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Music Review: Bodyguard

Music Review: Bodyguard

August 18, 2011

This album, composed by Himesh Reshammiya, is simply a damp squib.

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Below is a review of the soundtrack.

There's no doubt that Salman Khan is milking his recent wave of masala blockbuster successes, and how! With Wanted, Dabanng and Ready, he has struck a chord once again with the masses which, in Hindi filmdom, inevitably means keep repeating the formula until it dries up and people get bored of you (remember Akshay Kumar's recent string of cloned comedies?). So he is back, with director Siddique and co-star Kareena Kapoor, with his latest film Bodyguard. It's a remake of a Malayalam hit of the same name and also by Siddique, and will also have remakes in Tamil and Telugu. The film's album marks the return to composing by Himesh Reshammiya, with a one-song appearance by Pritam. The lyrics are by Shabbir Ahmed and Nilesh Mishra. The album - with six tracks and lots of remixes - is unashamedly commercial by design and intended reach, but is far too mediocre. The songs sound too familiar and don't inspire repeat listening.

The opening track of the album is rather self-praising. BodyGuard (Title Track) begins with two men talking about how great the title track of the film is. Sung, or rather spoken, by Salman Khan, the song carries a strong tapori feel. While Khan mouths off a one-liner, the Band Of Power sings in chorus the many grand qualities of the title character. Besides repeatedly telling you to "feel the heat" and "feel the power" the song really lacks punch as an aggrandizing title song that it is meant to be. The Title Track Remix by Deep Chantz still remains an unimpressive number.

Pritam's contribution to the album comes by way of its most saccharine track titled, you guessed it, I Love You. Sung by two very able singers, Ash King and Clinton Cerejo, the song is as typical as a romantic ballad by Pritam can be. It has the soothing, melodious yet high-on-life mood that is expected but it really fails to rise beyond the ordinary. The Remix version, by DJ Amyth, adds a peppy reggae beat to the track which at times drowns out the vocals. The Unplugged version of the very same song replaces Ash King with Shaan, who brings in a slightly different twist. The music here is actually better than the original version and lets Shaan's charm direct the song.

The next track, Desi Beat, is quite possibly the most uninspiring and overdone Punjabi-masala-themed dance number of recent times. Mika Singh and Amrita Kak try to salvage the song but it really doesn't do much. The same song returns twice - as a Remix with Deep Chantz and then a Punjabi Hip Hop Mix with Alam Gir Khan. It doesn't really improve at all.

The most lackluster tune comes with Teri Meri. It's the predictable sad or heartbreak number that plays when the lead couple go through a rough patch or are separated by some circumstance. Despite having the great voices of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal to deliver a potentially powerful song, Reshammiya's music teeters on plain boring and makes the song a wasted opportunity. The Teri Meri (Reprise) version is the same, while the Remix version - by Deep Chantz - gives the song a faster beat, but doesn't make it any more appealing.

The last track of the album, Theme Of Bodyguard, is essentially the instrumental version of 'Teri Meri.'

With so much experimentation and diversification going on in Hindi film music of late, Bodyguard's album lands as a damp squib. It is an unremarkable comeback by Reshammiya and is incredibly disappointing especially for a masala film that aims to have mass appeal. Here's hoping the actual film does better. 


  • Sana
    13.09.11 02:57 AM
    I completely agree with the review, desi beat from bodyguard has to be renamed desi torture. I cannot believe wot r supposed to be the greatest minds in the music bizz have produced that crap, my 5 year old niece would have done a better job. No tune, no melody. Teri meri is the only svaing grace of the whole album
  • habibah
    08.09.11 11:39 PM
    omg i love this song. is just sooo true. soo many ppl are going through this song. just love this song tu bit'sz. lol xxxxxx
  • Priya
    06.09.11 07:24 AM
    WHAT?!? Go listen to 'teri meri' again! it's an absolutely beautiful song.

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