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Artsy Airheads

Artsy Airheads

January 19, 2012

Conceit and pride: the daily nutrition of arts students.?

Disclaimer: The opinions mentioned below are extremely shallow, arrogant and MINE ALONE. They do not reflect the opinion of any moderator or author (except me). The following is strictly a coarse rant and not for the faint hearted or egoists (or arts students - who usually have both traits).


Arts students are insightful revolutionaries, with delightfully radical ideas that will change the world.

Such is their delusion.

You know who piss me off (besides everybody)? Arts students. Especially, the literature pursuing types.

I hate arts. Not the typical arts-is-for-inferior-minds hate. I hate arts because of the new breed of smug-bastards that infest it. Especially, those literature pursuing types. Priorly, arts students were looked down upon, because it required low grades and even lower intellect (which is completely true) which is completely wrong on humanitarian grounds. But now they deserve it. Every bit of it. Especially, the literature pursuing types.

(For the sake of this article ‘arts students’ means literature pursuing types)

All college freshmen are annoying, by default. It’s the dangerous blend of school-graduating conceit and pride of admission in college that makes them feel supreme. Their utter ignorance of reality and heart full of unrealistic dreams makes them act like pompous primates. That’s just the regular variety.

Arts student are of an extraordinary variety of imbeciles who suffer from acute narcissism while their souls starves for respect and acknowledgement - which no one gives them. They adopt a radically hilarious personality to look sophisticated and speak excessively proper English with irksome eloquence - as if they were the love child of Shakespeare and Jane Austen, conceived with poor judgment on prom night.

These aspiring laureates, in college, delve into their curriculum with animated gusto and pretentiously indulge in all things artsy. Their journey of lifelong snobbery begins with hating contemporary writers while secretly enjoying chick lit (literature for dimwits). Then, they suddenly start reading books of foreign writers who aren’t even famous in their own country and write verbose garbage; later quote their ambiguous lines on Facebook to seem well read. This self-glorification continues with listening to needlessly sad English songs and non-conformance to mainstream music, which also extends to movies. Their movie preference changes with shunning all mainstream cinema due to their sudden fondness for foreign movies which aren’t in English. By then, some foreign language has tickled their fancy, like French or German which becomes their new passion and only words expressed in that language truly touches their heart. “Bonjour!” F**k off.

It’s all about overwhelming feelings and profound words with these severe type of know-it-all’s. That’s why men who pursue arts are tagged massive pussies. These ‘artsholes’ pretend to have elusive knowledge about EVERYTHING, while practically knowing nothing. With their constant practice of dissecting perfectly intelligible literature into vague spiels, they are trained to create flowery theories which can never be practically applied. They are masters of inconclusive bullshit. Five minutes in their company and you will face a life altering question: murder or suicide?

Want proof? Try this test.

I cleverly call it the ‘Lit Must Test’! LOL! Get it? Literature Mus… yeah, so, go to Facebook. Seek out and add a literature student. Regardless of gender, you will find them all cocky. Upon addition to their virtual life, jump to an evaluation process commonly called Facebook stalking. Go through their wall. I assure you, you will find something like this:

“Whatever we may do or attempt, despite the embrace and transports of love, the hunger of the lips, we are always alone. I have dragged you out into the night in the vain hope of a moment's escape from the horrible solitude which overpowers me. But what is the use! I speak and you answer me, and still each of us is alone; side by side but alone.” - Guy de Maupassant

What just raped your brain is an actual post by an actual literature student being actually annoying on my profile. I’m actually pissed off and need some meditation.

(5 hrs later)

You will never find ONE arts student who doesn’t wish to write a book or doesn’t claim to hold an opinion directly opposite to popular belief on ANY topic. Their unanimously clichéd dreams and long-winded whining about arbitrary thoughts has always irated my inner Hulk and I wish Hitler was still alive and we were friends.

Arts students are so self-important they can’t even stand each other. That’s why pages like ‘Literature Students Who Hate Literature Students’ exist on Facebook with no Science or Commerce variation of the same. Why do arts students need to rub their academic pursuits in the face of EVERYBODY to such wannabe extents where they say “excuse me” to auto drivers and “thank you” to street vendors, which is nowhere close to polite and looks plain weird. I don’t think engineering students ever sit in autos and start explaining the motor mechanism to the driver. Being a commerce student, I never went to a street vendor and asked him if he maintains proper books of accounts. Then, WHY, WHY MUST ARTS STUDENTS BE SUCH PROUD NINCOMPOOPS!?

