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Vote For The Best Films And Music Of 2010

Vote For The Best Films And Music Of 2010

December 27, 2010

Tell us which Hindi films and soundtracks you think were the best of the year.

The year is wrapping up and as we get ready to relax, feast and claim the right to do absolutely nothing for at least a few days this holiday season, it's also time to look back at 2010 for it's films. So, as a first for The NRI, we are letting our readers decide the best of the year in films and film music. I will throw in my own opinions too but first I want to hear from all of you. Which Hindi films this year moved you like none other, made you laugh, cry or inspired? Which ones took you by complete surprise? Which music albums left you obsessed, playing them on loop until your friends threatened to abandon you? Here are a few reminders to inspire ideas, but feel free to throw in films and albums not mentioned here as well.

You can vote by adding a comment at the bottom of this post.

This year has marked the revolution of indie cinema, with low budget innovative films regularly making an appearance and leaving everyone surprised, or in some cases downright amazed. These films have also marked the emergence of several very promising young filmmakers into the film industry. Abhishek Chaubey’s directorial debut Ishqiya (produced by Vishal Bhardwaj) made a splash early in the year. This rustic tale offered three hapless and lovable characters entangled in a love story, yet each having their own agenda. Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan, about a volatile father-son relationship came quietly but left an unforgettable imprint on Indian cinema. Abhay Deol-starrer Road, Movie was a beautiful journey across India and to self-discovery for four strangers, while Tere Bin Laden was an engaging political satire on the global attitudes towards terrorism. Perhaps the film that most noticeably broke new ground – technically and in terms of content – was Dibakar Banerjee’s Love Sex aur Dhokha, a bold foray into digital filmmaking, using innovative camera techniques combined with engaging stories. And of course, trust Aamir Khan to be the first of his contemporaries to break the mold by producing an indie-to-the-core film like Peepli Live. This satire about the news media made everyone sit up and take notice for its wit and irony. It is also India’s official entry to the Oscars this year.

The big-banner films that left a mark were few and far between. Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan received mixed reactions but definitely managed to stay in the news for much of the year. Prakash Jha’s magnum opus Raajneeti showed how a large ensemble cast of  a mix of character actors and Bollywood stars can be brought together to tell a powerful story about greed and power in politics. One of the year’s most awaited films, Mani Ratnam’s Raavan sank at the box office but left critics divided. Is it one of those films that succumbed to immense hype but will be appreciated more down the line? Who can forget this year’s biggest blockbuster – and second highest grossing Bollywood film of all time – Dabangg. The Salman Khan-starrer had a thunderous release and left everyone panting. Rajnikanth-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer Endhiran - Robot had a very similar response. Both films brought back the unapologetic masala genre with a vengeance. The very latest contender for this vote could also be Yash Raj Films’ Band Baaja Baraat, one of the most sincere and realistic films to be made by the production house, with very relatable characters running a wedding planning company.

In terms of music, the year offered many great soundtracks, many for films that were released this year and some for films that will release in 2011. Duo Vishal-Shekhar have had a rocking year, with chartbuster albums for Anjaana Anjaani, I Hate Luv Storys and Break Ke Baad, all three offering a pop rock youthful vibe. Similarly, composer Amit Trivedi has delivered stellar albums for Aisha, Udaan and No One Killed Jessica (the film will release in January), each one pushing the envelope in Hindi film music. A.R. Rahman hasn’t had quite the successful year, with his music for Endiran – Robot and Jhootha Hi Sahi receiving lukewarm responses but Raavan definitely stood out. But maybe some of you out there think otherwise.

Other albums that stood out were the very eclectic music of Peepli Live, composed and sung mostly by Indian Ocean. An edgy and raw film like Love Sex aur Dhokha also had a music album that suited it very well. Yash Raj Films’ Lafangey Parindeyhad a youthful tapori sound with some memorable numbers.

