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Idiots In A Box!

Idiots In A Box!

February 04, 2013
Ten things that are wrong with Indian Television.

Once upon a time there was Chitrahaar, Reporter, Tara, Hum Panch and some more of their kind. These names don't need an introduction. They have been fossilized in layers of our memories, to travel with us through time. And space.

It was a perfect beginning to a fairy-tale. Years later, we're not anywhere close to perfection. Indian Television has drifted to become an epitome of mess. Only we could have ruined such a brilliant start and brought it to where it stands today. Here are ten things that are wrong with Indian Television today -

1- The Saas-Bahu Saagas which portray an Indian family of at least twenty people living in a huge mansion, running a successful family business with a few members as dark as carbon and others with hearts of gold. Believable? I don't think so!

2- The Traditional Indian Television Bahu loves her sarees and jewelry so much that she can't even part with them when she is sleeping. She is the one who gets up at 5 a.m. to do all the household chores, worship the lords and then sends the husband off to work. She chooses to be a home-maker and invariably gives up her career to prepare round chapatis for her family. She is the perfect daughter-in-law even though she might not be a perfect wife. Who cares for the wife anyways - the perfect daughter-in-law is more in demand. We portray, by way of example that women should handle their married lives in a particular stereotyped manner, to become perfect daughter-in-laws. And we don't stop there. We expect real women, to behave exactly in the manner the ones in these soaps do. Are these soaps not at fault here? Don't they preach that women should follow a predefined format to live their lives? And then, we talk about gender equality and women rights.

3- The Vamp, invariably is the working woman who has a little less time for her husband, who is a complete loser looking around for love because the wife is everything he is not capable of handling. Here again, the woman is to be blamed for every wrong the man commits. Brilliant, and in line with our age old traditions.

4- Reality TV - Copy-Paste-Crap all aped from the West and topped with an overdose of unnecessary emotion and drama. They say it takes brilliance to even attempt to copy from something that is worth a re-make. Isn't there a single creative mind in the entire industry to start afresh and come up with something original or at-least ape with an open mind?

5- Cheap Stand-Up Laughter Shows might still be considered a dosage of laughter. But really, who are we kidding? What is a comedy that can't be watched with kids around? In case you still want to classify these as comic, try watching Archana-Puran-Singh howl in happiness and I am sure it'll become comic to tragic in five seconds flat!

6- Absence of Sitcoms hurts me the most and this is why we all shamelessly download foreign ones. Who needs a full bucket of tears and a trunk of tension (which the Television gives in abundance) after a hard day at work?

7- News or Make-Believe - We don't know. Headlines flash with a breaking news every few minutes. A girl being molested in the by-lanes of Guwahati gets a prime time slot. They film the incident, but not rescue the poor soul. News stories and TRPs are the only things that count. Humanity is non-existent. The government scans what should go out and what should remain hidden under wraps. Ah, and everyone claims they were the first to air a particular story.

8- A Thousand Splendid Episodes of a show but it doesn't make a difference if you miss a few. A few deaths, generation shifts and plastic surgeries later, the story still remains the same. It doesn't matter if you miss it for an entire year. It’ll take just another episode to solve the jigsaw of new faces and places. Whatever happened to the 'Quality over Quantity' theory?

9- Scarce and Few Winners save us from the daily trauma, once in a while. It could be a season of KBC, or Satyamev Jayate. But Indian Television can't glide smoothly if such shows are so few and scarce.

10- A few minutes of a program and an equal amount of time for advertisements isn't making things any easier for the average Indian Television viewer.


  • Rajpriya
    11.02.13 08:27 AM

    "Now in almost every serial, men are there for namesake, all decisions are made by women, good or bad."

    Well! If women are able to make better decisions than the namesake men it could be a dangerous trend.

    Wake up men get better education to be able to make better decisions otherwise get sentenced to the kitchen for life.
  • Dr.B&gt;S&gt;Rawat
    11.02.13 08:10 AM
    Now in almost every serial, men are there for namesake, all decisions are made by women, good or bad.
    And a new method of stealing more advertisement time, just small strips on sides while the main scenes are playing. So the message is, do whatever you can and earn money
  • Hari
    11.02.13 07:35 AM
    could not agree more....and the sad part is that we have even come to mimic what we see on air
  • salim loonat
    salim loonat
    07.02.13 08:57 AM
    11 and most horrible of all is all the charector are heavily bleached and massivily makeup, even cleaner ladies and grannys are tuned up to look white.if your skin is not WHITE you cant have a role in any serial.
  • tys
    06.02.13 02:28 PM
    remember Nukkad?

    and i also recall one particular night where they showed adult movies on was the highlight of our teenage life..
  • Priyanka
    05.02.13 03:29 AM
    I used to love hum paanch and dekh bhai dekh and aahat etc. For the lack of a better word the shows these days are just a whole load of fucking shite. From the vomit inducing and cringy saans bahu non-sense to the whole reality tv phenomena. On one hand ppl are up in arms about aping the west but see no problems in having sunny leone in big boss. This is one more reason im glad im in the uk and not in india.
    05.02.13 01:06 AM
    @ Akanksha

    I couldn't agree more on all the point you made on Indian TV. I think joe public have low expectation in India when it comes to TV. Last time I watched Indian TV was back end of Mar 2012 and decided it was waste of time. No more after that.

    Do you not think that Indian TV producer are selling us a bike when we want a car.

    Nice one .

  • Amit
    04.02.13 09:01 PM
    Its better to switch off television nowadays for some peace of mind.
  • Nalini
    04.02.13 05:39 PM
    Very true and well enumerated. I miss the hum log and other good serials. you did not comment on the numerous devi devta shows.the films and the music and songs are just the same. this costs less and can be switched off at will.
  • Mayank
    04.02.13 05:14 PM
    Points Taken. These things are wrong with Indian Telly,however it serves the Demands of the Indian Telly viewer. These people are earning profits, that explains a pool of such channels and shows following the same model.
  • Bharat
    04.02.13 04:27 PM
    Indian TV industry reflects how its Economy delinks Value Creation & Wealth Generation!
  • Rickie Khosla
    Rickie Khosla
    04.02.13 03:30 PM
    Though, I think the bigger idiots are all of us - who watch and complain. Rather than switch off.
  • Dr.B&gt;S&gt;Rawat
    04.02.13 08:04 AM
    They are there to earn money, they have plenty of buyers and these fun lovers are ready to swell their bank accounts. Media is no more social and educative, audience is not willing to change.
  • Bee
    04.02.13 02:29 AM
    I cannot agree more. and my MIL hogs the TV all the time to watch these duds :(

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