This elite group of idiots who demand your respect for making negligible contributions to society, and wish to cover up their real-world ineptitude with grandiloquence should be treated with the contempt they deserve. If your child is headed towards arts, you are failing as a parent. Like this girls parents (must watch).

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  • Atheist Indian
    Atheist Indian
    07.03.12 11:57 PM
    As a humanities student (since I picked Sociology, I have no idea you consider me an 'arts student' or not), I am guilty of a few things. Like, not spking lyk tiz on teh webz. Enjoying rock, jazz or classics rather than mainstream rap/hip hop music, which I must say, is an insult to music. I also enjoy world movies, since they provide a much better film watching experience than commercial Indian or Hollywood cinema.

    But at the end of the day, I have an active and vibrant social life with a job that I really enjoy and pays me far higher than the country average, as opposed to being an IT geek who works in a humdrum offices, couldn't get a girl to save his life and complains all day about how arts students are pussies.
  • apoorv kashyap
    apoorv kashyap
    28.01.12 01:30 PM
    Firstly, I am a Commerce - Specifically marketing.Still continuing my learning process even after completing my post graduation and job.
    The quest for knowledge and the respect for intellect is something that knows nothing about the streams (arts,commerce or science) all that matters is **KNOWLEDGE ON THE SUBJECT/DOMAIN**

    talking about art students...
    some facts:-

    Studies show that students of the arts in all disciplines outperformed their non-arts peers on the SAT by 91 points in 2009.

    Numerous studies affirm that students who receive music education in school improve their SAT and ACT scores in math, foreign language and creative writing.

    Employment in arts-related jobs are set to rise 16% through 2016, which is faster than the national average in most fields.

    Nationally, the nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $166.2 billion in economic activity every year.

    Its not the question of one's own interpretation about some stream - opinions vary, experience vary and so does the beliefs.
    As per me, I don't think that arts students are any where close to what is written in the above **CRAP**

    they are in a field which requires continuous research and questions to be raised upon the masterpieces of the early world - in a healthy way.

    having an opinion is every one's right.
    be it for a statement, statements, view,views, or for that matter every damn thing in the world.

    Writing something like whats mentioned above, only shows that even the author has an opinion about everything in this world which is not wrong.

    Generalizing things creates a problem in our society resulting in an imbalance which further creates negativity in the minds of people making them feel superior than others.

    I am expressing my opinion.
    I dont give a rats ass about what the author or anybody else feels about my opinion. Its independent and is absoulutely based on facts and my experieces.


    What others think of you is none of your business, carry on the way you live your life.

    and for all the people who disagree on the statements made by me or the author please read this -

    "Never hate those people who are jealous of you but respect their jealousy because they are the ones who think that you are better than them."
  • SJC
    23.01.12 11:32 PM
    i agree with vivek. not sure arts students apparently being a bit pretentious is any worse than doctors/science/medical professionals etc getting to feel all superior because their inherent superiority is held up by asians worldwide! this is just the occupation wars anyway, certain people just hate people from the opposite fields, and vice versa. i remember taking a doctor friend to a writers house once, and he was just severely irritated by the fact there were - GASP - actual paintings on the walls lol.
    23.01.12 10:33 PM
    You sir are absolutely right, if I must say so. hahahahaha ( don't forget to add a bit of english-ness/tone to above haha to be a love child of shakespeare and jane Austen). :)

    They are a bit of pompous gits. Nice one. :)
  • srinivas
    23.01.12 05:45 PM
    why art students do not take criticism against them. but they are in forefront to crticise others. nice article man.
  • Aadithyan Mohan K.
    Aadithyan Mohan K.
    23.01.12 02:50 AM
    Also, Artshole, whoever you are, *fistbump*. Well played.
  • Aadithyan Mohan K.
    Aadithyan Mohan K.
    23.01.12 02:48 AM
    Well, he lives in a rather smallish type world doesn't he? And he's potentially been dumped/rejected/in-unrequited-love-and-frustrated by a literature pursuing type. He doesn't know that Hitler was an art student (which I admit explains a lot of things: When you think about getting rejected by art school twice and then having sat around for years getting frustrated, I would have been pretty pissed too. I just would have had a drink, not engage in racial genocide. Because that's not my kind of thing.), some one should have told the poor chap. But then I gather he's not particularly bright. Rather dim methinks, when you take into account that he can't understand basic courtesy. Which I believe he thinks is a made up word, based on the fact that his understanding of the world is a bit skewed. This may be his opinion, but what is in fact clear is the total and complete veracity (to start using his big words. Shhhh! Play along!) in the knowledge that this man, has a brilliant little world built in his head. Where he lives and breathes, while stumbling around shut-eyed in ours.

