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Backward Movies

Backward Movies

February 26, 2011

From 'Happily Ever After' to 'Once upon a Time'. Your favourite Hindi movie plots played backwards

During yet another blissful morning blog-surfing I came across a rather interesting article called Backward Movies.

It explains film stories as a backward sequence of scenes. Pretty much like watching the movie on rewind mode. So, I decided to come up with a few Backward Movie adaptations for some of the Bollywood movies.

Here goes:

1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge:

Raj and Simran hitch up in an Indian railway compartment. They spent some time flirting and singing songs at Simran’s place. Eventually, they decide that the mustard fields and lassis were great but they need a breath of city air and head out to London where they go their own ways.

However Simran still pines for Raj and her father in an attempt to get her out of her depression sends her on an Euro Trip with friends. As fate would have it, she meets Raj there. They spend some 'quality' time alone and she gradually discovers that he is a serial womaniser and a real good-for-nothing.

She gives him the cold shoulder and heads back home. Where she goes back to dreaming about her 'Prince Charming' who will eventually come into her life and sweep her off her feet.

2. Jab We Met:

Geet is a quiet and reserved school teacher to whom business tycoon Aditya has taken a liking. But Geet's boyfriend breaks her heart and she sees this as a turning point in her life. Fast-forward to 9 months later, and Aditya discovers that Geet has transformed into a bubbly extroverted person. In the spirit of Geet's new personality, the two sneak into her house at Bhatinda in the dead of the night. The 'soni kudi and the 'puthar' spend a few idyllic days there 'bhangra'-ing away, after which they set off on an eventful train journey to Mumbai.

3. Devdas: 

Devdas is an alcoholic who is on the road to despair torn between his 3 loves - childhood friend Paro, courtesan Chandramukhi and alcohol. He has a near-death experience which convinces him that enough is enough.

He devotes himself to Operation 'Cleanup-your-mess-Dev':

a. Dump Chandramukhi. She's nice but get real, she works at a brothel.

b. Friend Chunnibabu is sweet but BAD influence. Ignore him.

c. Go back to Paro. She's hot and she has a lit a lamp for him which by some freak of nature never extinguishes.

d. Go to a law school in England and get out of the zamindari business.

Operation 'Cleanup-your-mess-Dev' is a success. The End. 


  • shafeeq valanchery
    shafeeq valanchery
    04.03.11 07:09 PM
  • Maria
    01.03.11 04:22 PM
    LOL....Seesm like there's a lot more interesting plots for me to 'backward-ise' :)
  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy
    28.02.11 10:08 PM
    Black will also make a good story backwards-

    There is an insane teacher. A smart student turns up and heals him.

    In doing so, the student looses her graduation degree and goes insane.
  • nidhi
    26.02.11 01:06 PM
    they're always happier at the end huh! :)
  • jayanth tadinada
    jayanth tadinada
    26.02.11 11:56 AM

    Lagaan would be an interesting movie to watch backwards too...

    It first rains. Then the villagers play cricket against British. But the match is called off due to rain. So they show some other match instead!

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