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Because Computers Aren't Cosmetics?

Because Computers Aren't Cosmetics?

February 22, 2012

Technology: Not a Woman's Game. Fact or Myth?

It was 12:10 am when I was on Facebook recently. Normal updates, photos and meme’s on my timeline aside, a concise mobile update by a female caught my attention. It said “I’m not naked… are you?” I gasped a WTF. She isn’t the type who updates intentionally provocative messages, so I was understandably surprised. At first, I tried to decipher the tremendously cryptic nature of this update, because everyone is deep on Facebook. After 5 seconds of reasoning, I concluded, it was exactly what it looked like: a sext. It was followed by another update: “reply…” I had slipped into a severe spasm of LOL by then. It was obviously a text or private message going wrong. I texted, to caution her of this hilarious mishap (after 15mins, of course, when possibility of more updates lessened). She then deleted it and died of embarrassment.

Women are bad with technology. Which is like saying, men suck at cooking. It is only a generalized truth. But in light of above experience, my condescension found encouragement. There is also substantial evidence. For instance, there is a Sanjeev Kapoor to every Tarla Dalal, but is there a female equivalent to Bill Gates? If you were only focused on who belonged to which race, congrats! You’re a racist.

Women use computers with meager familiarity and impudent confidence. They are glad to hand their credit card over the counter, but taking money out of the ATM is a pain. They love texting, but can’t master the T9 dictionary. And, to them, video games are still something only kids play - THAT is where I draw the line and say, there should be laws against inept women using technology and insulting the warriors who preserve its integrity – men.

Women, obviously, don’t appreciate technology as men do. Men love their gadgets more than their women - it’s a silent truth. Technology was invented to benefit humans collectively. It was not a gender biased development. Yet, only men have perfected it.


I’m no expert myself, but I know enough to fix my PC problems. I function on some basic rules: If the hardware malfunctions, replace it. It’s all Chinese and irreparable. If the software fails, uninstall it, then reinstall. I’m a genius!

But then, women ask you the difference between hardware and software. And, that is how raunchy jokes come to be.

I don’t judge women by their default Windows wallpaper or preference of Firefox over Google Chrome, but outright ignorance of your OS is extreme. Obviously, owning gadgets – like all things intended to buy social acceptance – has become a thing to show off. A woman once promptly specified “it’s a laptop” when I called her device a ‘computer’; though she didn’t know her Windows version. She just knew it’s a hip thing to own and Facebook! It supports Facebook!!!!!!! :* <3 ;-)

Same goes for cell phones. Women don’t buy efficient phones, they buy pretty phones. The primary difference between a man and woman’s phone is: Men customize them internally with apps, widgets and overclocking, while women beautify externally, with bright stickers and glittery cases.

There are always inutile statistics trying to imply the progress women are making with computers and technology: “Teenage girls spend more time on the internet than teenage boys”. Of course they do! For uploading pictures and typing ”ty :)” to pubescent boys and perverts who comment, “Looking nice”, “Wow” and “Gorjussss”. That’s hardly progress.

However, not every female is inept with computers. Some are just as proficient as their male counterparts. I know women with cool and sophisticated blog layouts while mine looks war wrecked. They also Photoshop their profile pictures flawlessly and shop online with dynamic swiftness.

Women are not less enthusiastic about technology owing to any lack of intelligence. Computers are machines. Evolutionally, men have been in charge of machines, while women undertook domestic duties. Technology and computers are only advancement of machines and its application. Therefore, technological progress not fascinating women is understandable. That’s why, not many women are keen on IT careers. The same reason prevails for engineering guys being heavy hearted. Hopefully, with time, we will have a Bella Gates who will bring revolutionary change to technology in a way that appeals to women.

What society also needs is more gamer chicks, so we can eradicate the evil of Valentine’s day and celebrate love through multiplayer gaming violence.

Photo credit: Corie Howell 


  • Rajpriya
    26.02.12 08:25 PM
    I hope at least all those ladies not so tech savvy are providing delicious food to their husbands while many husbands may never know to cook or change baby's Pampers.

    I know of many men who don't understand bits and bytes leave alone how micro chips work. Strange but true mother boards in China are assembled hundreds of women only. Google ECS Factory.