    P.S. This is addressed to people who've read this tripe. Not for you Arijit old bean, just in case you hadn't realised. I would have tried explaining it to you, but as I've gathered, you're brain is akin to a bit of used toilet paper. I can smell it rotting over the internet. Enjoy your trash if you will, don't shovel it in cyberspace.
  • anjani
    22.01.12 06:41 AM
    biglove@the part about all new college students being annoying - you nailed the reason too - this article is hilarious
  • Matt Luther
    Matt Luther
    21.01.12 07:10 AM
    Maybe if young Arijit had studied the arts he would be capable of constructing a coherent sentence. I can't tell if he's not a native English speaker, or just an idiot, but this article is an embarrassment.
  • Jaai
    20.01.12 12:59 PM
    IN YOUR FACE ARTS HATER. Nobody loves you. :)

    P.S. I don't have too many quote-status-updates, and most of them contain humour almost everyone can understand. :| But then, I am not the literature pursuing types. :) Some of them are annoying, though. Mostly because they don't understand what they're talking about.

    And, just because you weren't brave enough to pursue Arts (likes History, uses no abbreviations), doesn't mean all those who were are pussies. :) Best of luck with replying to the other comments. :)
  • Artshole
    19.01.12 11:07 PM
    I’ll tell you what literature students can do. They can be complete artsholes. I quite like that word. We can deconstruct your argument and shove aporias of Wittgensteinian magnitude towards you to lament why your never read Schopenhauer. We can slide ourselves swiftly inside this rigmarole of a palaver you have created and sketch out Lacanian roots of your apparent vulgarity. We can surreptitiously steal the privileged position you hold as the author of this work and convince you of a better existentialist way to proclaim your idiocy. We can make a film about you in a language you understand that you can’t comprehend. We can wear Victorian era gowns and still fuck without prophylactics. And of course we can do that in twelve languages. We can paraphrase programming codes and give them a happy moustachioed ending and, I swear to God, wouldn’t you hate them. We can talk about you. But we’d do that after we’ve finished this book we’re reading.
  • Vivek Iyer
    Vivek Iyer
    19.01.12 09:22 PM
    Though I completely agree with Mr. Patwa, still couldn't stop myself from commenting solely for the sadistic pleasure that this article seems to toss out for free right from the title. You don't get that opportunity always.

    Well, now back to the point, this whole country needs to DESPERATELY get over the fact that Engineering students are supreme. You may formally distance you anti-artistic views from that conventional rotten attitude, but every line of your article screams otherwise.

    I guess its better to stop my comment here.

    P.S. Arjith, Thanks for that rare opportunity :)
  • Deepak
    19.01.12 11:31 AM
    @Shirish: LOL and Hell yes ! but we should not promote this strange thing, though it is not worth commenting. it is worth objecting :P
  • shirish patwa
    shirish patwa
    19.01.12 10:25 AM
    The article is not worth commenting.What I deplore more is the language.It reflects the mind of the author-dirty
  • Deepak
    19.01.12 09:10 AM
    I think you are using this platform to vent your personal vendetta against arts guys(literature)!
    well, this is your view.. i don't have rights to call it as an ABSOLUTE ABSURDITY !

    Engineering student explains " how an auto works ?
    "90% of mechanical engineering students are stranded in roads and wondering how to change the flat tires!"

    Education here people chose not for their interest or dream, they pursue because they got that stream..
    They pursue because that is cheap and they pursue because in future it brings bulky money bag.

    I will tell you what self glorification is " JUST READ ABOUT THE AUTHOR IN THIS SAME PAGE " That is what i call as self glorification.. IF YOU ARE HUMBLE DOWN TO EARTH PERSON you must have refused such a narcissistic words which self portrays about you !

    in between i am not an arts student but an engineering student* WHO RESPECTS STUDENTS OF ALL CATEGORIES and certainly i am not an HYPOCRITE LIKE YOU !

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