So that was a quick summary of some films and music albums worth considering. Now we want to hear from you. Vote by leaving comments and tell us which film and music album you think would be the best of the year. Feel free to even vote for films that I didn’t mention here. We will announce the results in a couple of weeks.


  • Pulkit
    15.01.11 11:13 AM
    Thanks to everyone who voted here - the results are out now:
  • Bollywood music
    Bollywood music
    13.01.11 03:36 AM
    I think Dabungg is one of best movie in 2010.
  • honey
    12.01.11 11:37 PM
    my name is khan is super duper hit movie
  • Ansh
    10.01.11 11:21 AM
    Nice article Pulkit. My vote goes for Ishqiya the movie as well as OST. I have shared this link on ...

    Regards :-)
  • shruti agarwal
    shruti agarwal
    10.01.11 11:17 AM
    my name is khan
    shankar ehsaan loy
  • hridoy
    06.01.11 08:12 AM
    In terms of film-it may be guzaarish which was heartfelt.MNIK was also good. In terms of music-it must ISHKYA which has songs like-ibne batuta & dil to bachcha hai ji which are going to be a trademark of this generation's music.
  • Rajiv
    04.01.11 04:46 AM
    can I mention some other of my favorites! sorry guys, I am going well before last yr.
    - Kuch meeta ho jaye- what a plot, awesome
    - socha na tha- simple & mindboggling both
  • Rajiv
    04.01.11 04:35 AM
    I am repeating most of movies:
    1. Uddan
    2. Peepli live / Rajneeti
    3. Guzarish
    1. Guzarish
    2. Uddan / Peepli live
    Can't comment on Raavan's music, haven't seen/ heard it.

    So much for 2010; though I can't finish without the mention of 'welcome to sajjanpur, oye lucky' khosla ka ghosla amongst the best movies i have seen so far.
    / Rajiv
  • honey
    01.01.11 03:03 PM
    my name is khan best movie n hvng a bst music
  • Abhi
    31.12.10 03:32 PM

    the best movie this year was no doubt UDAAN with splendid performances, after a long time saw a film which does not have stars but actors ........

    Its title song also "Ek Udaan" is awesome and also tracks from Once upon a time in Mumbai and No one Killed Jessica are also good.
  • anita datta
    anita datta
    31.12.10 12:13 PM
    d movies of this year i like are

    2.Peepli live
    3.Once upon a time in mumbai
  • A Singh
    A Singh
    30.12.10 03:21 AM
    Jennifer, thanks for the tip. Regrettably US sites like Netflix, and Hulu, are unavailable here:( I use here and have noted that Peepli will be available on 24 Jan.

    I am sure Sholay was great. I can't remember, it was such a long time ago...
  • Subhi Khanna
    Subhi Khanna
    30.12.10 02:33 AM
    I have not seen all the movies listed in this article but the ones I liked were -

    1. Peepli Live
    2. Raajneeti
    3. Dabangg

    1. Once Upon A Time in Mumbai
    2. Dabangg
    3. Anjaana Anjaani
    4. No One Killed Jessica
  • Jennifer Kumar
    Jennifer Kumar
    29.12.10 08:19 PM
    To Singh:
    Regarding "Peepli Live" we saw this on online streaming website
    I don't know if you can use in UK, but here in US they were giving a free one month trial. If that is also available there, then you can see it for free.
    I love Sholay by the way! Who doesn't, I suppose!
  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy
    29.12.10 10:14 AM
    I am not too much into mainstream Bollywood. However, I enjoyed watching Peepli Live and Phas Gaye Re Obama. I feel they were intelligently crafted. I am yet to watch Udaan and LSD.
  • A Singh
    A Singh
    29.12.10 01:07 AM
    As a rule I do not watch Indian cinema and and can count the number of films I have seen since Sholay on one hand! However, off the back of one of your reviews I watched Love Sex aur Dhokha and was blown away. It changed my perception of Bollywood. By default it is my nomination for best film of 2010.