    Give India's women a break boys!
  • Deven Githala
    Deven Githala
    26.02.12 03:49 PM
    I dont know how weak and wrecked out women are in terms of technology , but i know its painful to make my wife understand how stuff works and how to get it.

    Only problem with women is approach. They simply do not want to approach things, instead want to get it done by someone and then keep on understanding it, and on a fine day , they will discover that its far way overboard for them to understand the tech and gadgets.

    And this is for all the women out there.......

  • Jen
    24.02.12 12:16 AM
    LOL! I was laughing over the woman sending you the wrong text!! But BUT..women have stuff in them! They are just potrayed all bad coz of so many things going haphazardly!! It's a sad thing to watch the transition our very own country faces.But I think there is a mother we see in every woman..Guys..respect us for just that at least!!
  • Jaai
    23.02.12 06:47 PM
    Notice how I spring to your defence every time? Yes, I am a good person.

    Now, there was this research report on how women and men deal with technology: women try to understand it while men try to use it to their benefit (says a lot about how men and women deal with people too, doesn't it?). One mustn't trust these surveys, but this one seems believable.
    Women do buy efficient phones. :| I admit there are women who put glittery stickers on them, but are these more than the women whose blogs look better than yours?
    I agree with Harry-- we really don't care. We have better things to do, and can always ask men for help (which they don't refuse us.) It's the same principle on which outsourcing works.
    Some people are not getting your sarcasm.
  • Jyoti
    23.02.12 03:41 PM
    Sorry, but I found your article kind of funny. Not to criticize you, but I strongly believe that you had till now mingled with very limited society of women. Welcome to the world of today's women where most of them carry BlackBerrys and Nokia Business phone. We don't hesitate to pack our bags and leave all alone for taking a world tour and our sole partner is the journey is the GPS or Google. We might not know the specifications of the microchip used in making of the computer, but we still know how it works. Wish you all the luck and hope you soon get to met a "Real Woman" of the tech savvy world!
  • insaf
    22.02.12 08:08 PM
    This article is inept. I could be critical , but i dont want to discourage you . with time and experience , you'll look back at it and cringe ! Or maybe i got it wrong ? has north indian chauvinism crept to the east ?
    22.02.12 03:51 PM
    @ MMTB

    I agree with on some points, but not all of them.

    I don't think women are inept. what I mean by this is, that women are not interested in how the micro processor works in the computer system, but they are only interested in knowing that it does. Where as we guys waste time finding out how it does. Does this make us clever? I don't think so, but the only advantage it gives us is, we know what to do when things go wrong because we understand internal construction of the device, therefore we can fix it.

    would you not agree with me, that we waste a lot of time finding out things that we may never use the knowledge in our life time, but it's bit like collecting scrap metal which we don't need and may not use.

    I agree on the most things because I am a man after all. Women are very clever species, which you will learn with time when you shafted. This is the only way you will learn the lesson. :)

  • Manish Menon
    Manish Menon
    22.02.12 03:40 PM
    very interesting....
  • shirish patwa
    shirish patwa
    22.02.12 02:31 PM
    Indian media is notorious in raking up some controversial debate and enjoy spurt in their TRP.Why the NRI platform should use the old dirty trick?I have enjoyed some of your good articles. But the present one is far too below the normal expectation.Be selective in your editorial efforts.
  • Jayanth Tadinada
    Jayanth Tadinada
    22.02.12 12:48 PM
    I see the point of the post...

    I cannot wait for a woman to kick your ass at Counter Strike, World of Warcraft or whatever your game is ;)
  • Rajpriya
    22.02.12 12:37 PM

    Another time bomb setup to upset women? I can't wait to see the fun.You some how manage to Provoke the (BE(a)ST) Thoughts rather than Thought Provoking.

    I hope you have enough places to hide. God be with you.
  • Dee..
    22.02.12 12:03 PM
    Come out of stone age and stop mocking monkeys.

    1) 99% of chefs in star hotels are MEN
    2) Half of the software engineers and programmers in India's silicon valley are WOMEN
    3) COBOL language was invented by a WOMEN.
    4) Lastly there are plenty of guys who do facials and visits spa. if you don't have a good one near your home. USE GOOGLE.

    I have been commenting in all you posts, try to bring down some good posts, not now ? at least in future..
    Stop your stupid word games and stop being an HYPOCRITE.
    Good day ahead.

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