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The Great Indian Circus

The Great Indian Circus

April 19, 2011

The green-eyed monster behind your god men allergy.

I have been silent last week.

No. Really.

I took on this advanced course in the Art of Living which involved maintaining silence for four days.

Is it just me or are there others out there who think that theres something weird about doing a 'course' in the art of living. Hell, if you breathe, you are alive, stupid.

Anyways. It was nice.

Saw a lot of butt cracks.

There should be a law against people doing yoga wearing low waist track pants and short t shirts. Silence doesn't help either.

The thing about Art of Living and Sri squared Ravi Shankar is that you get what you paid for. It’s absolute value for money. They have an agenda and they need money for it and they are selling you a ticket to enlightenment. I like it. It’s in some ways very honest.

The rich shall gain heavens and the meek will be the only ones remaining to inherit the earth. How poetic.

If you are an obnoxious, anti religious, anti cult, anti social being like me, then all you need to do is skim away the guruji nonsense, learn the skills, thank the dude and move on.

I have nothing against people who walk around with a look like they are having their nether regions tickled.

Truly I have nothing against this.

Each one to themselves.

But I understand this obsession with God men.

They seem to be the only ones who seems to be getting any action.

I just have no idea why people are so bothered by this.

I have seen no job description of a Hindu god man that says that he cannot have sex. There are no commandments that state that the day one joins the saffron brigade, one has to curl up ones ding dong and put up a ‘Not In Operation’ sign on it. I don’t understand the fuss. The clans in the Mahabharata started with the progenies of a Vyasa Munni.

I do know what the real problem here is.

You guys are just jealous, aren't you?

You just cant stand the fact that there could be guileless, vulnerable women out there who will do it to you and still worship you, if only you were a god man. You are green with jealousy. You are Incredible Hulk green. You just cant stand it. No wonder you are ready to rip apart a man and a woman having consensual sex and the only problem you can find is that he is a god man. If you are going to use the argument that these guys are exploiting the vulnerability of these women, then I will kick you in the groin.

Which one of you has not used the vulnerability of a woman?

We are constantly exploiting vulnerability. Each time you turn on the TV your vulnerability is being exploited. The marriage that you hold so dear is vulnerability being exploited. Your religion, your politics, your relationships, your roles as parents, your status as a child are all thriving on exploitation of the said vulnerability. So boo hoo to your crocodile tears for the vulnerable woman in the man's bed.

So admit it. Go on. You are so jealous. But if you are into orgies, then become a politician.

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  • Sushil
    10.05.12 03:26 PM
    Come to think of it, the only reason we, so called humans, are on this planet is to do three things - eat, sleep and procreate. Rest is all cosmetic. And, whatever we do are merely means to achieve these three objectives.

    So, whoever it is - a Holyman, politician or just an ordinary guy/girls, what difference does it make? Good luck to everyone who achieves the ultimate Nirvana. Why not?
  • Rajpriya
    10.05.12 11:06 AM
    Why is uncurling a puny Holy ding-dong considered bad? There are worse things to be condemned in this world than a divine erection. It could get women nearer to Heaven. To hell with all those who are against imaginative and reproductive creators who use their dicks-if the outcome will be little babas? A world full of holy men would be a better place to live in at least. Dildos don’t create humans. Why does the law think that a rapist’s enemy is his dick and punishes him for using it?

    What a hilarious ordeal it could be for the Border Agency to watch all the holy men pass through the Body Scanner (that has been found OK to use) with their puny ding-dongs curled on a stick. I would pass off peacefully with my sides cracking.
  • tys
    10.05.12 02:34 AM
    :) actually some of them do...really...they curl their ding dongs on a stick .... its like their dicks are their enemy...they forget that lust is in the head...punishing their puny dicks is , i guess , a validation to us...when did sex become a bad thing? Its the nearest thing to the creator, we can ever hope to be.
  • Atheist Indian
    Atheist Indian
    10.05.12 12:10 AM
    "curl up ones ding dong"
    This will probably be the last mental image as I die laughing.
  • tys
    11.08.11 02:20 PM
    @bhawani : does that make the 10% honest and poor? question is why shud the god men not be rich and have plenty of sex? is there a holy men rule book that says they should not be?

    basically they too are in a business...the business of strenghtening your lack of self esteem...they play to ur dependency on concepts created by your fears...they give u answers to questions that u already have answers for...they exist because theres a demand for why blame them? they are created in ur image...who is the corrupt then?

    a seller of concepts is a dream peddler ...he becomes insignificant when u wake up..

    until then, let them have some fun...
    11.08.11 08:16 AM
    this is 90% of baba,s are crupted and money maker.

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