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Baingan ki kalonjee

Masala stuffed Brinjals UP style.

Baingan ki kalonjee
15 mins
Preparation Time
15 mins
Cooking Time
Serves 2


  • (for 6 long Brinjals and two halves of a large potato)
    2 tsp whole fennel seeds (moti saunf)
    1 tsp of Ajwain seeds
    1 tsp of  fenugreek (methi) seeds
    1 tsp of Nigella seeds
    2 tsp of powdered yellow mustard
    2 tablespoonfuls of Bhuna masala


Dry roast the first four whole spices, these are a part of panchphoran. The mustard powder is used raw.

Powder the roasted panchphoran (minus the powdered mustard) in a mortar and pestle. Coarse powder is not a problem. If making a bigger batch you can use your food processor to make a powder.

Add the yellow mustard powder and the freshly pounded spice powder to the bhuna masala. Mix with 2 tbsp of Bhuna masala like this.

Now is the time to slit each one of the brinjals ans stuff about 1.5 tsp of masala paste into them.

Heat 1 tbsp pf mustard ol in a flat base frying pan and arrange all the long stuffed brinjals into it. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes one side. Turn and cook five minutes on the other side as well.

Check with a pointed knife if cooked through, take off the pan and serve hot or at room temperature. Or refrigerate for later use.

Tastes great as a side dish with daal chawal meals or even with rotis.There is a good mix of spiciness and a sweetish buttery texture of grilled Brinjal in this Kalonjee. The making of this kalonjee transported me back to my childhood as the aromas were all familiar from those times. More of my grandmother's cooking.

As it happens always, or it is intended most of the times, some of the masala mix is leftover. So we peel a potato, cut it into two flat halves, make multiple slits in it so it looks like fingers of a palm, and stuff the masala paste between the fingers.

The Baingan ki Kalonjee doesn't soak the oil and it gets drained into the pan when you fish out all the Kalonjee carefully after cooking. Arrange the potato halves in the same pan and cook covered on low flame for about 10 minutes both sides. Lower the flame, more the cooking time, better the taste. Saundha swad as we call it, a nice grilled burnt kinda taste of potatoes and these spices is what Arvind likes.

The same spice mix can be used to stuff Okra (bhindi) or even Parval or Tinda. I liked the Baingan ki Kalonjee after a long time.