jo
    27.11.11 05:59 PM
    this is stil only a phase,and eveyrone grows out of it before thyre 25, but maybe some rich folks live that lifestyle til thyre 40
  • akilavenkat09
    27.11.11 11:56 AM
    A timely article Saurav! The world id in dire need of such thought-provoking posts. Very well chosen words, crisp and to the point!
    My point- I am too self absorbed in my own evolution to even bother about such fake people around me. I live and let live. But I guess learning how 'not to be' from them woulddo me some good. I enjoyed the article all the way!
  • Emmy
    27.11.11 08:39 AM
    Nice post.... my view- if you look for bad... bad is all you will see...look at the good in the world.. and it will be all you see..
  • Shreya
    26.11.11 11:15 PM
    I'd like to get up and scream "Stereotyping!!!"...but there is some level of truth, however sad it may be.

    But then again, there is always hope :)
  • Cameron
    26.11.11 07:18 PM
    Love this site, but sorry, this article has almost no substance to it. It comes across as reactionary but with no advice or solution.

    I read something like this, "Kids these days! Why are they so mean to me?!?"

    What Indian youth, these days, really reminds me of is what happened to Japan in the past 10 years or so. Abandoning what their parents held dear; excessive education, workalcoholism, psudospirituality. So they make an attempt to attach onto something else.
  • beinghindu
    26.11.11 06:15 PM
    good one!!!
  • Seema
    26.11.11 08:35 AM
    nice article

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