    Following another review of yours, I am looking forward to watch Peepli Live when it comes out on DVD in the UK.

    Generally I think I would enjoy watching Indian movies that appeal to international world cinema fans. I guess these type of movies do not have much mass appeal in India.
  • arpana
    29.12.10 12:22 AM
    Peepli live -both in terms of music and movie.
  • pranjil agrawal
    pranjil agrawal
    28.12.10 08:38 PM
    for movies, 2010 hasn't been so gud in every technical aspects be it direction, acting,story or music.but of all RAAJNEETI stands out of all because of it's story and screenplay and di rector's ability to do justice to such a grand scale cast and crew.once upon a time is not much behind with great story and screenplay and some finest performance by actors especially ajay devgan.

    i hv always been a big fan of music.considering variety of music that has rolled out this year, i think RAAVAN had the most unique and thrilling music and some brilliant background score with a very rich instruments from drums to shehnnai, from trumpets to folk instruments. RAAVAN is the best example of listening to variety of music in one album. hardly i see the orchestra form of music used in film score. no music director except that of RAHMAN has ability to use orchestra music in film's score and this man uses that thing in songs great and his genius can be seen in the songs BEHNE DE and THOK DE KILLI absolutely enthralling. prospective winner at every award function.A R RAHMAN great music
  • Jennifer Kumar
    Jennifer Kumar
    28.12.10 08:29 PM
    I haven't seen all the movies and haven't heard all the songs.. maybe 3-4 movies I have heard the music from.

    I like Peepli Live the best!!

    Can't wait to see what the final result is.
  • Siddhartha Joshi
    Siddhartha Joshi
    28.12.10 10:36 AM

  • Farila
    28.12.10 10:35 AM
    haven't been watching movies lately though all the movies you mentioned are waiting for me on my computer
  • Gourab
    28.12.10 09:15 AM
    I haven't really seen all the movies that were listed here but imho in terms of impact no other movie comes even close to love sex aur dhoka. It's truly a piece of art - completely minimalistic yet the rawest form of cinema I have ever seen.
    In terms of music, Ishqia will beat Udaan by slight margin - just for the brilliant use of accordion.
  • Puneet
    28.12.10 04:34 AM
    My top films of the year:

    - Udaan
    - Ishqiya
    - LSD

    None of the big banner films did it for me - they just seem to be getting worse every year!
  • Monika
    28.12.10 04:24 AM
    Peepli Live

    All these movies had real heart, tight scripts, excellent performances and sublime music. Udaan comes out on top for me, because apart from all these things it was such a touching story, so well-told.
  • Gopi
    28.12.10 04:02 AM
    RAJNEETI was the most brilliant DRAMATIC SCORE this year, I don't think there was any other hindi film out there that captured the emotional tenant as such and of the song DHAN DHAN DHARTI - written by the amazingly talented and a gifted composer/musician WAYNE SHARPE - Lyrics Written by Gulzarji and sung pitch perfectly by Sonu Nigam & Shankar Mahadevan... This one truly deserves a major acknowledgement at the FILM FARE AWARD this coming year...
  • Vineet
    28.12.10 03:50 AM
    I would add Once Upon a time in Mumbai as well, at least for the music...

    Dabangg will sweep the awards though I reckon.. Purely because it was a blockbuster, with Peepli Live taking the critic awards..
  • Archana
    28.12.10 12:40 AM
    My picks for Films:
    Peepli Live
    Love, Sex or Dhoka

    No one Killed Jessica
  • Saylee
    27.12.10 10:16 AM
    I liked Udaan... both the film and the album.
  • Satya Prakash
    Satya Prakash
    27.12.10 09:02 AM
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  • mugdha kalra
    mugdha kalra
    27.12.10 08:16 AM
    Peepli Live

    and if I may add-- once upon a time in mumbai. I haven't seen tere bin laden and udaan but hv heard great stuff about it.

    music would be a toughie.. i guess i will go with dabang as it had almost all of its songs being major hits.

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